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A Day of Firsts…

February 27, 2007

So I was supposed to be home on Sunday..leaving Washington at 12:50AM and arriving to my final destination at 11:30am…get to the airport and see a line a mile long. Then find out that all flights east are cancelled due to weather…oh joy!  Immediately some guy in front of us gives us a number to call to make new arrangements to get home.  I call and the soonest they could get me home was Monday..leaving Washington at 8:30am and arriving at 8:28pm. Ok fine..booked it and was headed back home.

Wake up at 4am monday morning…take a shower…and in the car by 5:15.  Got the the airport..and told my aunt to just drop me off in front because I checked the status of the flight before we left the house and all was a should be no issues!  Well should have known better…I printed out my boarding passes from her house so all I needed to do was check my bag in.  Go to use the electronic machine and I get a message that says “please see a reservation attendant immediately one of your flights has been cancelled” ..GREAT..just friggin great!  Remember I told my aunt to leave…so now what??  So I go and see a reservation person…she then proceeds to tell me..well we can get you to Detroit..but that is as far as we can get you.  All flights back east are either booked or cancelled.  Oh by the flight was cancelled not because of the weather..but because they had no crew to fly the damn plane…can you believe that crap?  I was just booked on the flight can they not have a crew to fly it?  So After making a million phone calls and making some decisions way early in the morning…decided to just get as far east as got on the detroit flight and figured once I got there I would figure out what to do.  So in mid air..about 1 1/2 into the flight..a stewardess gets on the microphone thingy and says “if there is a doctor on board please report to seat # 37D”  Great..what the hell is going of course..everyone wakes up and is looking around to see what is going on.  About 1/2 later the pilot gets on and says…”we will be making an emergency landing in Billings, Montana…due to a passenger medical emergency.”  So we land and sit in the middle of the runway for about 2 hours….noone really knowing what is going on….finally get back in the air…and land in Detroit 2 hours later than scheduled.  many many people missed their connection they had to rebook..we were all sent to 1 area to reschedule…I follow..even though technically I didn’t miss my connection I wanted to get the hell home.  I was scheduled for a flight today in case I couldn’t find anything ..but I was bound and determined to get home yesterday!  I finally get on a flight..granted it was to a totally different destination …about 1 1/2 hours away but I didn’t care..I figured if noone could pick me up I would rent a car and get home.  Finally arrived at midnight this morning…after watching the baggage carousel spin a million times..realized my bag wasn’t there…so had to file a lost baggage claim…never left the airport until 1:30 this morning.  Got home at 3am!  I am horrible..but I didn’t go to work today…I was supposed to be at a training both yesterday and today (in the city I flew into) but I refused to drive back down there this morning.  I was WAYYYY to tired. So today was in and out of concsiousness..trying ot catch up on sleep or lack there of..also…I believe I have some type of stomach bug.   My stomach started feeling not so good yesterday but thought it was because I really didn’t eat anything but some pretzels and some gross breakfast sandwich from burgerking all day.  This morning woke up and it is still feeling hurts! but it isn’t your usually stomach ache…my back hurts with it…if I sit up for too long I feel like I’m going ot get sick…and just feel gross…Just talked to my aunt and she says her granddaughter has the same thing and my little cousin as well…so am thinking it is some type of bug or something..but i’m so ready for it to pass…

As for my luggage..just got a call from some guy..they are supposed to be delivering my luggage tonight..he wasn’t sure when but this means I need ot stay awake until he does…you see I don’t have any type of porch you can jut leave it.  I live literally right on the street…so I don’t want it just hanging out there all night…so I may just fall asleep on the couch until he comes..which is hopefully soon cuz I’m TIRED!! 

I promise..I will be catching up on everyone’s blogs this week….I’m sorry I was slacking but it was busy week! 


Slideshow Finale (update)

February 27, 2007

First an update on the slideshow – It was awesome! haha sounds a little conceited but I loved it so that is all that matters! It came out really good and it was so nice to see it up on a big screen and watch everyone watching it! It was a good feeling.  I also think my grandmother recognized that she was in it..which again made be feel good!  My cousin designed the cover for the DVD case and the dvd jacket…here’s what they look like :

      2007_0224014.JPG      2007_0224022.JPG


He did a good job right?  It was the perfect touch for such a special project!  I don’t think I could have done a better job!!  Even though he doesn’t read this…thank you so much Ronnie for figuring out how to convert this to a DVD and making the case and cover for me!! Without you it wouldn’t have gotten finished!!

WOW…it’s finally DONE!!

February 23, 2007

Ok..first I will is 6:30 am out here in WA…and have been up since 7:30am …actually…both my aunts and I have been up!  My cousin (whom I haven’t seen in I think 18 years…) figured out how to make a DVD….YEAH!! GOd bless him…He also designed the cover of the for the CD and the CD Jacket….we are now able to view the the DVD with the projector in color!! AAHHHH..I’m so relieved…

 Here’s the funny part…I am on my second to last disk to burn and was thinking I would go lay down for a while…hmm WRONG…all the little ones started waking up.  Had to get one chocolate milk and fruit loops…my aunt is making eggs and toast for another one…but the good thing is I’m starting to wake up a little…about 1/2 hour ago I was literally ready to pass out on my computer…but now I am good to go for a little while anyway…we will see how long it lasts.  Today we will all be going down to the hall where the party is and decorating for the big party tomorrow!! 


February 22, 2007

SO as you can tell.( or not..don’t worry I will tell you anyway) ..we are very busy here!  Tomorrow the other family members start trickling in.  I think there is a total of 15 people flying in tomorrow…so today was a prep day for my aunt and kick ass on the slideshow day for me!  My Aunt spent all day in the kitchen..I literally mean all damn day!! I so wished I could have helped her…I of course was working on this friggin slideshow (shocker I KNOW).  Let’s just say I have never seen so much CAKE and FROSTING in my life!   Like so much to the point…right now I feel sick to my stomach thinking of it all!! The cake is going to be absolutely georgous!  (I’m stealing her thunder if you want to read up on it and what she’s been doing…go to her blog…click)  

As for the slideshow…UUGHHH…is about all I can say.  I’m sick of it..I’m sick of the music..and I’m sick of starring at my computer screen..I’m sick of sitting on my ass all day doing nothing but work on the SLIDESHOW!  When I say all day, I literally MEAN it!  Today I woke up at 8am…and by 8:30am..was working on it.  Yes I did take little breaks here and there but for the majority of the day…that is what I was doing!  I have figured out the timings and all that crap that has been giving me issues…I have burned it to a cd…so’s done!  Am I happy with it??? NOT AT ALL!! I simply can’t do anymore though..I am completely burnt out on it.  I have been doing this for the past 3 days straight..again did have breaks in between but it has been consistant.  Today my Uncle went and purchased 2 DVD burners.  Yes 2…the first one was an internal that has to be returned…and the second one an external burner…again they are returning it.  WHy you ask?  It’s a piece of crap! We were trying to be smart..and thought hey we can make out own DVD’s.  Hmm NOT, WRONG Friggin answer! Come on people…nothing about this slideshow has been easy or has worked out so why should this too? We have tried everything to get this thing to play on the big screen projector they far nothing has worked…we bought new s-video cables…pluf it in to my computer and to the projector and whammoo NOTHING!  NOTHING is working! So…my slideshow is as done as it’s going ot get..and now we have no way of playing it.  I suggested…bringing all our laptops and passing them around for everyone to see the slideshow…(right now in the house there are a total of 3 laptops..after tomorrow night we will probably have at least 5 laptops floating around here) …hmm last resort I guess..of course I am kidding but it seems as though RIGHT now this is our only option.  I would also have liked to make actual DVDs (ones you can put into a dvd player) for everyone..but right now…they are only getting the computer version…I am just hoping all the family has a computer or access to one..and if not…I have no suggestions for them. My aunt is going to call around tomorrow to see if someone out there can transfer a powerpoint presentation to and actualy dvd presentation).  Not sure if this is even possible..but I guess it’s worth a try!! At this point what do we have to lose??  Trust me..I will keep you posted..and if anyone has suggestions out there (HMM..KURT…)feel free to suggest away.  To clarify what I’m asking…is it possible to convert a powerpoint presentation into a DVD (without spending tons of $$)  I know I mentioned yesterday that program on the website..(ppt-to-dvd software)but seriously that is $100 amd from the quality that I saw..from that creepy guys house-from yesterday) I’m not wiling to spend the money if I can’t be guaranteed a great quality show!

I’m not sure if I will have time to post in the next couple days as there will be many ppl here and tons of little ones running around..but I will most definitely try.  I will catch up on all your blogs (reading them) next week..I’m sorry for slacking..please forgive me??? 

Happy Mardi Gras!!

February 21, 2007


Hope everyone had a good “Fat Tuesday”.  We were very busy running around trying to get stuff done for the party…you can read about our day on my Aunt’s site.

Now on to the slideshow saga…yes it continues….started at 6:30am this morning trying to get the timings straight ..still no luck….remember that guy I told you we were going to see today and was praying he could fix it for me…yup TOTALLY and COMPLETELY A MORON!  First of, his “business” was out of his both my aunt and I are thinking he has this office set up with all this equipment.  Hmm so not the case…we walking in..and first off we were both hit ..with this HIDEOUS SMELL..I’m telling you it was almost gag worthy.  So then he says to my aunt….”you can stay out here (meaning his livingroom) and play with my cats…because my computer is in my bedroom and there isn’t room enough for all three of us..its really small!”  Seriously…are you freeaakin kidding me??  I just looked at my aunt..and I hesitantly walked to his bedroom…SERIOUSLY, anyone else find this odd?? I mean this is supposedly a legit business he runs…but running it out of his BEDROOM…SERIOUSLY??  So whatever, I know I was a scream away from help from my aunt if I needed her…(even though she let me go to this strange guys bedroom all by myself…haha)  she did have her cell phone in hand at all she tells me anyway..right Aunt Sherry??  So I proceed to tell this guy what problems I’m having…give him the disk I had made  and he attempts to open the file.  Ok my first red flag was the fact he didn’t even know how to VIEW the damn show.  COME ON…craziness right??  So after I TELL HIM how to view it..I then ask him a couple of questions I had…OMG the guy was a COMPLETE MORON..have I mentioned this before??  He couldn’t answer 1 single question….but he did offer to make me a DVD for hmmm about $85 per hour..told me it would take him at least 1/2 day to get it done… half a day mean about 4 hours in my that would be approxomately $340 ….WHAT ARE YOU f’ing out of your mind..when he said that..both my aunt and I looked at eachother and we knew instantly we needed to get the hell out of there…so basically that is what we did…after wasting almost 2 hours there..with me explaining how to do shit on powerpoint.  Wow and this guy actually gets business??

So We decided to go to Fred Meyer and try to find a program that we can buy to make the slideshow..yes i know..more work…but if it worked properly I was willing to manually transfer all my slides over to it.  So the minute we walked through the computer was on and raring to go. Start to transfer my pictures..literally for about 2 or maybe even 3 hours worth of my time…then as we are getting ready for bed..I thought of something the moron told me…to try to delete the slides that didn’t work properly and readd them.  Hmm now why in the 3 months i have been working on this didn’ I think of this?? At this point we are talking about 11:30 pm…so I delete the slides and readd them and low and behold..they worked…it actually clicked over on its own! WAAHOO…you all have no idea how happy this makes me…now I was and still am EXTREMELY tired so I didn’t even attempt to try to time the songs to it..not tonight….will be right back at it in the am…so this is where I am..a little progress today..although not too much!!

I’m so frustrated over this project for 2 reasons…1) because I’ve worked so hard and so long on it..I want it to be perfect..and well so far the finishing touches…are so far from perfect. 2) Hmm hello this is vacation…I had no intentions on spending 24/7 on the computer while I’m visiting my wonderful family and it seems as though this is all I have been doing since I’ve arrived.  Although I am still having fun and we are laughing tons…I’m stressed….worried and frustrated and well probably any other emotion you can think of. I don’t get to see these guys much I try to enjoy as much of their company as possible wheneve rI’m out here visitng…and I don’t feel like I am. I mean I am enjoying myself…excluding the slideshow saga…but feel like I’m not much help to my aunt, or great company for them or to my grandmother…tomorrow has got to be a more productive day…things have to start going my way right?? Haven’t I been through enough?? OK it is now 1am and I’m pooped..everyone is asleep but I wanted to write this and let you all know the lack of progress I’ve made today …..but my eyelids are barely open (ok so they ar slits right now) and I need to shut this down and go to bed…FINALLY!!

KURT – thank you so much for you email and your advice and links you sent to me…I really appreciate it…I did however decided not to spend that kind of money for a program I know nothing about and in my luck would be that it wouldn’t work for me anyway!! But I do really appreciate you suggestions and opnions and links you sent!!

Slideshow SAGA…

February 20, 2007

So you all know I have been working on this slideshow for my grandmothers 90th Birthday party.  Well today is no exception.  Yes I know it was supposed to be finished by Sunday….but it wasn’t!  So today I spent all day working on it.  I ended up adding more slides of people that I had forgotten to put in there…and these are people that will be at the it is a must their faces show up in the show.  I had a couple scares as well.  Thought I lost the entire special effects on all the slides…was almost in melt down mode when I realized (I AM SMART AFTER ALL) that I had saved it on my thumb drive last night. SO That meltdown was delayed for a bit anyway! Then I also decided to add another song (yes this now makes 8 full songs).  So I have been working all day trying to reset the timings so the songs match up to the slides.  I had my headphones on so I wasn’t bothering everyone around me and to block out the rest of the world and attempt to concentrate and hopefully get it just right!  Hmm yeah…4 hours later…NOTHING is DONE…I’m no further along than I was this morning….uughh I’m starting to think..this isn’t going to be ready…and panic mode is setting in.  I just want it done…want it perfect and want people to enjoy it…is that so much to ask?? I mean really…I’ve put hours upon hours into this project and it is for my it has to be PERFECT!  She won’t realize it’s in her honor that it was made but I do and so therefore…I’m not allowing any flaws! NONE!  So why can’t I just figure this out?? It can’t be this hard can it??? Am I truly making this more difficult that what it really is?? 

Right now my only prayer is this guy that we called today.  We decided that if we could find a professional to set up and make a DVD for us it would save us time.  When I spoke to him today he told me that there is a program out on the internet called ppt-to-dvd.  Supposedly you can use this program to convert powerpoints into dvd videos.  I can download it and use it.  But it does cost $100 for the program.  I am 100% willing to pay for the program however, I am hesitant because I don’t have a clue as to how to use it.  I’m sure it can’t be that hard, but at this point..I’m truly stressed and like I said in panic mode I don’t know if I could figure it out.  So we are hopefully going to bring my computer along with every saved copy of my powerpoint and see if he can do it for us.  I keep saying we and us..I’m meaning my aunt …remember I’m wwaaaaaaaayyyyyyy out in WA visiting?  So right now I’m counting on this guy and he doesn’t even know it.  I do however need to figure out the timings of the songs so when we bring it in it is all set and ready to go.  If I can’t…..GOD HELP ME!! I think I will completely LOSE my mind!!!!   

I made it safe and sound!

February 19, 2007

I have finally arrived wwaaaayyy out in WA!  It was a long day traveling!  Every single flight was delayed taking off which meant all my connecting flights, I had to run like hell to make sure I caught them.  Other than that the flights were pretty much uneventful.  Woke up at the crack of dawn (literally…4:15AM), it is now 10:30 pm (here in WA) but really 1:30 back home…so needless to say I’m tired..and do not have much brain activity as we I will spare you all my ramblings of complete nonsense!

SO much to do and so LITTLE TIME!

February 17, 2007

SO it’s midnight…just got home a little while ago from the movies…went and saw..Music and Lyrics.  Cute movie…and also funny.  I do have mixed feelings on it though.  I liked it, however..part of me thought it would be a little better.  But I would recommend going to see it. If for nothing see Hugh GRANT!! (YUMMY! love the accent!!)  So I just have to share this with you all…basically because I can! It’s nothing big…but I chuckled!  We got to the movies kinda late…the movie started at 9:15 and we arrive at umm 9:14.  The line for the ticket counter was Tremendously LONG.  In line we were discussing what movie to go see…I had mentioned Music and Lyrics ..but it was a toss up between that and Dream Girls and another movie..(forgot the name of it–see how interested  Iwas in seeing it??) The reason why these were our only choices was the times.  I am or was really tired and wanted to go see the earliest one I wasn’t out all night……So the date mentions..well if we go see Music and Lyrics..we probably missed the beginning – (it’s not like 9:20something) and I was like I’m sure we didn’t miss anything…just the previews and if the beginning did start I’m sure we could pick up what is going on just fine.  He mentioned going to see a movie that began at being me…said..thats like a 25 minute wait..and well I don’t want to wait that long (haha see how nice I am) but seriously…sitting in a vacant movie theater room starring at a blank screen didn’t appeal to me at all…remember I was tired..I seriously think  I would have fallen asleep!  Well he apparently didn’t hear that or chose to play dumb..we get up to the ticket counter and says “two for norbit” ( I think that was the name of the movie..with Eddie Murphy?) Again, me being me…what? why are we going to see that movie? I thought we were going to see Music and Lyrics..??  The counter guy just kinda looked at us..we walked away with tickets in hand…and he was don’t want to see it?? and I was like..well I just don’t want to sit around for 25 minutes…being bored …(I could be home sleeping ot something! haha) so I think he sensed my disappointment and was like …well it’s not like we can’t still go see Music and Lyrics…there is noone standing outside the room to make sure we have the correct tickets…I agreed and said ok..then lets go see it.  Hmm basically leaving him no choice..haha! I know nice of me…but I’m a girl that knows what I want!  So the night was fun…he dropped me off..walked me to my was nice….

 Ok now on to what I was going to post in the first place!  Sorry I kinda got off topic in the beginning… So I’m leaving in less than 32 hours for Seattle.  Here is a list of the things I HAVE to do before I leave….

1) PACK (this of course would be essential!)

2) Pick up prescriptions…

3) FINISH the SLIDESHOW! (this will take me forever I’m afraid)

4) clean my house…(I hate leaving and coming home to a messy house)

5) make a hotel arrangement…(the day after I return from seattle, I have to go to our lovely state capital for training for work! – Oh yeah before I forget…KELLIE–want to get together that Monday night??? ) I still have yet to make hotel arrangements..I have no idea what I’m waiting for!

6) PACK…hmm did I mention this already??

7) MAIL out bills..( I so hate BILLS)

8) do Laundry…

9) Go to Best Buy…(want to get this but really going to by this)

10) PACK


There is a  ton of other stuff I need too, however right brain is not functioning properly and I’ve forgotten what else is (or should be) on my list!  Thanks it folks……wish me luck in getting it all done!

SLacking…or is it lack of time??

February 16, 2007

Ok so I’ve been slacking on writing blogs, and also reading them! I’m trying..but I find myself falling behind!  I apologize to all those blogs I read…as I have not been reading and writing my daily comments.  I’m sure you all miss me…NOT!  Although, I know you all find my writings EXTREMELY boring entertaining, I’m slacking on those as well!  There just isn’t enough time in the day!!  You would think with having Wednesday off, I’ve had plenty of time to catch up on things. Believe it or not…I didn’t.  With keeping up with shoveling the snow, and working on my slideshow…the day went by very quick!  I also decided to dye my hair (the grey’s were popping through), hooked up my DVD/VCR(hmm after 1/2 hour trying to set it up WITHOUT the directions…I folded..I dug them out and actually READ them and lo and behold..WAM…it worked – guess they put those in there for a reason..huh?), and ventured out to the store…and also went to the chiropractor.  So see it’s not like I sat around and did nothing..although I wish I could. I’m almost done the slideshow..I’ve times all but 1 song…but you see everytime I add a song..I need to go through the entire show again..all in all..this is about a 25 minute procedure…….so far i have added 5 songs…hmm that right there is about 2 1/2 hours, of course that would only be if I had to do it 1 time around..which we all know, I so couldn’t be that lucky!!  So I’ve been thinking about the length of the show…yes I know it’s a long time for a slideshow..but I’m not going to change any of it.  I figured if people don’t want to watch it they won’t and making it shorter won’t really make a difference!  I’m doing this for my and for my gram!  I had tons of fun and relived a lot of memories making this.  Although my Gram won’t realize it’s for her..or the fact that she is the “STAR” of the show…its still worth it!  I have less than 48 hours (YIKES) to get this finished!!  I’m leaving for Seattle Sunday morning…so I promised myself it will be completely done by then, and it will, even if  have to stay up all damn night to finish it!! I also want to make at least 1 Copy of it on a CD.  I’m praying it will all fit.  But again, I’m sure it won’t be as easy as I think and I will run into many problems doing it…again..nothing can be EASY for me to do!!

Now onto my Valentines Day…you all had great posts about what a wonderful day you had! Me not so much!  As I know none of you care..I’m going ot tell you anyway!  This year has been the first year since I can remember..I was going to actually have a date!  (hmm notice the words..was going to??)  I was looking forward to it all day! I even braved the elements to go and buy a card..yes I know last minute..but I was debating on whether to get one or not..then decided to get one..of course it was on the same day we were getting 20 feet of snow!  But I did it..I got one. No biggie..I made it safe and sound.  1 problem with the plans though….the SNOW!  All the friggin snow..put a HUGE damper on things!!  My date lives 1/2 hour from me..and where he lives there was a SNOW BAND…which meant..he couldn’t travel anywhere…dammit!  So there go my plans..I know it’s noone’s fault..but just sucked!  I (even though I don’t want to admit it) was really looking forward to it. We weren’t planning anything major..just dinner and a movie…but still.  For once I had the opportunity to partake in a holiday I have always sat on the sidelines for…actually (I know like a MORON) made me happy! Maybe next year!!  OH well…seeing how I had to work last night…we are doing the whole dinner and movie thing tonight.  It’s still not the same, but am looking forward to it anyway. 

In case you all didn’t know…I am leaving for Seattle on Sunday morning…I will be spending the week there with my aunt and family!  I’m so excited!! I love it out there..and it’s so nice to spend time with the FAM!  Oh yeah..did I tell you the ex (my supposed to be date for valentines day) offered to take me to the airport and pick me up?? I was very surprised when he offered.  I certainly wasn’t going to ask him..I’m a very independent person and HATe to and DON”T rely on anyone…if it needs to be done..I do it myself..I always have and always will!! It’s hard to get used to someone wanting to actually do something for me.  At times..I feel like it is an insult…like they don’t think I can do it myself??  I have to remind myself..they may actually be offering because they just want to…weird to think of that…someone wanting to do something nice for me….I’m still not sure if I’m going to take him up on the offer, its a long way for him to travel just to take me to the airport. wouldn’t only be 1 time but 2 cause he will need ot pick me up.  Does he really want t odo that?? I told him to think about it..that it wasn’t really necessary..that I was capable of driving myself there…I’m used to it all the time and I don’t mind!  We will see!

So remember…I’m not writing or not reading or commenting because I dont’ want’s just simply right now..things are CRAZY..and at some point I do need to start packing! UUGGHH the thought!!  Have I mentioned how much I HATE packing?? Right now all I can think about is wool sweaters and heavy coats with gloves and boots….I have forgotten what to where in 40/50 degree weather….I may just end up packing my whole wardrobe!! 


February 14, 2007

More pics…so far over 20 inches has fallen!! 


These are views from my front door!  Its about midchest level!