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A not so good day!

April 29, 2007

Yesterday decided to go cold turkey without crutches or pain medication.  It was only a minor procedure so really how bad can it hurt?? Hmm yeah boy that question was answered last night!  Didn’t really do anything too strenous yesterday during the day.  My mom had left around noon..I slept a little, got myself some lunch, slept some more, checked my email, and so the day goes on and on.  Last night the BF comes over, we head to my friends for dinner…(first day out of the house since the surgery). Things were fine..yes my knee hurt a little more than usually but I chalked that up to not using my crutches or taking the pain meds, maybe I just over did it.  SO ate dinner had a great time but by 9pm, it was like someone friggin nailed me with a baseball bat right in the knee, head on!  I’m talking pain, swelling, everything.  Hmm yeah needless to say the night ended there and we came home.  The BF got me some ice and decided to take some aleve instead of the hardcore pain med the doc put me on.  We attempted to watch a movie but like everything else..didn’t get very far.  Ok..lets try bed.  Get all comfy (or so I thought) and attempt to sleep.  My leg propped up on a million pillows..hmm not so comfy.  After an hour or so of tossing and turning, and listening and feeling the heartbeat in my knee, I wasn’t working. So instead of waking the BF up, I get up, move all 500 pillows and head to the couch.  Mind you this is around 11pm.  At 2AM still wide awake! Still in pain!  The worst part, there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it.  Sure I could ice my knee, but really that would just cause more pain because I would have to get up and get it so nope didn’t do that.  SOme point after 2am (it was the last time I looked at the clock) I fell asleep! Sucks! I don’t get it. I was doing ok up until yesterday.  Yes I’ve had pain, but nothing as intense as it was yesterday or last night.  I have been bragging, oh this surgery is a piece of cake compared to my last one (in 2005 – same surgery) but really, the pain I had yesterday..the exact same pain!  Why 3 days later??

This morning isn’t much better! The BF woke me up at 6:30am wondering why I was on the couch..hmm the pain buddy the pain! I was trying to be nice..just because I’m in pain and can’t sleep doesn’t mean you have to have a sleepless night as well.  I attempted to lay back in bed..hmm lasted about .2 not happening.  So here I am back on the couch..leg propped up, laptop resting on my other leg (thank god for LAPTOPS!) Lets hope it will get better!

Oh yeah did I tell you I think I have been having an allergic reaction to the pain meds they gave me?? That is another reason I have stopped taking them.  About 1 hour after I take the med, I would break out in a hot flash, and my face would get extremely flushed.  I mean sweat…pretty not liking that..told the hospital when they called ot check on me..they said to call and get another prescription..but really..that is a pain.  I would then need to ask someone to go down and pick up the prescription for me and bring it to me. SO NOT HAPPENING! In case you haven’t noticed…I’m not one to ask ppl for help! In a dire emergency, yes I will, but I do not like inconviencing others with my issues/problems or whatever.  SO Advil, aleve, tylenol, whatever is in the house is what I will be taking!

I’m off to see what isn’t on the TV at 7:30am in the morning…geez what ever happened to morning cartoons..I’m in need of a good laugh!!


Can you hear that???

April 28, 2007

What is it your listening for you ask?? Peace and quiet!! I’m finally all by myself! Yippiee!!  Since my surgery, I have had someone here 24/7.  Although don’t get my wrong it’s been nice, as I did need someone…it was getting kinda annoying at the same time.  Constantly being told..sit, you can’t do that, you shouldn’t be up and around, you need your crutches, I’ll get it, what do you want? UUGGHH SHUT IT PPL!!  I know they are are trying to help but REALLY, it got old! 

My mom left today…she so didn’t want to but I think she figured it was about time.  She hung around and kept asking is there anything else I can do before I leave.  One last icing for your knee? want some pain med? a drink? make your bed? vacuum?? Hmm no honestly..I just want to be able to sit and listen to my TV or to NOTHING and not have to answer questions of entertain or be the victim of some wierd wacko side show where everyone sits and stares at!  Seriously!

I know everyone means well…and I truly appreciate their help..thank you all !!

I’m alive!

April 26, 2007

Made it through sugery AOK!  Never got home until 7pm but feel like new..hmm yeah NOT! haha  As for what they found…supposedly there were some “nicks” (wheverever that means) on my patella (aka..kneecap) and on my cartilage so they scrapped that off and smoothed it out.  I guess I also had quite a bit of inflamation in there (SHOCKER-I could have told you that) but somehow they also got rid of that…again no idea how…but lets just hope they did and it helps.  No tears that I’m aware of thats a good thing.  So I guess now it is just a waiting game to see how it all goes!!

Got to the hospital at 12pm yestersday…sat there hooked up to IV and in that oh so comfortable bed and gown for nearly 4 1/2 hours before they called me in.  The surgeon was running never got in the operating room until 4 – 4:30pm.  Here’s the kicker…the surgeon goes out and gives a report to my parents and the BF…not to me..because I’m doped up and not coherent.  SO  I asked them..ok what did he they tell me..what they ‘THINK” he said! Funny..there’s 3 of you and not a single one can remember exactly what was said.  So then I started asking “what about the arthritis? what did he say about that?” they all look at me like I have 4 heads…”ok forget that question, what about “work, driving, crutches, how long for each?” again I got the glazed over look. Great…hahaah no clue there..oh well guess I will just play it by ear!  Why are ppl so afraid to ask doctors or anyone questions? Me I’m full of are not doing anything to me unless I am 100% aware of what it is, the side effects, and what it is supposed to do for me. Even when the nurse was hooking up the IV I was asking her what exactly the fluid was for and what it did for me..

THe parents and the BF got along great!  The BF was here all day and left at like 11pm last night.  My Dad even made the comment this morning (right out of the blue) “I really, really like the BF, I wouldn’t mind having him as a future Son-in-Law” Waaoo Pops, put the brakes on there! haha Yes I too like the BF but marriage…hmm little too soon to be thinking that!!!   So great not only do I have my mom questioning now I will have my father as well!  They (my Dad and BF) have already made plans for a visit in August!! Pretty FUnnY!

Anyway, just wanted to give an update so to how everything went!  I’m fine…yes in Tons of pain…but it is nothing like what my first surgery was so I guess that is good!

A Morning Visitor

April 24, 2007

Look what I found waiting for me in the shower this morning!                


Hmm almost fainted when I saw it…this thing was HUGE!  I so hate these critters!


April 24, 2007

Yup thats right..this time tomorrow I’m expecting to be in some serious PAIN! YIKES! I’m so not looking forward to it.  My knee surgery is scheduled for 3pm.  Why oh why can’t it be like 9AM or even before noon would be nice!  Why do I have to wait all damn day! It’s going to kill me!  Just the anticipation alone! UUGGHH…I might be out of commission for a therefore no boring blogs…and won’t be reading many.  But then again…I could be fine..yes in pain..but fine as in feel like doing something and might write and read…so stay tuned!!

 My parents are on their way down…should be here within the next half an hour.  My mom is stopping by the grocery store to buy food! haha pretty funny! She knows I have absolutely NOTHING here…seeing how I don’t cook and don’t eat a lot..she’s buying her own food!  She has dinners planned for every night this week…and also lunch and breakfast…too funny.  I don’t know what its like eating 3 meals a day..not sure if I can even eat that much food in one day.  But I will definitely enjoy nice home cooked meals and will miss them when she leaves!  As of right now…she’s planning on staying until Sunday…hmm I think thats a little extreme..I’m sure by Friday I will be somewhat coherent!  I hope anyway..yes I will be in pain..but thats why the doctors give you those “happy pills”  to knock you out! Plus the BF will be here most of the week and most likely on the weekend.  Like I’ve said in previous posts..he took tomorrow off and took a half day on Thursday..he makes his own schedule so makes it nice!  Aww sweet right..he wants to be with me..yeah right..really he just wants to see me doped up on drugs!  JK!! 

Today was my last day of work for at least 1 1/2 weeks, could be longer, I’m not really sure just how long I will be out..but I refuse to go to work on crutches.  So until I’m off of them..I know I will be stuck in my house!  I’m so glad for the break from work..but will miss it at the same time..even though the kids have been completely CRAZY (is it a full moon anytime soon?)!! 

Anywho…I will be sure to let you all know how it goes!  Like I said probably won’t be posting until Thursday..unless I get really bored tonight…then will get on and ramble..aren’t you all lucky!! 

Busy, Busy, Busy!

April 24, 2007

Yup that describes my past weekend!  Let’s see here it is in a nutshell!  My parents showed up around 7pm on Friday night.  I met them at Red Lobster for dinner..hmm it was awesome..gotta love a dinner 1) you don’t have to cook and 2) don’t have to pay for! haha  Had leftovers last night for dinner..  After dinner my mom and  I took off to go dress shopping! FUn fun! I usually hate shopping..because usually I can not find crap anything that fits me.  Well so not the case friday night.  We ended up at Dress Barn.  I think I tried on every single dress they had in the store… mom and I closed the store..they practically had to throw us out! But you know what it felt good. I was so happy that I was finding stuff that fits it was awesome…you see I have lost quite a bit of weight..yes I still have more to lose but currently I think I’m down about 30lbs.  So its a start and it’s been a fight to lose even that much!  I think if I can lose about 30 more I will finally be happy..but we will see if I can do that first! mom walked out spending around $190 and I spent $160 needless ot say we did very well!  Then it was off to Wallyworld! Good times…I love this store..but on a friday night..hmm not so much! it was at 6am in the morning is awesome anyother sucks!  We finally got home around midnight Friday! When I got home..I tried on a dress that i had borrowed from a friend of mine..turns out..My mother and I liked the borrowed dress much better.  SO GUESS WHAT dress I wore to the wedding?? Yup the borrowed one! But this means..I gotta run out Saturday morning to buy accessories.  SO woke up at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning..and then ran to Kohls..bought a necklace, earrings and bracelet and a sheer black shawl to wear…$60 some odd dollars later..left and came back home to get ready for the wedding! I was still dreading it..I didn’t really want to go.  Basically for 2 reasons 1) didn’t want to drive 2 hours there and back and 2) wasn’t particularly interested in seeing that side of the family…I mean I was cuz it has been awhile since I’ve seen them..but I didn’t know how they would respond to “us” being there.  YOu see this side of the family “HATES” us!  Like to the point..they see us on the street or in a store and they purposely go a different direction just ot avoid us so they don’t have to say hi or even make eye contact!  We leave my house around 10am…I was thinking the drive to where we needed to go was more of a 3 hour drive..hmm boy was I was only 2 we had at least 1hour 1/2 to kill.  We  ended up finding a little cafe and sat outside got a bite to eat and kill time.  Got to the wedding..and it was like we were long lost family…at first everyone was a bit “cold” but they still all came over gave us hugs and thanked us for coming.  Might have been a little tension filled but it was still nice of them to acknowledge us anyway! My cousin was extremely happy we were there so I guess that is all that matters!  The day went well..the reception was a ton of fun..I just wished we could have stayed longer..but seeing how we had a 2 hour drive ahead of us..we left around 9:30pm and got home at 11pm.  I was beat…so I went to bed. 

 On Sunday morning..I got up..again the butt crack of dawn…showered and was dressed and ready even before my parents got up.  While they were getting ready I ran to Dunkin Donuts..and got us bagels…yummy.  My BF came over (his idea by the way) before my parents left so he could meet them.  He had actually met my mom previous..but was only for a couple minutes.  We all sat around an chatted for a bit then my parents took off and headed home.  The BF and I, went for a was absolutely georgous out…Oh yeah..I also returned the dress and stuff I bought friday night…I did love the dress..but I never wore it..and well quite frankly…I could use the $160 I spent on it.  So returned it and we were on our way!  We ended up goign to my friends house for a cookout…was a lot of fun and like I was beautiful weather so it was nice to sit outside and just relax and enjoy good company!  We got home around 10pm and then headed to bed. 

Monday…awww back to work..good times! Turns out kids were absolutely crazy over the weekend..many issues…but whatever…this has become the “norm”! Sad but True!  The day went by kinda quick..I left at 2pm as I had a doctors appt for an EKG at 3:15.  Ok…got to the doctors office at 3..sat in the damn waiting room until 4:30 before they even acknowledged my exististence (hmm think I spelt that wrong..sorry)  Finally here my name..and tried to hold back as I was furious about the obnoxious wait..Doc comes in and says..well I see no reason why you can’t have surgery..your 100% healthy so your good to go…hmm yeah knew that..thanks for wasting my time.  He goes to leave and I was like..hmm what about my EKG?? He looked at me like a deer caught in headlights.  He had no clue that is why I was there.  No idea an EKG was supposed to be done! WHAT are you kidding me?? I just waiting almost 2 hours to get in here and your telling me you have no fricken clue as to why I’m here?? The fire and fury is back!! UUGGHHH I’m so sick of DOCTORS and me telling them what NEEDs to be done..I’m paying enough to see them..they SHOULD make it their business to figure out why the hell I’m there..right?? Am I wrong in thinking this way???  Anyway..I walk back out to the front I do The EKG lady had her bag and was saying her goodbyes…(mind you it’s now 5pm – time for ppl to go home)  Well they stop her and tell her she has 1 more person to see. that person being me.  Hmm yeah she wasn’t happy…quite miserable actually!  She gets me in there..and I apologize to her because I had to make her stay. Really it isn’t hurt fault…It goes along with the saying…”lack of planning on your part does not make it an emergency on mine” or something like that..but so true!  She did lighten up and did end up being nice.  So thats good! 

Never got home untl 6-6:30.  Good times!!  A day well wasted!  I ended up passing out on the couch around 9:30/10pm  and woke up at midnight.  This usually never late at night..If I’m tired I go to bed..not tonight..I laid down to watch TV and I was outcold! Felt bad..I haven’t spoken to my Aunt in AGES and she was on the computer, sending me a million im’s, but I never heard them as I was snoring away!! Oh well at least Im well rested today!! RIght?


April 20, 2007

I am a morning person.  I get up at 5am during the weekdays and usually up by 7 or so on the weekends.  Today, I am going into work late..I have my pre-op appt at 10am so therefore no need to hurry and rush around to get ready! My problem is yes I’m a morning person, BUT I need time!  If I have to be somewhere say at 8am, I’m up at 5am…I need my “me” time.  Weird because well it’s only me here…but still true.  I need time too enjoy a cup of coffee (ok maybe 2 or 3 cups), watch the news and well read all your AWESOME blogs!  If I don’t get to even one of those entire day is shot!  I love lounging around the house in just my pj’s ….I find it relaxing…even if I have a ton of housework or whatever to be done…It’s awesome!  This morning got up at 5…it’s now 7:30am…and yes still in my pj’s..I could have slept in this morning..but chose not I said routine is key! 

Now like I said..I have a pre-op appt. with my surgeon this AM. To be honest, I don’t know why I have to go see the doc.  There are no tests to be done..I know what preparation I need to do before the surgery…so hmm is this another way of getting my money?? Probably.  The most annoying part is..I’m sure it will be a complete waste of my time…(although the Doc is not too bad on the eye!)  I’m sure I will be spending most of my morning in the waiting room just praying my name is the next to be called! Although I am liking the fact I don’t need to be at work at the crack of dawn..I’m thinking it would be more fun than sitting in a waiting room bored out of my mind!

Ok so here’s a question for all of you….how do you get wax (as in candle wax) off of a rug?  Had a little incident last night with my light. haha I know your thinking…what does my light have to do with wax..well here’s the story.  I was waiting for the BF to show up..decided to turn my ceiling fan light on instead of my lamps on the end tables. Well I pulled the pull chain..and low and behold..the globe (that covers the light) goes flying. I had a candle light on my coffee table..I had just blown it out within minutes of my turning on my light.  The globe..smashes into the candle…the candle goes flying and the wax  and glass from the candle are EVERYWHERE! Complete MESS!  I had wax, on my couch, my rug, my bills, stamps, remotes, glasses…GOOD TIMES! I’ve scraped it off of all surfaces except my rug..which got hit the hardest!  So my friends…what do I do now?? I’ve tried scraping with a knife…I’ve done the ice thing..nothing has worked…my next trick is using a paper bag and iron trick..but quite frankly..little luck I will burn the darn rug! Yup, I’m good like that!!!

Taking a breather….aawwww

April 18, 2007

So since I’ve come back from vacation…this is the first night I have not had anything to do.  Well I’m lying..I have a TON on the TODO list but am not doing it.  I’ve been away on a business trip for 2 days.  That was really hard seeing how I had not been home in over a week.  So needless to say, I’ve been busy.  I apologize for slacking on my comments..but I honestly haven’t had 2 seconds to sit down and catch up on all your posts.  Tonight I did though.  I did not comment on everyone’s but most I did.  I’m back..and hopefully back in routine…I was slacking sorry! I will make sure it doesn’t happen again!  It’s funny..I actually miss reading all of your posts and writing mine as well…I feel like you are all friends and I like to catch up on what you are all up too..ok so maybe I’m just nosey..but you all still have my attention. (you’ll be sorry now!hah jk)

So whats been going on with me??

Lets see..some of you have been wondering what fun things I did on vacation. Well it was a relaxing vacation.  We really didn’t do too much.  Mostly just hung out at the condo starred at the beautiful beach and just relaxed.  We did go to a couple places to go shopping but not many.  It was really nice to just be out of the FREEZING cold weather and enjoy the beach!  I think I could stare at the ocean all darn day! I love listening to it and just watching the waves roll in…sooooo relaxing!  The weather was nice..the first couple days it was around 60 degrees..but being right on the ocean, with the felt more like 45/50..still warm compared to home!  Thursday and Friday, I couldn’t have asked for more beautiful days! By 10am Thursday morning, I was laying on the beach!  Absolutely GEORGOUS!!  Sat out until 4pm! AWESOME!  Friday was more of the same..except…hmm think I sat out a little too long and I got a touch of sun posioning. Not fun…clothes on skin..OUCH!  I broke out in a rash..had sun blusters..good times! Thankfully when I realized what was happening I got right out of the sun so it wasn’t all that bad!  So all in all…it was great and very very relaxing!

6 days in counting until my surgery! YIKES! I had my phone interview with the hospital while on vacation.  I am not due to have my surgery until 3:15pm..which totally sucks! I was hoping for an early am I dont’ have to just sit and wait around all damn day! I have to be at the hospital at 12:15pm..great I get to sit there in an open gown for 3 friggin hours..while being poked and prodded! AWESOME! NOT!  My parents are coming down on Tuesday it will be a big family affair! GREAT! haha Actually I am glad they are coming because I won’t be able to do much on my own Wednesday night and thursday!    Also found out that my BF is taking the day off to be with me as well!!  I was very surprised…but also extremely I do want him there.  I’m also a tad bit nervous…hmm yeah he’s never met my parents.  Well I take that back…he did meet my mom briefly …she “planned” a surprise meeting of the bf…back in Feb….thats a whole other story! So they did meet but was only for like 10 minutes tops. But my dad has never met him..great they get to have bonding time while I’m being chopped open and unconscious on the operating table…oh I so can’t wait to hear the stories!  The Bf is going to bring me to and from the hospital…hmm haven’t told the parents this yet..will break it to them when they come down!  I don’t think they will care..but honestly have no clue what they will say could be anything!  Oh well! 

So tomorrow I’m back to work…I have a meeting in the morning so will be will be MIA for a good portion of the day and on Friday I have a pre-op appt in the will be arriving to work late most likely not until the afternoon.  So that leaves Monday (which I have another doctors will be leaving early ) and I think on tuesday I will be there all day.  So really why am I even goign to work? haha I will be gone more than I’m there..

I’m kinda bummed tonight…the bf..was supposed to come over..seeing how my parents will be here this weekend and then again on tuesday..won’t really get to see him much in the near future. Hmm am guessing he’s not coming. It’s 7:30 pm and I think he is still working. I heard from him about an hour ago and he still wasn’t sure if he was coming over or not said he would call. Hmm am still waiting!  Totally bummed..was excited all day and looking forward to seeing him tonight and am guessing it’s not going to happen 😥  Ok, OK, I’m sad!   

Back in NY

April 15, 2007

I’m home!  Had an awesome week..and am trying to get things back in order at the ole’ homestead! Its amazing that being away for only a get all discombobulated when you return! I feel like I haven’t been home in ages…and have so much to do!  The next couple weeks will be crazy!  Have to go away for work on Tuesday and Wednesday…have a wedding to go to on Saturday and then it’s THE DREADED on Wednesday.  I have a ton to get done..and well today absolutely no ambition to get it done!  I guess being in a car from 6:30am until 11pm does that to a person!  Today I’m useless…although I did manage to unpack and get all my laundry done…oh yeah and squeezed in a nap…

 So tomorrow is back to the grind! Fun fun!  I’m actually excited to go back..sick right? Get back on a schedule and a routine!! It will only be for a week and a half..then I will be out of commission again…the routine will be nice while it lasts!

I am way behind on reading blogs..Sorry everyone:(  I promise I will catch up and get up to date!  I’m anxious to see what everyone has been up too! 

Live from the BEach

April 9, 2007

We made it safe and sound.  The trip was very good, even though we drove it seemed like it took us no time!  We left at 4:30AM on friday, and made it to Elizabethtown, NC by 7pm.  We spent the night there because we couldn’t get into our condo until 2pm on Sat.  It broke up the drive nicely.  

It has been quite chilly though.  The thermometer says 60 degrees however right on the beach with the wind the air temp is probably 45/maybe 50 degrees.  Yesterday, We forced ourselves to sit outside for about an hour.  The Sun was hot, but the WIND…bbrrrr…I know I know…all you guys back home…stop complaining right? As you guys are getting hit hardcore with snow! (SORRY!)  I’m hoping today it gets a little warmer.  I plan on going for a walk on the beach shortly…but the wind seems to be picking up.  Supposed to be 61 today..time will tell!  Anyway..just wanted to touch base with everyone….

Here are some pics for you all to enjoy!


From our walk on the beach, yesterday morning…it was packed!


Sunset on Saturday night! Absolutely Georgous!!

Hope you all had a Happy EASTER!!