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Snap, Crackle, POP!

January 31, 2007

I had to make an appointment with the chiropractor today….I wasn’t scheduled to go until next week.  But yesterday morning, I woke up and OMG…was in SHEAR pain!  I don’t know what kind of athletics I was doing in my sleep, but surely I lost at whatever I was doing because it kicked my butt!!  I literally could barely move, my entire back, my neck, and my shoulders!  Crazy right?? I got to work yesterday…and wouldn’t you know it…forgot any type of pain medication at home! OH NO!!  Went on a rampage asking all my co-workers for any type of pain drug they could possible have…and the strongest dose possible..finally found someone with ibprophen (sp?)  so I took 4.  Hmm that helped for like 3 hours..and went back for more…and that was good for the rest of the day..the pain was still there but not nearly like it was before…it was tolerable!  Seeing how I had to work last time for a visit to the chiro yesterday.

Called my doc today…THANK GOD..he had a slot open for me.  I walk in and he was like what’s the issue!  So I proceed to tell him, I’m dying!! Although, I do feel better than I did yesterday, was still in pain!  So I proceed to lay down on the table thingy he has…and he does his thing.  Then he says….”you’re a tough cookie” hmm is this a compliment?  I lay there wondering.  Actually, I don’t think it was meant as anything except the fact, he’s not sure why my body is doing these things to me.  So he proceeds to crack away…which if you’ve never been to a chiro before..GO!! It feels so GOOD!!  I guess my back was pretty bad…out of alignment that is.  And as for my neck…yup horrible too!!  Weird..all I did was sleep!  He made the comment that if I was going to be in this much pain, It would only be right  for me to at least be able to remember the fun I had getting there!   HAHA SO true!!  So tonight I do feel much better (if you care 8) ) Also one of my coworkers brought in some of her muscle relaxors that she takes…but I’m too chicken to try them…the names of them are : Percocet, Darvocet, and Verapamil, has anyone every taken these???  If so…what works and what should I take…I’m leading towards the Darvocet…I’ve done my research and this seems like the best one for me…but I’m no doctor.  So I’m asking for your opinions and experience in this department.  Now I know…your asking yourself, why don’t you just go to the doctor?  Basically, the reason is..1) I was just there last week, and 2) I’ve asked for a muscle relaxor before..(this is an on going issue) and my doctor has given my some Skelaxon (sp?), which does nothing for me.  He also tells me it is all stress related and I need to find ways to deal with stress better.  Now dont get me wrong…I know I need to learn how to deal with stress much better than what I do..need to find different outlets to let it go…BUT in the mean is a FACT that I am a HUGE worry wart and even a minor thing that happens is a HUGE stressor in my builds up in my neck and shoulders (which is where women carry stress – in case none of you knew that) and they become ROCK HARD..seriously…they KILL me almost 24/7…why should I have to live like this??  I’m not asking for a drug because I want to get high, or get addicted or for that matter depend on it…BUT every now and then a little relief would be nice! I do plan on BEGGING him the next time I see him..(which won’t be until April I think)  So again I’m asking you what is your opinion on the 3 names I’ve listed above???? 

OK, I’m off to “lala” land…let’s body decides to rest tonight and doesn’t feel like running any marathons!!!


Happy Ramblings….

January 31, 2007

I thought that seeing how I can think of NOTHING to write about today, I would write about happy stuff!  Looking back through my oh so exciting material that I written…I’ve noticed…not too many HAPPY posts!!  I wouldn’t want you all to think I’m a miserable person!!  haha I’m really not!!  SO I thought I would compile a list of things I’m happy/thankful for! (hmm is it thanksgiving??? )  Here goes!

1)  Family –  it’s one of those situations…can’t live with them but certainly can’t live without them!  I consider myself a lucky person in this aspect…

2)  Friends – I have many, many close friends and for this I am greatful!  I don’t know where I would be without each and everyone of them!!  THANKS GUYS:)

3)  House (SHELTER) – Although right now it is like an ice box…umm seriously..the nice COLD breeze from blowing my hair as I am sitting here on the couch..BUT at least I have a place to live and am able to afford it ….life could be worse…there are ppl with NOWHERE to go..can’t afford a place and are living on the street!

4) Job –  again, I may moan and groan about my job..but I’m lucky I have one!  I love what I do..(even though I’m 30 yrs old. and have GREY HAIR–seriously..I have to color..its BAD!)  The kids make my day….I don’t know a world without them…Some day I hope my very own kids have such an awesome teacher like MOI!! hahah jk!!

5) Health- I have many many aches and pains for my age..but overall, I’m very healthy. Even though, I cause most of my own injuries (ie – my KNEE) I’m lucky I have the means to take care of it properly…NOW if I CAN just learn how to walk properly…we would be all set!  🙂

6) Sense of Humor –  I know weird!  But believe it or not..I’m happy I have one..the ability to amuse myself and others is incredible.  I’m not always “slap your knee” funny…but I can tell a joke or two and always have some great stories…hmm even though they are mostly about my self! But hey at least I’m picking on me and leaving others alone..right?? Ok truthfully…(but secretatively….) they sometimes do involve others.  Hey at least I can LAUGH at myself!

7) SUV – I absolutely LOVE IT…best investment I’ve made and it’s MINE!  yeah at times it digs me in a whole…money wise..but without it I would be hoofin it to work…and well a 40 minute drive would take an awful long time to walk…

8) A landlord who SHOVELS!!  – this is the best yet! hahah I’m so bad.  I would do it really..but she always beats me too it…its making up for all those years when I was a kids and my parents decided it would be a cruel joke to make shoveling part of my daily chores….now I sit back and watch my landlord shovel away in the frigid temps! haha, no I’m not that mean.  If I see her doing it, I will grab a shovel (it’s hers of course..cuz I don’t own one of my own) and help out..but honestly, it’s not too often..she usually has it done by the time I get home from work…aawww SWEET!! 

9) Friends who cook!!  — totally serious on this one…as we all know I can’t cook and DON”T cook…my friends all know this..and I’m invited to their house for a nice home cooked meal at least once a week!! Even my friends parents invite me…..LOVE IT!!

10) RESPECT – I know kinda odd to be placed on this list.  But I am grateful, I am able to give respect to others as well as get it in return! I work with a group of kids to which RESPECT means everything.  We are all humans and no matter what we have done in life..we all deserve respect….my job has taught me…no matter how “tough” a person thinks they are you show them respect and they will do anything for you and respect you in return!  Some ppl at work have yet to learn this…and let’s just say they have a much tougher day at work than I do!! 

Hmmm I could go on and on..but will stop here……first and’s an even number and I’m anal like that..I mean I couldn’t end on like #11, that would just be’s an odd number!  Hope I didn’t bore you too much!!  An no, sorry everyone, I’m not including a picture…although trust me I did think about it!!!

Lack of SLEEP???

January 30, 2007

Last night came home from work, skipped the treadmill and hit the couch! I was COMPLETELY exhausted!  I was wondering if something was wrong with me.  It seems as though I am tired 24/7 lately.  Yes, I do work hard, but honestly, it’s not like it is physical labor or anything!  After I curled up in a ball in my couch for 2 hours, I woke up, talked to my aunt for a few minutes on the computer and decided I was going to bed. Umm yeah this was at 8:30!  I NEVER, let me repeat, NEVER, go to bed this early.  Of course, one of the reasons, is I can’t stand tossing and turning and I can’t take the frustration of NOT being able to fall asleep..this just keeps me awake all the more!  Well even though last night I did toss and turn some…I think I finally fell asleep at around 9:30pm…woke up at 11Pm and felt like I slept an entire day away.  Needless to say I was highly disappointed when I rolled over and discovered I had only been asleep an hour and a half.  So I rolled back over with a BIG *SIGH*, yup you guessed it…OUT COLD!  PHEW!  I think all my exhaustion is from lack of sleep.  Normally, I only get about 5-6 hours a night…more on the 5 hour mark.  Guess I need more beauty rest (haha maybe this would also help in the acne situation as well 🙂  )  Anyway, woke up bright and early, 5AM as normal , and I do feel much better this morning.  Lets hope this is what is my problem is/was.  Only time will tell!  I have also read up on this notion of the weather impacting your mood and body…hmm could it be that the freezing cold temperatures play a part on this too?? WHO the hell knows..but I do of right now…5:52AM….I am feeling wide awake and alert…which I can say it has been awhile since I’ve felt like this in the morning…Of course…not on the weekends…cuz even though I’m awake early..I can still lounge….Only time will tell…wonder if I will feel this way by 8pm when I’m finally dragging my butt home for the night…..


(ps- can you tell, I’ve just learned how to add pictures??? I’m lovin’ it!! hehe thanks Kellie!)


January 29, 2007


Have I told you all, how much I love MY weekends! Love not being on any type of schedule.  Love being able to do anything I want, when I want, and to not have to wake up to an alarm clock!  Why is it, when I wake up on Saturday or Sunday at 5am, I’m AOK with it, but come Monday morning, I DREAD it and feel like I’ve been hit with a bus?  I don’t have to leave my house at the but ass crack of dawn just to make it to work on time (I commute almost 45 minutes 1 way).  I don’t have to rush at 4pm to leave my first job to get to my second job, by 5:30pm.   The weekdays are a blur…it seems like all I do is RUSH, RUSH, RUSH! I hate it.  I love my job..but I hate it’s location! I would never move closer, simply because I don’t like the areas that are closer to it and would never live there.   Yes, I know it is my decision, when I agreed to the job.  But seriously, it’s getting OLD…or is it me that’s getting OLD?  I’m hoping that in August, I will actually be in an Administration Role, yup, scary, but am hoping I will be running the school!  If this happens, I have decided that I would quit my 2nd job…if I don’t quit then I will just cut back my hours..tremendously…although right now I truly don’t work too many extra hours there.  It is just the point…if I leave work (1st job) at even a second later than 4pm..I feel so rushed…I HATE this feeling! 

So now, as I sit watching (or should I say, listening) to the news, they are talking SNOW…like 1 to 2 inches per hour SNOW! UGH..I so can’t wait for the drive home!  On crappy days like this (crappy weather) there are days it takes me almost 1 hour if not more, to either make it to work or make it home.  For instance, the other morning (I think Friday) just because it was SO cold out (-13 below zero) I think people thought the roads were bad.  Like being cold gave them permission to drive 2 miles an hour! COME ON ALREADY!  It’s COLD, but the roads are FINE!  Seriously, I have it timed, as to if I’m running super late..depending on the cars, and buses I see everyday!  Let me tell you, running late I was!! Oh well…I blamed it on the idiots on the road (but failed to mention, my lack of planning and leaving my house a little late). 

One of the “upsides” of being a teacher are the snow days!!  But have I told you, I DON”T GET THEM!!! I’m expected to be at work NO MATTER what!! I know, I know most of you are saying, so what I gotta be at work no matter what as well. But do you know how envious I am, when I see every single school district’s name at the bottom of the TV screen saying closed?  I’m praying one of these days…someone will surprise me and my facility name will appear..YEAH HAPPY PRAYING!!  Hmm maybe, when I’m boss, I can work on this coming true!!  We are not like a regular school, in terms of hours and days.  Seeing how our kids live there, no snow days, and our days consists of school 8am-4pm. This kills me…especially after working in the public school system for a couple years and getting used to the hours!  OH well, it’s a good job, I like it, so why am I complaining? Hmm GOOD QUESTION!! Guess the answer is, CAUSE I CAN!!  

So here’s to praying the WEEK FLIES by…COME ON SATURDAY!! 



January 28, 2007

I will post more later…but I just thought I would let you all house smells like cat PEE…..UGH!! I don’t know why, I OWN NO animals.  It is completely disgusting! haha! I have no clue where this smell is coming from.  It is only in my living room, and it has just recently started.  I got up, went into the kitchen and came back and got a wiff!!  UUGHH! I have thought of the possiblity of a little kitty possibly entering my house..but umm I haven’t opened my door to the outside world since yesterday I know that isn’t possible!  Yeah I know…this weekend I’m in hibernation…yesterday, freezing rain/sleet and down right COLD!  Today, snowing like crazy! I am leaving the house though…got invited to go eat at a friends house..and quite frankly…seeing how I don’t cook…who am I to turn down a NICE HOME COOKED meal???  Spaghetti no less…yummy…I can taste it now!!

Ok just thought I would share….haha I know I’m weird!

My Gram Loves her Some McDonalds….

January 27, 2007

Here’s the pictures to prove it!! She can spot the GOLDEN ARCHES from MILES away!!!


Want a FRY??


Hmmm…so YUMMY …I LOVE McDonalds….

Another shot!

 Want one??

Just Stuff….

January 27, 2007

Ok, I’m not sure where I’m going with this blog…but keep reading..  🙂

KIDS?  OMG, what are they thinking? Yes, I’m going to go on about work.  As I’ve said before..I work with 16-18 year old boys, young men..whatever you want to call them! Mentally and behavior wise they act like 10 year old little boys.  But seriously, I don’t know what their thinking.  By 9:30AM, yesterday morning, I caught 2 of them doing crap they know they shouldn’t be doing.  1 of the boys, has been in our facility for several months so he DEFINITELY knows better…and the 2nd one has just started his long journey of 6-9 months with us (lucky him!)  What did they do, your wondering?  Well starting writing a bunch of gang stuff.  In our place this is a MAJOR NO-NO!  Most of my kids are in gangs, and we do have rival gang members in there.  Every once in a while, they start their competition crap, whether it be making gang signs to eachother, stare downs, or in this case…mark their territory.  Although, I know where these boys come from, and this is their way of life…but seriously??  You are in a place where you know it isn’t tolerated and you know by writing this crap it could get you an extra 90day stay with us!  WHy would you do it – especially when every word out of your mouth is I hate it here and I want to go home??  As for the 1st kid (the one that has been with us several months), I tried to give him the extra inch and give him a break.  Told him to just throw it out…he did, but of course not without his usually mumbling and questioning, and playing dumb..thinking I was stupid and had no clue what he was doing.  Well, I walked away from him, and then decided a couple minutes later to go back over and see what he was writing now.  Well, it was the same stuff, just not at big so I couldnt see it. I mean REALLY?? I, not even 3 minutes ago, gave him a “free ticket” per say, by not doing anything or making an issue about it.  But to do this a second time…hmm I think not! So here we go with the irriate…boy going off, saying I’m making an issue of something when I shouldn’t be.  Not that I am a power person (meaning I don’t thrive from it) but I AM the ADULT here..and I (in this case) don’t care what you say, and DO NOT WANT TO HEAR your excuses for doing it! UUGGHHH this is constant with this kid..will he ever learn?? Makes me scared to think of where he will end up once he is release from us! so like I said by 9:30am yesterday morning (let me remind you, I start work at 8am) I had already written 2 Major rule violations! OH I so HATE fridays!!  Thankfully, after that..the day was uneventful..just your usual crap..nothing big!

OK, now onto the dating scene.  Like I’ve said before, my ex (cookie man) has started contacting me again.  We haven’t actually spoken on the phone yet, but we talk every night.  I so thought last night he was going to ask if I wanted to get together today…but I think I got off the computer too quick for him to go on.  We will see…I have no clue where this is going or where, in fact, I want it to go.  Part of me wants to try again a 2nd time, and the other part, keeps thinking of the things that didn’t work.  I know I haven’t changed and I’m sure he hasn’t…so my thinking is…if it didn’t work the 1st time…what would make it work this time??  All my friends say..hah just have fun! Although, don’t get me wrong, I like having fun…but I feel I’m done with the just have fun stage…I want somethign real, something long term…but I guess something is better than nothing right?? hmmm..really have no clue here…I will just go with the flow…and see what happens……….what’s your take??  

 So remember that other guy (whiskers) I was supposed to meet on Sunday and he blew me off.  Well I got an e-mail from him, saying he was SOOO sorry, that something came up and he truly didn’t blow me off on purpose.  Being me, I didn’t respond to this.  I got another e-mail from him last night and this is what it said..”Wow you either died or you must really be pissed at me. I hope niether one but I can understand the pissed part. I am very sorry….. I know you don’t have to tell me guys can be real jerks at times. I hope everything is ok with you and you can find it in your heart to forgive me and at least write back to let me know your ok. I would really love to hear from you. I miss not talking.” so what do I do?? Write or not write??   

Ok, I’m jumping back to me getting home from work last night.  Like I said…I put my PJ’s on immediately when I walked through the door…yeah we are talkng about 5:30 here! haha I was so tired..I mean to the point that if I layed down..I would have been out for the count.  I fought my urge to sleep and stayed up. The proper thing would have been to get my “arse” on the treadmill…and get reenergized. 2 excuses as to why I did not. 1) I WAS so tired…lifting my arms meant using energy I didn’t could I possible get my entire body walking on a treadmill??  Excuse #2) TOO friggin cold!  Yes I know you sweat when you exercise…however, the thought of putting on shorts and a teeshirt..made me shiver all the more! Yes I know…..excuses, excuses!! I’m totally feeling guilty for not doing it…I’ve been doing too good to break out of routine now!  We will see..maybe today I will do it (hmm it’s still cold out!Hahha) Anyway, like I was saying (wow I’m completely digressing here..hope you can still follow) I was so tired..that 10pm rolled around and I simply could not stay awake anymore..I went to bed.  I don’t even go to bed this early (even though it’s not really early) during the weekdays…so I knew I would be up early in the am.  Sure enough…I think my 4:30am, if I allowed myself…I could have gotten up! It was a struggle to go back to sleep, lots of tossing and turning, but managed..and got up at 7am.  Usually, during the weekdays, I go to bed between 11pm-12am..and am up at 5am every morning…so I got a couple extra hours of sleep in there. 🙂

Ok, I need your help! I’m working on this slideshow for my grandmothers 90th birthday party in February.  Basically, the show consists of LOTS of pictures of my gram, random shots all the family has taken (mostly my aunt..why? she;s a total camera freak..but you know what?? I so am taking after her 🙂  ) (Oh before I forgot…go check out her blog..she is hilarious..and it is sure to make you laugh!! I PROMISE!!  She needs readers or she will stop blogging!!!!)  ok back to the show…it is also including pictures of our million family members!  But I need your help in picking songs for the show…in the beginning when the show starts, I’m going to be playing the song, “Through The Years” song by Kenny Rogers. This will be played with just the shots of my Grams pictures.  Then when I start showing the family picks, I came across this one song “Family Reunion” by Terry Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion Soundtrack.  I have never heard this song..but it’s good and so describes our family.  Go listen to it!  So I need more songs. I’m thinking I’m going to end the slideshow with more pictures of just my grandmother…seeing how this is in honor of her…plus it’s a great keepsake and I can’t get or look at enough pictures of her!!  So any suggestions?? 

Ok, I think that is about all for now..I’m sure I will think of something else..and well if I do I will be certain not to leave you all out!! 

OK Ppl…I’m not done..I tried to enter a picture…hmm but have no clue how?? HELP!!! WHat do I do!???


January 26, 2007

TGIF pretty much sums up how I feel today!  I’m tired, which I always am on Fridays!  I work hard during the week, I’m allowed right?  Actually, I don’t know if it is a matter of working hard or staying up late? Either way, I literally had to pull myself out of bed…I want to SLEEP!!  I have a terrible headache, not sure why but it’s not fun! All this could also be the fact that it is -10 degrees BELOW zero out this morning..and this isn’t even including the windchill.  It’s figgin cold out! I don’t want to leave my house..I want to go into hibernation! Hmm maybe I will be lucky and my car won’t start…yeah I’m sure I won’t be that lucky!  I have to hit Wally – World (aka. Walmart) before work to get some stuff, which means I have to leave my house even earlier than normal!  Yup thats right I shop bright and early!  I love it…there is absolutely NO ONE in the store…I have it all to way to shop.  There are some mornings, where I’m in Wally World by 7AM.  Its the best! It’s the only way I shop..haha  can’t stand they are all so rude..(generally speaking..of course not EVERYONE is rude…but majority rules on this one!) 

I’m praying my kids today are good and there are no issues.  Fridays are usually tough….the staff is limited..the bottom of the food chains ends up working on fridays….Fun for all us teachers…we get to deal with the kids and the staff!  I have a phone conference this afternoon…hmm screams fun to me…NOT!  I was the lucky one to be VOLUNTEERED by my boss…actually, I think I am the only one that is capable of doing such an assignment! Sounds mean, I know, but I’m being truthful!!  I work with educators, scary thing is, if you met some of these ppl in the “real” world, you would never know it.  For some of these ppl, it is their 2nd career and they suck at it, and for some they are in their early 20s and think they know everything, and yet there are some that are retiring in August.  Ok so I’m saying some…haha I actually mean 1 of each of the categories are represented!  Total of 4 teachers…including myself!   So like I said, I think I am the only eligible one that can handle a phone conference!

I’m praying 4 o’clock comes QUICK!  That today FLIES by…..I usually don’t do much on Friday evenings…as I’m usually tired and have no energy or wanting to leave my house once I’m home after work.  Seeing how I work 2 jobs, usually during the week, I’m not home a lot.  So to me, being able to stay in and not have anything to perfectly alright!  Is this sad, seeing how I’m only 30?? Sometimes I feel like with the “social pressures” out there, I shouldn’t want “home time,” that I should want to be out doing stuff.  But I don’t. I have no need to be busy 24/7.  My weekends are usually my time for myself.  I usually spend the time home, or with friends…just being me, doing whatever I want, when I want, with no time restraints.  I love it…I need the down time and if I don’t get it…I’m cranky!  See, like I said, I work 2 jobs. The jobs are located 1 hour from eachother.  I leave my primary teaching job at 4, and have to be at my 2nd job by 5:15 at the latest.  So it’s a complete rush…I’m always worried about to not have’s nice!

Hmm not really sure why I’m rambling on…but will stop…I’m stopping only because it’s now 6AM and I need to get into the shower…remember, I need to leave earlier than normal because I need to stop at Wally World.  Need to get motivated….maybe a shower..with wake me up, put me in a better mood…(not like I’m in a bad one..but just feeling, blah! and most of all WARM me up!) I don’t think my heat shut off all night…boy can’t wait for that bill!! NAtional Grid is sure to love me!! 

Ok, I’m done rambling, have a GREAT FRIDAY!! 


January 25, 2007

I hit an all time high with my readers!! A total of 37!! YIPPIEE!!  haha ok I’m sad, I knowit’s not that many….considering how many bloggers there are in this world! But,  What can I say?  I’m happy people are finally reading my blogs! haha  too bad 95% are all lurkers…DELURK already! I want to read your blog!

What to use…

January 25, 2007

Ok, so I’m 30.  Why, may I ask you, do I have a blemish (trying to put it nicely) problem?? I’m a friggin adult for crying out loud!  While growing up, I never EVER had any issues with zits.  I was always so proud of my nice, clear complexion.  I have noticed that in my late 20’s, hmm this problem started and I honestly think it is getting worse. The sad part is I take way better care of my skin then I did growing up. 

Yes, I agree that my stress level had increased tremendously.  What can I say, my job is difficult and I take everything to heart and I am always WORRYING about something!  But does this seriously affect what my face looks like?  How? Someone please explain this too me…as I’m trying so desperately to understand!  What are some other causes for it??  HELP!!

Now I’m sure your all picturing me with the worst acne you have ever seen.  NO, it’s not that bad.  But it is bad enough to where I am looking for some drastic changes.  Bad enough, where I am constantly carrying around concealer everywhere I go. 

So I have been using Mary Kay products, and although I do like the products…good ole’ Mary Kay isn’t cutting it.  Hmm it may help in preventing wrinkles 50 years down the road..but I will worry about that later!  This past weekend, I paid a visit to Kellie’s crackhouse  (yes that would be Target).  I figured she didn’t go, so I would go for her!  I looked at the 500 MILLION of products they have there, and especially looked for one, that I wouldn’t need to take a loan out to buy the darn thing.  After about 10 hours of deliberation and consulting with my pregnant friend (YEAH!! did I mention I’m excited about that??)  I settled for Aveeno products.  I know one of my friends uses this, and she seems happy.  I also know they seem to have a good rep…and they aren’t TOO expensive. I buy everything I can get my hands on.  I get the facial cleaner foam, the astringent, some facial cleaning pads (for night time, as I’m too lazy to do anything else–and well how hard is it to take a pad out and wipe your face?? I mean really??)  and the moisturizer and some acne prevention & complexion blending stuff.  Let me tell you…that stuff isn’t all that cheap!  The acne precention crap I bought was like $14 for a tiny tube…but worth every penny if my face is beautiful right???  (hmm ….it better be!)  Now I have been using this stuff since Sunday night.  I do think it is working a little bit.  I have noticed a slight difference.  SO hopefully it will work…Time will tell. 

Guess what else I bought…purposely for the use of zits??? Hmm that would be white nothing included toothpaste! Yup, I fell for it.  I was watching the Today show one day and they claimed it actually I fell for it.  So I’ve been using that.  Supposedly it has something in it, that dries out the zits and prevents scarring..who knows…I’m desperate here! Can you tell when I’m resorting to toothpaste?? HAHA!!

So I’m asking all 3 of my readers…and if you are a lurker..delurk…cuz I need your help!  I don’t even think I get many Lurkers either..(yes, I know..LOSER 😦  boohoo…how do I get more readers?? just a question I thought I would throw out there for all you expert bloggers..hmm guess thats you Kurt and Kellie?? haha)  What do you use? Does it work?  What suggestions do you have for me?? 

Well, I hope I didn’t bore you to tears..but as I got up this morning and saw my face covered in dried toothpaste (and no, it wasn’t a pretty sight!) it made me think of these questions.  And quite frankly…I have nothing else to blog about! HAHAH