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I’ve got no words!

May 30, 2007

Seriously…I’ve got nothing…I try and try every day to think of something I can blog about and NOTHING comes to mind…no questions I’m pondering…no answers I’m seeking…nothing!  Sure I could give you a play by play of my days..but really…I’ve done that enough…and I am sure you don’t want to hear about any of it! 

THe only thing I will ask of you is advice! Advice on what you ask??  Relationships!! How do you all make it work with your significant others?  Yup you guessed it the BF and I have been having issues…I’m hoping nothing big…but we are working on them.  TO me these issues seem like such small meanial things which he blows up way bigger than it needs to be…so obviously to him…they aren’t so small and so meanial…so what are your suggestions??  OH yeah if you have any ideas or suggestions for posts..let me know …cuz really I’m at a loss! 

Thanks all…you are all GREAT!!!!!


In Honor of Memorial Day!

May 26, 2007

I receieved this as an email today!  It was a true reminder of what Memorial Day is all about!  We all have a lot to be thankful for.  Please take a moment during this busy weekend to remember all the soldiers who have and are fighting for our country and thank them.  Whether your a supporter of the war or not, the soldiers do not have a choice, they do not have a vote..they are doing what they are told to and what they believe in. They are fighting for us, and for our Country! 

I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.  If it wasn’t for you, the brave soldiers, god only knows where we would all be today!! Thank you SO MUCH!! 

Click on the link below! It is abosuletly Beautiful!!  I hope everyone have a fabulous weekend and BE SAFE!!

What Kind of IceCream are you??

May 25, 2007

I’ve got Nothing people so I decided to do a MEME.  I figured it was fitting due to the tremendous HEAT we are experiencing here…makes me want some icecream!! YUMMY!!

You Are Strawberry Ice Cream

A bit shy and sensitive, you are sweet to the core.
You often find yourself on the outside looking in.
Insightful and pensive, you really understand how the world works.You are most compatible with chocolate chip ice cream.

What Flavor Ice Cream Are You?

I am tagging the following people:

1) HappyWorkingMOM
2)ICeCream Momma (seems
3) Sherry
4) Kellie
5) Amy W.

6) Lucky Gem

Blanket update…

May 22, 2007

Ok so I’ve decided to post weekly pictures of my progress on my blanket that I’m crocheting for 2 reasons: 

1) If I know I have to post pictures of it…I will most definitely work hard on it during the it looks like I’m getting somewhere.

2) Goals are good they keep you motivated!!!

So here are the lastest pictures! I know I should be much further along having all that time off but I haven’t (believe it or not) felt like working on it and some nights I just haven’t had the time.  So here you are:



So there you have it.  Next week hopefully it will be twice as big!!  Oh yeah this isn’t my original pattern I was going to make.  I thought I was screwing it up (but now I don’t think I did) and it was taking me forever…so I put that one away and started this one.  It goes quick..I just need to get working on it.

So I was talking with one of the girls at work and she had a great idea.  Why not teach the boys?  At first I laughed it off and thought yeah right, like they would like to learn.  But the more I thought about it…the better the idea sounded.  So today I actually brought in my beautiful creation (haha jk) and showed the girls as they wanted to see my progress.  I decided to ask some of the boys if they would be interested in learning how to crochet.  At first, they had no clue what the hell crocheting was..kinda funny.  Then I showed them, most responses were good.  So I think I’m going to do it as a summer class.  I think it would be fun and eventually if not at first, I think most of the boys will enjoy it.  I think they will “buy into it” as they would be able to make their girlfriends/moms/grandmothers/babies whatever a gift and send it home.  If they do not have anyone to send it home too (which sadly some do not) They can make it and we will donate the blankets to local homeless shelters or to a local womans shelter (safe house)  for their babies.  It gives them a sense of pride and it would be something they could see progress as time goes on.  I was hesitant but brought the idea up to the director.  I thought he would laugh in my face but actually..he was thrilled with the idea.  And if all goes well, I will offer it as a class for the complete school year!  I’m not a pro at it..but I figured we could learn together..and hell they probably could teach me a thing or too!!  So I’m excited to do this…I’ve already been online and copied some “how to’s” down.  Should be fun…hopefully they will think so as well!

Not too Shabby…

May 21, 2007

Well today went so much better than I thought in some aspects.  First and foremost, my main concern was of course the boys and their behavior.  Yes I admit, I was worried.  I’ve heard stories since being out at how badly their behavior has been.  Today…well thankfully they were awesome!! Yes of course you have your typical teenage behaviors but nothing I couldn’t laugh off or deal with!  Another bonus of the day was I FINALLY got a program up and running.  I have been trying for MONTHS…(I’m so not exaggerating..when I say months either) to get this program running.  It is a program that has been adapted by our agency, however our computer systems would not allow it to run properly. Go figure…gotta love it!!  There is so many security features on all our computers that the program I needed was being blocked from being downloaded.  Talk about annoying. so you can imagine my excitment when I got it working!  This program is a training program for some popular retail stores!  It’s totally perfect for our kids! Any extra piece of knowledge or paper or training we can provide them the more likely they will succeed in the “real world”!!  So yup spent all morning..and now have the kids using it…I LOVE IT and am very excited!!  What does kinda disappoints me is the fact that when I left almost 4 weeks ago, I had asked some coworkers (including my boss) to follow up on this program with people I have been contacting to try to get it up and running!  Hmm yeah they did NOTHING..absolutely NOTHING!! OK so yeah doesn’t disappoint me…pisses me off really!!  Just goes to show if you want something done you gotta do it yourself!

So for the not so exciting news of the day….by NOON I was dying!! I mean in pain, swollen leg and all!!  Sucked actually!!  I was all go-go-go this morning but after lunch..hmm yeah plunked my butt in a chair and put my leg up and iced almost all afternoon.  Normally I would not do this in the type of environment I work in vulnerabiliy is not something you want to show them, as they will take every advantage of it…..but honestly there was no other option.  Believe it or not, the boys were great with it and some even seemed a little concerned.  So I guess if nothing else, I did learn today is that it is ok to show some vulnerability…I’m human and they see that…I have pains and issues and they notice and shows them really I’m just like them! 🙂 

So I came home from work and yup you guessed it…right back on the couch..but here is the TRULY exciting part.  I was watch OPRAH..which I normally don’t watch her but last week I saw that DR. OZ was going to be on today!! Goodness, I learn so much from him!! haha  But check this out……..CLICK HERE!! I saw that and ran out to Eckerds ( they didn’t have it)  then Walgreens to buy it.  I figured why the hell not.  I’m sick of taking drugs to make me feel better.  I came right home and tried it! OMG such relief…RUN NOW ….GO BUY IT!!!  It’s ok I will wait……………………..

Ok back???

I’m telling you if you have any sinus/allergy/nasal congestion anything…it works!!  And not to be gross..but you would be amazed at the shit that comes out!!  I LOVE IT and am now a NETI POT believer!! Thank you OPRAH and DR. OZ!!!  I have never even heard of this contraption before…who would have thought I would be telling all of you to run out and buy it! 

Well that ends my exciting day….I’m not off to watch the rest of the Bachelor…Yes I’m a dork..Yes I watch it…I mean come on it’s down to the final 2….I gotta see who gets the damn rose and RING!!! I’m hooked………..

Reality in T minus 5…4…3…2….1……..

May 20, 2007

Ok so it’s finally hitting me that I’m actually going back to work tomorrow!  It’s bitter sweet actually!  On one hand I’m excited to see the kids again and get back into the swing of things and on the other hand…hmm I was kinda enjoying my time of recovery rest and relaxation!  It was nice to be on my own schedule..I know gotta love the fantasy world and all good things must come to an end!

So on Friday..remember I had to go to training? Hmm yeah COMPLETE waste of time!  The training was supposed to last from 1-4, now mind you …it took us 1 hour to drive there and back.  Hmm yeah we got there at 12:45 or so….training started at 1 and by 2:15 we were walking out the door to drive home!! WTF?? Are you kidding me??  Seriously, I so could have figured out the new computer system by just handing me a damn manual.  Hmm I learned NOTHING!!   SO complete waste of a friday!  Kinda sucks..but whatever…

Saturday, the BF and I actually went out with some of our friends.  We went to a couple different bars…it was fun.  We played shuffle board (hmm yeah that would be at the place that is located right next door to me! Called the LEGION )  and also played darts.  HaHHA I have lived here 6 years and have NEVER stepped foot in that place…since meeting the BF 10 months ago..this is all he has wanted to do was go there…SICK??  Well I finally caved so we went!  Yeah the bartender was miserable…and there was 1 other person there. So not fun.  We did play shuffle board to pass the time..hmm yeah found out how badly I sucked at it!!  I have way to much strength to push that little puck thingy!! HEHE yeah right!  Next we moved on to a place I have never been.  It was ok..there was a live band..which wasn’t all that good.  The singer SCREECHED and YELLED the songs…hmm have never heard a bad version of Brian McGee…guess what?? So can’t say that anymore…literally we were covering our not good!  We had some good laughs at the local drunks had a couple drinks then took off…and off to another bar!  This bar…kinda fun. Why you say??  Well we played darts!!   I so love darts and it has been forever since I’ve played!   Yeah I was a little rusty but was still fun!  Stayed there for quite a while and next thing you know we are getting shooed out the door.  WOW you know the last time I’ve closed a bar??? Hmm yeah neither do I!! 

Today…totally LAZY day..the BF was sick..ear infection or sinus infection ..not sure.  Needless to say..he slept pretty much all day.  I was starving and absolutely craving a turkey club idea why, but I so wanted one badly!!  So I got online and found some restaurants that actually do take out. I have never used this service..but today was the day!  Didn’t feel like going anywhere to sit down and eat and well …remember couldn’t get the bf out of bed……. so really that wasn’t even an option.  So I finally found that Ninety Nine Restaurant does take out and they had a triple turkey decker club! HMM yummy… so I called and placed our order and then like a nice GF off I went to fetch dinner or was it lunch or Breakfast?? either way, it was food!! 

 Yeah about food, I have nothing in my house!  I hate shopping and don’t really cook.  I have basics…yogurt, bread (for yummy toast!), I think I have some eggs, crystal light ice tea mix, and TONS of water.  Oh yeah can’t forget all the condiments (sp??).  So yeah that basically sums up what little food is in my house!  Normally it really isn’t an issue..because really it’s just me here..and either I dont eat or I have yogurt or toast…but when I have other ppl here, hmm yeah that’s when it usually becomes an issue!  I should be a nice person and go shopping if I know ppl will be here, but yeah I don’t.  Basically if anyone comes to visit me or come and stay they know how I am so they deal with it.  Like my parents..hmm yeah they bring their own food, or go shopping when they get here!  Sad I know!! Back in October, both my Aunts came to visit…hmm they bought their own dinner at KFC and of course bought me some too 🙂 !!  HAHA I’m telling you I’m bad!   Worst part is…I know I should feel guilty about it..but I don’t.  Is that bad???  The couple things I make sure I NEVER run out of is….1) COFFEE (A MUST!) 2) CREAMER (another MUST!) 3) SUGAR …hmm see a pattern here??  I also have plenty of liquids….tons of bottled water, and crystal light ice tea mix (LOVE THAT STUFF)  I have the 2 qt mix and also the individual bottle mixes!  

Good that I’ve completely BORED you on my lack of food in my house …I will let you go poke your eyes out!  How did I get on that rambling anyway???? WOW, I need help!!

***UPDATE***  I’m not quite sure how I did it…but I did manage to download the adobe flash player.  I’ve been attempting to do this for a week…and I have no idea what I did…but it worked whatever it was…thank you for all who tried to help me!!


May 19, 2007

OK people…I’m sure you have all had to do this as everything I am trying to view on internet explorer is requesting me to download this certain program!  The program is Adobe Flashplayer!  For some reason I can’t download it effectively.  It tells me I’ve installed successfully but it was done with errors and it may not display properly.  I’ve tried everything in my power to get this damn thing working and guess what…I CAN’T GET IT WORKING!  HELP!! I’ve tried disabling all my antispyware, norton antivirus and firewalls..NOTHING, I tell you NOTHING is working!! HELP!! Anyone have any suggestions? I’m going out of my mind!!!   Go to and check it out. Let me know what you think.  I’ve tried the troubleshooting recommendations as well and got NOWHERE!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!

Party time!

May 19, 2007

Ok so I live in front of a big playground…and guess what today is?? Yup its a party..oh joy!!  This party contains a HUGE PIG roast…and truly the thought of that makes me GAG!!  I don’t do MEAT!!  So to see this thing on a poll spinning in a circle cooking…YAK! YAK!! YAK!!! Also present at this party, LOUD MUSIC, and Alcohol!  Although I have no issues with the music, I do have issues with the alcohol!  Reason why?? Obnoxious people, drunks, and well people become out of control!   Big parties like these, people come out of the wood work!  It may be fun, who knows.  You see every year in this lovely field, they hold the firemans field days, now talk about ANNOYING! Those are ANNOYING!  At midnight when you are trying to sleep you hear the loud machines running.  The screams of people walking by your bedroom window. Oh can’t forget the DRUNKS. At midnight, when your talking about drunks..we can’t forget the FIGHTS!  Last year, while I’m attempting to sleep…I heard this screaming and then actually felt my entire house shaking! Hmm shaking because someone was actually pushed into MY HOUSE while fighting.  There was blood on my house..seriously that is how hard they hit! I had to call the cops.  I’m telling you it’s crazy…I hate obnoxious drunks..especially outside my bedroom window, by my car, etc.  Makes me very nervous!  Another Annoying aspect of all of this? People can’t read!!  Every year some moron always blocks my driveway, even though it is OBVIOUS it is a driveway!! Why do these people feel the need to ignore other peoples rights?  I have been tempted to call the cops and have them towed…one of these days I may not be soo nice..and someone’s vehicle WILL be towed! I’m sick of rude people!  Sick of people not giving a shit about other people…why should I have to park somewhere else when I paid for the privledge to park in MY drivewaY!!??  This is funny:  One year, I was coming home from work, and a big ole’ van was parked in front of my spot so I couldn’t get in…so I drove right up to the van like in a “T” I was going to hit it.  I stopped and got out of my car, and went to the window of the person sitting in the van, and said, umm yeah you need to move your van.  This is a private driveway and as you can or can not read it says NO PARKING here!  The lady was kinda snippy but she moved out of my way so I could park.  Then the bitch had the nerve, as soon as I went into my house, park right in back of me again! UUGHH talk about mad!! So I waited a few minutes…then headed back out to my car…proceeded to walk over to her window again and said HMM YOU NEED TO MOVE and NOT RETURN TO THIS SPOT.  I’m leaving and I do not want to have to tell you to move again..yeah I was not so nice but Seriously people…don’t I have a right??  I mean ok fine tell you once…but to have to repeat myself and tell you again…hmm yeah does not make me happy!!   SO yes I hate these particular parties….not the party itself but the MORONs who attend them!!

Vacation is offically OVER!

May 18, 2007

Well today, I’m kinda back to work.  My boss had called me on Monday and asked me to go attend a training today.  I of course agreed to go.  This involves traveling 1 hour away.  There are a couple of ppl from work going so I’m catching a ride with one of them so I do not have to drive.  Explain to me why….all during my time off, I was capable of waking up atthe crack of dawn, but the day I actually need to get up, I do not hear my alarm, nor can I get my Butt out of bed??? MAKES NO Sense!! 

 I have also agreed to tutor one of my friends (coworker) daughter for the summer.  All her teachers recommended summer school, but she does not want t osend her to summer school.  Which really I can’t blame her.  SHe’s not failing, just needs a little extra help.  SO she had asked me if I was interested and would be willing to tutor her.  She’s going into the fifth grade.   SO today, My friend has made an appointment to go meet with her daughter’s reading teacher, and she asked me to go along.  So I will be doing that as well this morning.  This way her teacher can let me know what she needs help in and hopefully give me some materials to use with her, cuz really I have nothing.  I will, if need be, go out and purchase some of my own materials, but it would make more sense if her teacher gives me things to work with her on. 

MY head is pounding..I feel like I was out all night drinking and I woke up with a hangover…I swear I wasn’t.  I was in bed at 11!  So why the headache?? I took one of my pain pills from my surgery..thats how bad it hurts!!  UUGGHh  maybe it’s the thought of work?? haha who knows..but it’s killing me….


Annoying emails…

May 17, 2007

Ok so I just wrote that other post..then I went and checked my email….WTF?? I am constantly getting SPAM emails..These emails..hmm yeah they are emails that are sexual in nature.  Most are about enhancing the males member… WHy am I getting these?? I ignored and hit the “spam” button on my email..but lately I’m getting a TON like 5 or more emails like this a day? WTF is going on?? WHy am I getting these?? ANyone else receive such emails?? HOw do I stop them?  It’s annoying, and well kinda depressing!  Reason for the depressing thoughts…I get so excited seeing I have new mail, and I instantly get let down when I open up my mail and find these emails!  ANNOYING..stop sending them..I have no interest in such products and even if I did I certainly wouldn’t respond to a freakin email to get them!  HELP!!  I HATE SPAM!