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My new pets…

March 31, 2007

REady for them?? How badly do you want to see them?? Very exciting!!  OK Ready…..



Yup thats right…2 Beta FISH!  WAHOO extremely exciting right!! haha JK

So how did I end up with fish you ask??  Well, yesterday morning at work, one of the ladies I work with brought in the fish on the right.  She asked if I wanted it…umm sure why not!  I guess the beta was in her fish tank at home and it just all of a sudden started eating all her other fish.  She was going to flush it…but then decided that was cruel and thought someone at work would want I’m the proud new owner of the fish!  So how did I end up with 2??  Well last night, I go to Pet Supplies Plus..cuz I needed some sort of tank or something for the poor fishy!  Well while I was there, I decided hey why not get another one..this way I could have one at home and put one on my desk at work.  You see, we had the fish out yesterday, and the boys went crazy!  Some of them have never seen a beta fish before..sad right?  They were absolutely amazed by it.  They kept starring at it on the table…kept them quiet and asking questions about it. SO I figured why not…a little classroom pet…no harm.  Plus I figured it would be my new punishment….ok go stare at the fish for 5 minutes…think it would work?? haha NOT!  So there it is…my exciting life…and my exciting new pets!! I’m off to find something more interesting to blog about..hehe it’s all I got…ENJOY!

Hmm just think…this time next week I will be enjoying this: CLICK HERE



March 29, 2007

1) Tomorrow is Friday (thank god!)

2) Another week has gone by and I haven’t fallen! (YIPPEE!!)

3) 1 more week until I leave for this place

4) Tomorrow is FRIDAY…hmm did I mention that one already!

5) I don’t have to get up at 4:30AM on Saturday and SUNDAY!

And last but not least people…I got my date for my surgery!  Dooms Day is April 25th! I was hoping for this date…it was the soonest I am available to do it.  Hmm …so now that it is almost do I feel about it…yeah thats a whole different issue!  Since my fall, I have been in terrible pain (yeah yeah I know stop complaining right??) so I’m glad it is HOPEFULLY almost over!  However, it still makes me nervous and yes even a little scared.  I know it is a routine surgery and as of right is only exploratory…but what worries me is what if anything they will find once in there!  I mean what if they find something..another torn meniscus, Acl, MCL, whatever…a tear is a tear…to me (and I know not to everyone) it’s a big deal! And what if they find nothing?? Then what?? I have to have knee pain/swelling the rest of my life ? I hate it when ppl are like..oh thats nothing..not even surgery..but you know what?? for someone who has NEVER spent the night in a hospital (granted this is an out patient surgery) hates visiting onee and has only had 1 surgery(yeah that would be my last knee surgery a 1 1/2 years ago)…IT IS SOMETHING! Still freaks the hell out of me!  I can’t help it! I know there are tons of ppl out there with more serious injuries and more serious surgeries, some lifelong and others short lived..I know I know….I am lucky this is my only problem…but still freaks me out!! What do I remember from my last one…hmm 3 things stick out in my mind…1) the nursing trying to get the IV in my arm..then me having to sit there with friggin hot packs on both my arms for 45 minutes because they couldn’t get it in.  2) waking up in recovery room..hysterically crying because of the pain…3) then waking up at home in the middle of the night begging for pain meds.  Good times I tell ya good times! Oh did I tell ya..I don’t deal real well with pain!??

 Oh yeah don’t forget to wish Kellie a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!.  She needs some lovin tonight…so go…go wish her a HAPPY DAY!!

Where does the time go??

March 27, 2007

Hmm ok..this week..where did it go?? Granted it is only Tuesday night..but honestly..I feel like it is Friday (or maybe I wish it was).  I have been  attempting to get to work an hour early and plan too all this week as well as next week.  I have some time to make up and seeing how I work a 2nd job..staying later isn’t an option for me.  My goal is to get to work by 7am every far..I’m 1 out of 2.  Not bad…On there at 7:15..was going to stay until 4:15 to make it a full hour..but couldn’t hack it…HAd to get out of there…it was NUTS!  Hmm today…was up at 4:30am…and out of the house by 6 and in Walmart parking lot by 6:30am!!   The movie “Pursuit of Happyness” came out today so had to buy it. We are planning in showing it to our boys next week.  Plus I loved the was happy to pick it up! $13 at Walmart..Cheap right??   Even though getting to work an hour early has it’s challenges…I am finding that I’m getting so much done! With no one there to bother me..I’m the only one in the Education’s awesome and so quiet..I love it!   I’m caught up on all my paperwork on the kids..caught up on my journal assigments..and my 2 rooms are spotless!! Today I finally took down my St. Patty’s Day decorations and put up Easter Decorations..I have been wanting to do this for a week now…FInally it’s done!

 I have also put up a new bulletin board..why?? Just because I had time too…I love doing them..but I do have a problem…I’m anal about them…they have to be takes me forever to do just one…it’s so funny..I always enlist the help of some of my better behaved boys to put them up.  Usually its the same kids just because well…at this time …they are the only ones behaving.  They laugh at me…I have taken on the new challenge of making my own borders.  I can’t find any I like in the teacher stores around here are lacking especially in materials for the old kids…so I make my own.  So the other day…one of the kids that always helps me..was assisting one of the other teachers.  They were discussing what border to use…and the kid says…”well if you don’t like them…just have Ms. (insert my name here) to make them for you.”  He then proceeds to say, “I have never seen any teacher make their own borders before!”    Pretty funny! 

 Also this week, I have been trying something different.  What is that you ask…umm it’s called going to bed EARLIER!  By having to get up at 4:30AM, I’m finding that going to bed at midnight..just isn’t cutting it.  Especially the nights I work my second job.  By Friday, I’m completely exhausted.  So I have been attempting to go to bed by 10:30 at the absolute latest.  It isn’t too much earlier..but I find..that I am not getting as much done as I usually do at home.  Granted I do feel TONS better in the AM…so am thinking it is worth it. 

I’m excited..tomorrow the BF and I are going to go to the movies to see that movie “Wild HOgs”.  Everyone I’ve talked to that has seen it says it is hilarious!  So am definitely looking forward to it.  I will let you know how it is.  If you’ve seen it..what do you think???  Like it?? 

Good Weekend…

March 26, 2007

Yup thats right…had a good weekend!  Surprise! haha jk.  It was nice and relaxing, although honestly didn’t start out that way.  Friday, all day during work, was in dire pain from my knee.  I was completely miserable.  It hurt to walk, to sit, to continually jump up and down.  That is one disadvantage about being a teacher, I can’t just sit down all day and let the kids help themselves. WHen they want help they want it right then and now.  So I was a bit testy with them, and they knew something was wrong.  They have no clue about my knee.  Where I work, it is important that the kids don’t see you as  I refuse to tell them.  They will find out soon enough when I go out for surgery.  Which I’m hoping I find out when that is by the end of this week.  When I got home Friday, I was beat!  I took one of my pain pills that the doctor prescribed me from my last surgery.  They are expired…but honestly I didn’t care. I needed something that would knock me out and get rid of the pain temporarily!  It so did the trick…within 5 or 10 minutes of taking the pill, I was out.  Slept like a baby and woke up at 10:30am on Saturday.  Probably would have slept longer except the bf called and woke me up, but it is good he did.  Didn’t want to sleep the day away..although 10:30 is pretty late.

Saturday night, the bf and I went to my friends house to celebrate his bday.  I was a little nervous about taking the bf, as there were going to be ppl there he would meet for the first time.  Some of these ppl knew about him and some didn’t.  But it went really well. Worried for nothing.  He fit right in. 

Sunday, hmm basically did nothing.  Knee still bothering me, but am dealing with it. Just trying not to over do it as far as walking or anything is concerned.  I just did the typical Sunday thing, laundry, email, cleaned (as little as  I could get away with) and also got a little of my homework done.  Yes homework.  It’s so hard to get back into that mode.  I have 3 writing assignments that I need to get done and have been putting them off for quite sometime.  It is always in the back of my mind to get these done but can’t seem (or don’t want to) find the time to get them done.  I did FORCE myself to get at least 1 of them done last night.  At work, I’m going to force myself to get at least 1 more done today if not both.  One isn’t due until after vacation in April, but if I do it now, then I don’t have to worry about it over break.  So thats the plan.  I have a couple hours (ok 8 hours to be exact) to make up at work.  So I’m attempting to go into work 1 hour earlier all this week and all next week…haahah funny I know.  this means I need to leave my house at like 6:20 every morning to make it there by 7am!  Hpoefully I can do it, I certainly dont’ want to have to stay later! 

Pretty uneventful weekend…not big falls (THANK GOD!), no injuries…ahah was an awesome weekend!!  OH yeah before I forget….I know a lot of you think I was exaggerating (sp?) about other ppl falling last weekend at the bar…Ask Kellie she too was a nonbeliever, however she emailed one of my friends that was with me..and guess what..the story is 100% true!!! I promise, I can’t make up the fact I’m such a klutz…I know it’s amazing there are retarded people like me who exist and can get hurt no matter what they do…it’s like a freak show, you can’t help but stare…hmm maybe I will sell tickets!!   Wanna come watch???

Love me some TV!

March 23, 2007

Well I am the proud new owner of a TV.  Yup mine quit on me yesterday.  Weird.  Yesterday morning it worked just fine. Got home from work and turned it on and I all I got was 2 seconds of sound then it just shut off, no picture, nothing!  So I unplug …plug it back in and NADDA! I’m in a total panic..haha I can’t live without a TV! Granted I had just bought a new one back in September for my bedroom, after my little 13inch shit the bed.  I had that TV since I was in High School…talk about old.  My living room tv is a 27 inch where as my bedroom one is 20.  I got my living room tv from my parents when  I moved into my very first apartment…umm like 7 or 8 years ago.  Aren’t TV’s supposed to last longer than that?? I had to work last night, so of course, I was in a complete panic, wondering if I would have time after work to go to my favorite store and pick a tv out and get it home and hooked up in time for Grey’s Anatomy.  I’m so bad, I actually pawned my kids (that I tutor) onto another teacher so I could leave a little bit earlier so I could go purchase my new tv.  Bad right?? I’m telling ya I’m addicted.  My tv is ALWAYS on…even if I’m not watching is always on for background noise.  I hardly ever use the radio..not sure why, but I dont.  So this is the TV that I bought….click here.  Now here’s my question for you all… old TV, yes it was heavy, but  I could still lift it.  Why is the New TV so mUCH bigger and HEAVIER..I’m tellin ya I had all I could do to lift even 1 side of the damn box.  ITS so much bigger than my old one..weird right?  I thought they were making TVs (like everything else..smaller and compacter (is this even a word??) )   Well I get the best buy guys to load it in my car..and I’m happily on my way home.  Once home, reality Hit…How the HELL am I getting this HUGE thing into my house??  Well I managed..this is how..would have been pretty funny to watch me at work!  I manage, after dropping the entire box on my foot (hmm yeah it’s quite swollen and bruised) to get the TV out of my CRV.  I get it to the ground.  Then with all my might, am attempting to push/slide it towards my door, of course there is a lip on the door way so I had to heave it up and over.  FINally it is in my house…now dilema #2 how the hell do I get it out of the box?? HUGE I’m tell ya..even bending over the box, I can’t reach all the way to the bottom..I could fit into the box…Now I know your are all asking how I know this…hmm yeah I TRIED! I actually stepped into the box and closed the lid. hahah I told ya I’m a moron smart person! But it was pretty would have laughed!   So its out of the box..on my floor..mind you the box is  completely mutilated.(hmm I hope I don’t need to return it!) …it was the only way to get it out.  Now dilema #3, getting it to my TV STAND…hmm HELLO I’m not SUPERWOMAN..although I do like to think I am somedays.  But it so isn’t budging…so it sat on my floor all hooked up…was waiting for someone, anyone to help me! but figured at least this way I could still watch it.  It must have been my lucky day, because one of my friends ended up calling and saying she was coming over..BINGO..I have a helper! So now it’s all hooked up and I love it..but it still looks SO much bigger than my old one!  if I remember later I will take comparison pictures…I know I you CARE!! 

***UPDATE From the weeks posting***

Dinner was awesome!  The Bf loved it and even went back for seconds! haha Thats a good sign right?? So yup all in was a wonderful night!  Watched the movie Poisedon (sp??)  was pretty good, I DVR’d it from HBO.  I heard this was based on a true story..anyone know if that is true??

My knee…as a result of my fall…hmm yeah not doing so well!! I so am praying my SURGERY is ASAP! I can’t take this anymore…at least if it was my arm or some other part of my body it wouldn’t be absolutely necessary to use it every single day!  But I need to walk..and at work…hahah there is no way I can just sit.  I am up and down…mostly up all damn day.  I do laps..back and forth to the office..(hmm mostly because I forget crap and have to go back and get it) So it is constantly being used.  It’s still swollen (actually like 3 times the size of my other one-no joke!) and still bruised!  I can’t contantly wear sneakers (which are way more comfortable and easier to walk in with a knee injury) with dress am forced to wear heals..and die of pain.  So now…Friday, March 23, 2007, I am left with a swollen left foot (remember TV fell on it) and a swollen right knee!…Dear god I’m a mess!! Now do you belive me that I’m a Klutz?? Oh yeah..guess what today is??? A jeans and sneaker day! You know what…I don’t even care..I can’t bare the thought of wearing shoes with a height of anything taller than 0 inches!!!

Pretty Boring these days…

March 20, 2007

Hmm not too much to report on.  Have been trying to catch up on lack of sleep from the weekend. Hahah god I’m getting so old.  I so can’t go out like I used to.  Monday was another day from hell at work…god I hate mondays.  THe kids were completely wild…was it a full moon??  Got home and took an hour long nap!  Normally I don’t do this..but I told myself I would lay down for 15 minutes until the news…well 1 hour later the ringing of the phone woke me up…thank god! As it was I had a terrible time getting to sleep.  It was one of those tossing and turning nights! God I dread those.  I think it was around 3am the last time I looked at the clock..hmm too bad the alarm had to go off at 5am! 

I managed to open my big mouth and offer to cook for the bf on wednesday! OH dear..should be fun! HE always is asking when I’m going to cook for him..and my response is..where do you want to order from..I’ll go pick it up instead!! Have I told you all how much I HATE COOKING?? If not..guess what I HATE IT!!  My parents are always saying, “god I feel bad for your  future husband..he’s going to starve!”  In return…I say well he better learn to cook fast cuz I certainly am not going to…I have absolutely no interest in it.  It is so overrated! Who wants to come home after working 8 hours and stand in the kitchen preparing for what…a meal that last 10 minutes ok maybe 20 if you eat REAL slow.. Tops to eat?  Hmm NOT ME!!  It’s pointless…give me some toast I’m good!  So yes people I’m cooking tomorrow night!  I have master only a few select meals….and seeing how I’ve cooked 1 of those already for him…I’m only left with a few options…so thanks to my aunt for reminding me….I’m going to make Stomboli.  It’s easy and quick. Although it’s been a while since I’ve made..hmm I think the last time was when I was WAAAAAYYYY out washington over the summer.  So lets hope I don’t screw it up.  If I do…well I’ve got salad as backup and a phone book!  WIsh me luck!


March 18, 2007

WHY oh WHY dear god am I a KLUTZ??  I was born one and will always be one! 

First and foremost..let me just update you on the status of my knee….As some of you know..I will be have a 2nd knee surgery..I have been waiting for 2 months to find out when..and yes while I still am clueless as to the date..I FINALLY got the approval to have the surgery…so I will call Monday to schedule..good times ahead!!

So with that in mind…go back and catch up on my knee and my issues and well read about me being a damn klutz…ok go…click here  Ok now that you are all caught up…here’s the latest!

Last night  me and the BF went out with another couple (good friends of mine) was supposed to be for a couple of st. patty’s day cocktails and dinner, we were all planning on an early night as the weather was crappy and we were all tired!  Well we got there at 7pm and hmmm left at 1am!!  But it was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed that’s all that matters..right??  WELL…this place we went too had 3 different rooms…each room a different setting…throughout the night we venture into all the rooms, we get entertained by all the drunks and the ppl trying to pick ppl up and well make fun admire what ppl are wearing, we get bored and leave to see a whole new crowd. 

Well here’s where the story of the KLUTZ begins…in 1 room you have to walk down stairs..not a lot..but it was really DARK in this room…like a romantic type lighting setting. Well We have all had a couple too many cocktails..but were by far wasted intoxicated. Lets just say we were feeling good…ok?? haha  Well we head down the stairs..yup sure enough..guess who falls down them?? Go ahead guess??? ME…WTF??? WHY ME??  I have to admit it was hysterically FUNNY and I was not embarrassed at all…really I wasn’t..I was just dying with laughter!! Everyone in the bar was clapping and laughing…Good TIMES!  Well I was laughing..until I go to stand up..that is when I realized..I fell right on my f&*&(#@ KNEE!!  Instant pain! So the laughter almost turned to tears immediately..but I held them in..and pretended all was fine! But of course it wasn’t and my peeps knew it.  So the rest of the night..pain, pain and more pain!  I attempted to drink the pain away, haha it did work a little but Not so much..cuz you know what?? When the affects of the cocktails wears off..hmm yeah the pain is still there! Dammit…!  So today, I am left with a RED, BRUISED, SWOLLEN knee…oh did I mention PAINFUL???  I can’t even tell you how many times I have fallin on this knee since my last surgery in Oct. 2005.  Hmm and I wondering why it still bothers me…go figure!! Off to go ice…

PS-  I do need to mention that one of the reasons I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed is because  like 4 other people after me fell down them as well.  I’m telling was dark..had nothing to do with the amount of liquid one consumed…well maybe a little..but they need lights on the stairs..actually just the last step as that is what we all missed!!! 

Even with the fall…the night was awesome! So at least it didn’t ruin my night!

St. Patty’s Day!

March 17, 2007


Hope you all have a GREAT St. Patty’s DAY!!  BE SAFE and HAVE FUN!!


March 16, 2007

I’m very tired not going to write…but wanted to share this with you:


Aren’t you glad I did?? Proof of all my hard work!  And to think all this from plunging..go figure!

Just call me Ms. Fix-it!

March 15, 2007

My dear blog readers…I haven’t been ignoring you these past 2 days…but have been preoccupied with crap things going wrong in my apt.  Had a little disaster last night…hmm besides all the flooding going on around me…my loo (as Kellie likes ot call it) decided it wanted to act up.  OH Good times ahead…can’t wait to read on right? Too bad I’m writing anyway…

YEsterday after work..was so excited I had the night off from my 2nd job…just wanted to chill out, clean a little, and well relax.  HAHAHA SO FUNNY!! It so did not happen!  Got home from my doctor’s apt. and realized my loo wasn’t flushing all the way.  SO out comes the plunger…(don’t worry it’s nothing gross) hmm yeah 4 hours later, 2 trips to the store for supplies and several phone calls…(mind you..during all this time I’m still plunging away) it still isn’t flushing completely.  Now what does 4 hours of constant plunging do to a person…oh let me just tell you….it was like a friggin workout.  My hands…yup have BLISTERS (BIG, RED, PUFFY BLISTERS), my arms…well can’t even lift them above my head today, and my lower back KILLS ME.  Funny part is couldn’t figure out why I was so sore when I woke up this morning…it finally “HIT” me around noon…DUR…dummy…from PLUNGING!  So let me pass on a little secret…want to get rid of arm flab…plunge your toliet for 4 hours a’s a guarantee it will me! 

After several of my phone calls to ppl finding out what to do…I heard that you could rent a “snake” or a loo auger.  Ever hear of one?? Guess what…neither had I..but I learned real quick what they were.  I left work at 2..thinking if I couldn’t fix my problem with the “snake”  I would have time to call a plumber.  Well let’s just say I learned by doing tonight.  Bad thing about living by yourself…you have noone to say..can you please fix that for me??  NOpe had to deal with it myself…did I want to??? absolutely NOT…did I have to..SURE DID!  Needless to say after 1 hour of  using the “snake” it flushes completely! I have never been so happy to hear a toliet flush.  You never realize how much you actually use the thing until you can’t.  From 6 last night until 6 was unuseable…well I did use it once..I had too…I couldn’t hold it any longer and I refused to go somewhere else to pee! 

Since I’ve been living on my own…it’s unbelievable how much I have been forced to learn!  Noticed I used the word FORCED here??  I can now set mouse traps (haha I know seems pretty simple right? I still HATE THEM), discard of them..(uugghh I get the willies thinking of this-totally skeeves me out), put caulk around my window sills, put up plastic on the windows (remember my house is crap…breezy-old you name it) fix toliet handles, stop dripping water in the sinks and now I can add “snaking” my toliet..I’m tellin ya I think my calling was to be a plumber..LOL NOT!  Oh yeah I can tighten up outlet sockets too…yeah for me right?? I’m sure there is MUCH MUCh more I can add to the list…but can’t think of more at the moment. It’s amazing how independent one becomes over time without even realizing it.  I find it very hard now to even ask anyone for help…I will attempt and 95%, well ok maybe 85% of the time fix things myself.  If I absolutely can not get it…It kills me.. I do ask for help.  I hate inconviencing people…I know they all have better things to do than do “my work” for me…so I use it as a last resort.  But even though I complain about doing things myself…I still appreciate all that I have learned…I know still lots more out there….but sure it will come my way sooner or later….

Want to hear something Funny?? All my coworkers now call me Ms. Rooter! HAHA get it?? as in Roto Rooter?? funny right??

oh wait…did you hear that??? Listen……………………………….aaaaawww the sound of flushing 🙂 so nice to hear! haha ok I’m a dork!  Later