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Summer lazy days!

June 28, 2007

I think I should change my name…to LAZY!!  Yesterday I did nothing but fry myself beside a pool..and occasionally dipped myself in the nice 84 degree water too cool down!  I did put some sunscreen on but still managed to completely fry!  It was 91 here I guess I should have expected it.  

Today it’s overcast and looks like it’s going to pour at any minute.  I can’t bring myself to get motivated.  I so need to go grocery shopping..but honestly the thought of it makes me sick!! I so hate me its a complete waste of money..but really I SOO HAVE to.   I am 100% completely out of coffee, and down to zero papertowels and/or napkins, zero tissues, and well I’m pretty much out of everything else.  I shop at wal-hell..(as Kellie would say).  I find groceries are much cheaper there. But again the thought of going mid afternoon…UGH..fighting the crowds…and with school out..everyone seems to congragate at Wal-hell!  I may wait and go like at midnight tonight..haha  at least (well hopefully) I won’t have ot fight any crowds..I can get in and do what I need to do.  Today I just feel like hanging out in my PJ’s all damn day.  I know it won’t happen but it’s what I really want to do.  I have to work later tonight so I gotta get ready at some point today. Ahhh someone please share some motivation with me..PLEASE??  If it was sunny out I think I would be more apt to get my butt up and moving.  Oh will happen..sooner or later.

Still don’t have any plans for the 4th.  What is everyone else doing? How are you spending your holiday??  Did I mention I’m thinking of taking another trip to Myrtle Beach this summer?? My parents are going down mid-july…and asked if I wanted to go.  I’m contimplating (sp??) it.  We will all depends if I can get some coverage at work to cover me that week.  Hopefully I can. 

 Well as you can see right life isn’t all that exciting! I’m just going day by day and whatever comes up comes up.  Kinda like flying by the seat of my plans and just go and do it. 


Vacation is FINALLY HERE!!!

June 25, 2007

YIPPEE!!! Can you tell I’m excited??  Today at 4pm my vacation offically starts!  I have off until the 5th of July…  I have no big plans for my vacation…as I’m still working my second I can’t go too far.  I am however a little bummed, sad, whatever you want to call it.  This is the first year in 5 years that I will not be spending 4th of July wwaaaaaay out in WA!! 😦  It sucks…I love spending time with all my relatives out there.  We have so much fun..and this year..BOOHOO they will be having fun with out me!!  I have no big plans as of yet for the 4th, hopefully something will come up. 

 Tonight I went for a walk!! Waahoo talk about refreshing!  It was only a 2 mile walk..but it felt so good.  It has been the first time I’ve gone since my surgery.  Well now that i’m thinking about, I did go for one a couple weeks ago, but it was a slow paced one…don’t really know how much exercise I really got from it.  But tonights walk…kicked my ass.   It was mostly all up hill…phew…I realized tonight that it has been a LONG time since I’ve really truly “walked”!! But I tell you it felt soo good! I plan on walking every single night or day whenever I have the time. I haven’t realized how much I miss walking until tonight after I got home.  It so relaxes me and makes me feel all energized’s great!

This weekend my oldest niece (3 1/2 yrs old)  had a dance recital.  OMG talk about adorable! She did absolutely amazing!   We were all worried she would freeze on stage seeing all those people out there in the audience..but nope she didn’t…she did an amazing job! I took the BF along with me.  This is the first time they he and my brother have met.  It all went really well..they got along great.  As a matter of fact, my oldest niece is a very very  shy person around people she doesn’t know…well she walked right up to the BF and held her hands up for him to pick her up.  We were all amazed!  He carried her for quite sometime.  It was so cute…she says to him, “you have 2 moustaches” and then felt them.  It was so funny.  He has a moustache and a Go-T.  So I guess he was a hit with the little ones.  Was a fun weekend!

Phew…almost over

June 20, 2007

Well today was the BIG day!  My boss was completely surprised and had absolutely no clue what was being planned for today!! I am so impressed with the kids.  They kept their promise and did not tell him anything of what was going on!  This little surprise party has been in the works since I got back to work in May..and today it was an absolute HIT!! It was awesome!  He cried, I cried, some of the kids cried (even though they won’t admit it), and a lot of the other staff cried.  It was a sad but happy day! 

I was up until 2am working on the slideshow and making a pamphlet to hand out.  Needless to say, this morning, I was a little tired.   But hit the floor running as soon as I walked in the door at work.  There was SOOO much to be done.  The last minute touch ups on things, making sure everything was PERFECT!! I’m telling you the day couldn’t have gone any better!  The slideshow…if I do say so myself..KICKED ASS!! I am very proud of it! 

Now really I just have one more day with the kids.  Tomorrow we are going fishing!!  I’m praying it doesn’t rain.  Our last day of school we have an activity day.  Some fish and some play games!  I am in charge of the fishing expeditions! haha So see city kids, who have never had any type of exposure to wildlife, fish!!  The fishing lines are everywhere…they can’t stand touching the worms, well who am I kidding — neither do I  – but I pretend I don’t mind-when really I’m freaking out inside!  We have a pond outside our place that has some fish in it…so we don’t go far…but I’m telling you it’s hysterical! 

Off topic: 

So I have a question for you all….anyone know why I’m not receiving emails when you guys post a comment on my blog?  I usually do…but the past couple of posts I haven’t been getting them.  I thought noone was reading my blog and was beginning to get upset.  I mean I know I haven’t been posting the most interesting stuff..but still.  I decided to check it tonight and then I saw I was so wrong!!  I’m sorry I doubted any of you!    So anyway…anyone know how to fix this email issue???

Pure Confusion..

June 19, 2007

I feel like these past couple days have been a blur…so busy and just seems like just when I get up the day is over, and little was accomplished!  The weekend was busy busy!!  But I did manage to take a little time out and go strawberry picking on Saturday!!  YuMMY!  Nothing like fresh strawberries!!  They are so big and good….I spent at least 1/2 to and hour cutting up strawberries on Sunday and freezing them!!  I’m so tasting a strawberry smoothy right now!!

                                                      DOn’t they look YUMMY??  

                Don’t they look YUMMY?? YOu know you want some!!

 Yesterday, remember that training I had.  Well we made it there no problem, the drive back however…OMG! WAY too funny.  There was 3 of us riding together…the place we had to go was in the middle of NOWHERE…seriously.  There we were surrounded by nothing but farms and all the roads looked the same.  We must have been so in depth in conversation, that we got completely LOST!!  Ended up on the border of NY and PA!! It was so FUNNY!! We had no clue!!  We did manage to FINALLY get home, we just took the scenic tour..that was like 2 or so hours out of our way!! We were hysterically laughing and had no friggin clue how we got there.

I did manage to get most of the slideshow finished over the weekend.  Spent most of Friday night (until 1:30AM) working on it, and also a good portion of Saturday Morning.  WOW I so think I’m getting old!! I was inserting pictures of some of the staff…and I completely blanked on some of their names.  I mean seriously, I work with these people day in and day out, how could I forget their names???  I had to email our secretary and have her send me a staff sad is that? I don’t work with a HUGE number of people so  I can’t even use that as an excuse.  Remember how I said, I feel so overwhelmed I’m forgeting crap…hmm good example, I’d say!!  I have actually taking tonight off from work so I can finish up the slideshow.  I need to take a couple more pictures today, and then add the songs.  Anyone have any ideas for songs???  I’m having a difficult time figuring out what I want to use.  I found one that would fit perfectly but I would need ot buy it off the internet, which is $5 for the song, not a big deal but the site I need to get it from isn’t secure and I don’t have a paypal account so I don’t think I will use it.  GO here and listen!  It really is a great song.  I figured I would use the song, Celebration fron Kool and Gang.  I think that is fitting.  Another song I was thinking of was The Worlds greatest by R. Kelly or The Time of your Life from Green Day.  What do you think???  What are some of your ideas?? Any and all Are welcome..I’m desperate!!

Most everything on my list from the other day had been done or at least started and almost complete..but I still feel like I have tons to go.  TOday at work, I need to print and finish making all the awards certificates for our ceremony on thursday!! 

Also still searching for a flight waaaaayyyy out to WA.  God I so want to go now desperately.  My gram fell on Saturday night and hurt herself badly.  Thank god no broken bones, but she is in TONS of pain.  I want to go see her like you wouldn’t believe!!!  Now more so than ever.  But I can’t find a damn flight that isn’t at least $700.  It’s crazy. I feel so helpless!!  Anyone know any secrets to finding a semi cheap flight?? If so plase share!!

Well I gotta get busy….and get the day started.  I hope you all have a wonderful week…and I do apologize to each and every one of you.  I haven’t had time to read or comment on your blogs. I promise I will catch up at some point this week!!  I miss reading what you are all up too.  I’m sorry 😦   Don’t stop reading, my postings may not be everyday but I will attempt to keep it up.  Joy right?? haha your all so darn excited!!  Have a good day!! Thank you all for your well wishes and advice on getting all my crap done..I appreciate it!!!

Feeling Overwhelmed…

June 15, 2007

Have you ever had so many things on your “to do” list that nothing gets done because you feel so overwhelmed??? That has been my dilema this past week.  With the end of school coming to a close I am finding that I’m becoming busier and busier..but yet I keep volunteering to do things….WHY?? WHy I ask you!!!! 

This is my current “to do” list:

1) I’m so behind in paperwork at work…that I’m getting emails to requesting the info ( this is so not like me..I’m usually right on time if not get it all done way ahead of time)

2) hmm yeah remember the slideshow I volunteered to do for my boss??  Yeah I have YET to start it…it HAS to be done (AKA DEADLINE) by WEDNESDAY!

3) Fathers Day GIft…hmm no idea what to get

4) Summer school schedule…no idea when I’m working..because I’m still trying to figure out how the hell to get waaayyy out to WA without it costing me my first born child. (DEADLINE: ASAP!) (My 6 year old cousin and I were talking on the webcam last night — she is waaaay out in WA staying for a couple of weeks — telling me to hurry up and get a plane ticket all ready…so cute…but dammit they are soooooooo EXPENSIVE!)

5) Make Award Certificates for our kids at work…again DEADLINE Wednesday –  Of course I’m the moron that volunteered to make them…yes I said MAKE them…What was I thinking?

6) Go get a Bday gift for my friends daughter…she turns 5 tomorrow…

7) Finalize the schedule for the surprise party I am throwing my boss for Wednesday….

8) Create a sign up list for our activity day for next Thursday…

9) Send out invitations for My Bosses retirement party in July

10) Finish homework for my class (Deadlin:  Um yeah that would have been this past Wednesday..thank god they are flexible)

Hmm ….I’m sure I’m missing something…but honestly right now…I am tired of just thinking of it all.  Most of these projects are small and will take no time to get them done..but I am just so overwhelmed I’m forgetting shit…forgetting what needs to get done and what I’ve already done.  Plus it helps if I’m actually at work to get most of these things done.  The past 2 days I’ve been away for training.  I go back to work today, however I am only there until noon and I have classes ALL I know NOTHING will get accomplished!! NADDA, ZILCH, ZERO!!  Monday I’m going away again (just for the day) for another training.  I’m telling ya..even though I love to get away from work for me a break..I wish I didn’t have to go this time.  I need to be at work to get the crap done.  With my deadlines slowly creeping up…I’m feeling the good ole’ blood pressure rise…..the heart pounding a little harder.  WHen I do have time free …at home..the last thing I feel like doing is work…I try not to bring my work home with me…I used to..but I’ve made a pact with myself many years ago….work stays at work…I was finding myself constantly doing stuff at home for work.  Is that a bad thing? No not really but I do have a life…I do have another job to tend too…so I was getting burnt I stopped doing it and I certainly don’t want to pick up that old habit again!  I may just have to bite the bullet and bring some stuff home this weekend..the more I’m thinking about it…the more it is seeming unavoidable.  I know I will get everything done…I am telling myself …”Self: you work better under pressure…it will all be AOK!) But really, who am I feeling it’s just making me so anxious…so anxious…I’m having a hard time just dealing with and getting one thing done at a time.  I start something then something else pops into my head and I get working on that.  I feel like I have adult ADD..God imagine if I actually did have it…YIKES!!!  I was hoping by venting and actually making a list it would make me feel better and make it seem like I don’t have too much to do…but really…I think it just made it all worse!!!! 

Two Things (MeMe)

June 11, 2007

I was tagged by the fabulous AMY to do this MeMe.  Thank god because really I have nothing else interesting to blog about.  So thank you Amy. 

 Two Names You Go By:

Miss (kids at work)

Two Things You are Wearing Right Now:
capri pants

Two Things You Would Want (or Have) in a Relationship:


Two of Your Favorite Things to do:
Listen to music

watch movies

Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:
to see the BF

SLEEP (hey I’m tired…what can  I say I worked hard today!)

Two pets you have/had:
Smokey, my golden retriever growing up

my beta fish (I’m a bad fish keeper, it has no name)

Two People Who will Fill This out (please?):
I tag you and you.

Two Things You Did Last Night:
Went out to dinner with the BF

watched Sapranos

Two Things You ate today:
a hard boiled egg

some yummy pasta salad

Two People You Last Talked To:
The BF

the Lady at the restaurant where I booked my bosses retirement party

Two Things You’re Doing Tomorrow:
Work the full time job

Work the part time job
Two Longest Car Rides:
As a child our family used to drive down to Florida every spring break to see my grandparents.  The ENTIRE car ride my brother and I were fighting constantly.  (He’s touching me, no SHE”S touching me!) can’t you just see and hear it now!! Gotta love the brotherly/sisterly love!!  I rode down with my parents about 5 years ago for the first time in 10 years …OMG now I know why I fly!!

Ride home from Myrtle Beach this past April.  It really wasn’t that long but it seemed to take us forever to get back home!!

Two Favorite Holidays:
Christmas (I spend it with my parents and then we go and see my brother/sister-in-law and my nieces!!)

4th of July (usually spent with my Aunt/Uncle/cousins & grandmother wwwaaaaaaaaaayyyy out in WA..but this year I don’t think I am going to be able to go…airline tickets are way too expensive…BOOHOO  😦  I’m not giving up yet!! Dammit….I’ve ruined out Easter tradition of being together I refuse to give up on our 4th tradition!!!)

Two favorite beverages:
Rasberry Vodka/Sierra Mist/ Cranberry juice  (so YUMMY!!!  you gotta try it!)

Crystal light Ice tea!

12 hours remaining and I”M DONE!!

June 9, 2007

Well it’s 12:25AM on Sunday morning and guess what??  I know you don’t care…but I am finally FINISHED the baby blanket I’ve been working on!  I literally just finished!!  YEAH!!

TADDA…Here’s the finished blanket!


OK, so now I’m off to bed…Goodnight all…hope you have a great SUNDAY!!

Blanket update…and other projects

June 4, 2007

I have been feverishly working on the baby blanket I’m crocheting all weekend.  Yesterday I think I spent all my waking hours on it.  It needs to be done my this coming Sunday…will it be?? Hmm good question…

Taaadaa… Here’s what I’ve got so far!


Doesn’t look like I’ve done a ton since the last time I’ve posted..but really I did work on it all weekend!! 

I have taken on many extra little projects for work so therefore leaving me little time to work on the blanket at night.  These projects are basically for my boss.  He is retiring in 3 weeks.  When I returned to work from being out due to surgery, I found out that NOONE had even attempted nor started making plans for a retiriment party.  I found this appauling! This man has poured his sweat & tears into this job and yet noone can think of him?? So yup, I took on the challenge..I have now booked a restuarant, and am waiting for prices on a buffet.  I have never in my life done anything like this therefore am completely clueless…who knew picking a date was so damn difficult and let alone picking out a buffet menu. I mean how the hell do I know what ppl like! Oh well guess if they don’t like it..then they should have done it themselves!! I have also recruited many kids to speak and they are all making cards for him.  We are dedicating a day of school for him (yeah he does not know this…hopefully it is OK!!)  We will have a presentation day, the kids get up and speak, we are planting a tree and attaching a plague in his honor.  I know kinda corny..but it was one of the other teachers who am I to say no!!  We are also having a cake made…the cool part is..the cake is going ot be a calculator!! He is a math teacher!! It is going to be so great and hopefully he will be very surprised!  I am also in the process of making yet ANOTHER slideshow.  It won’t be anywhere near in depth as the one I did for my Grandmothers Bday, but hopefully still good.  So everynight I’ve been surfing the net trying to get ideas for the slideshow..hmm so far..not much out there but I did get some song ideas.  SO as you can see..I have been busy..after Sunday though I will hopefully be a little more available to put more effort into the slideshow! Oh yeah if anyone can tell me, what the hell goes on at a retirement party…I would really appreciate it!! haha I’ve booked the place from 6-10pm..what the world am I going to go for 4 hours??

What the hell am I doing wrong??

June 1, 2007

Ok so obviously you all know I’m having some issues with the BF.  I wasn’t going to rant and rave about it on here because quite frankly I just wasn’t going to.  But really….I need to go off right now! Enough is enough…I don’t know why he keeps getting pissed over the dumbest things.  I am to the point where I don’t want to tell him anything because he will get mad or better yet, I will get the “silent treatment”! Boy and let me tell you how much I love that!! NOT!

 Seems like everything I do lately its wrong and I piss the BF off! I swear…I’m so frustrated I have no idea what the hell to do.  I know communication is key in any relationships, I mean I teach that day in and day why am I having so many issues in my own personal life!??

Here’s the latest situation:  It is so friggin muggy and humid out today…my house it almost 90 degrees inside.  I have many, many fans going and well quite frankly, I couldn’t take it anymore.  I had bought a 5,200 btu air conditioner 2 years ago..but that truly doesn’t cool down my place nearly enough.  So this morning before work I stopped at wally-world and picked up a 8,000 btu. I figured I would put the other one in my bedroom.  So I get home from work tonight, and attempt to install it.  HAHA SO FUNNY! It is SO FRIGGIN heavy, I had all I could do to put it in my car this morning and lift it out tonight.  So I called one of my good friends to see if her BF could stop by and put it in for me.  Lucky, her BF was minutes from my house (driving home) and made a quick turn and was here within 5 minutes of me dialing his cell..I’m so not joking…it was that quick!  Took him about 10 minutes to put the thing to gether and install 2 air conditioners and he was on his merry way!! Such relief, it is getting so much cooler in here…Even though I had absolutely no extra $$ to buy the new one I’m so glad I did!  I so hate being hot and sweaty (I know gross..but it is so the truth!)  So I sent the BF a text message to tell him I got a new air conditioner today..I was so excited about it (yes small things excite me!!)  So he asked if I was putting it in and I of course told him no that I called my friend (which he has meet and hung out with this friend before many, many times) and he put them in for me.  His response to this, ( and I quote) “Oh well I’m glad to see you didn’t need MY help!”  I responded with, “Hon – your working and it is a million degrees in here”  he then responds, “what he doesn’t work?? We all work & I could have made time too put them in! But I guess as usual I wasn’t needed or thought about!” my response to this was, “That is so far from the truth!”  and that was it, haven’t heard from him since…that was umm about an hour ago!  Let me give you a little background info…the BF lives about 40 minutes from me.  Tonight he is working his second job, he is working until 11:30 this evening. So it’s not like he could swing by on his break or way home from work.  So really, am I supposed to wait until tomorrow evening to get these put in so HE could FEEL wanted???? I mean seriously?? To me this is really selfish of him.  WHy the hell is he upset with this?? I so don’t get it?? He should be happy they are in and he didn’t have to do it..especially because when he was here the other night he was sweating his ass off..and complaining quite loudly about it….so he knows how hot it gets in here!  See this is what I mean by stupid things….to me there are so many more IMPORTANT issues to get pissed off at me about than having someone put in my air conditioner!!  I know he’s pissed because I didn’t ask him, but the reason I didn’t was because he is 45 minutes away and I wouldn’t be seeing him until tomorrow night..and well quite frankly I need them in ASAP!  It was 90 degrees in here today…really! 

Last weekend we spent pretty much the entire weekend not talking!  The reason being: I wouldn’t wait all day for him.  My friends (the ones mentioned above) invited us to go up to their camp on Sat.  The BF had an appt for his truck at a garage in his hometown (45 MINUTES away) at noon.  SO I asked him how long he was going to be…he said it could be 1/2 hour or it could be 4 hours, he had no idea.  So I said well why don’t you just meet me up at their camp.  OMG you would have thought I broke up with him or something. turned into such a big issue! My thinking in this was, it was so georgous out, I didn’t want to sit in my house all day waiting until unknown hours for him to show up then drive an additional 45 minutes up to their camp.  I wanted to be out and enjoying the day.  I figured it was no big deal to ask him to meet me up there. That way he didn’t feel rushed to hurry up and get here…and I wasn’t sitting around all damn day waiting for him.  NOw mind you things would have been different if I knew when he would be done, yes I would have waited…but we all know how car garages are…they take FOREVER!!  On friday night, when we were discussing this, I asked him to call me when he dropped off his truck with some type of a time frame we were looking at.  He NEVER called.  I guess I was being spiteful, because yes I could have picked up the phone as well, but why should I?? Obviously he was busy or didn’t want to talk to me…because HE NEVER CALLED ME!  So I waiting until around 1:15..then decided..well if he’s not going to call, I’m going to go up.  I called him on my way up to their camp (it’s a 45 minute drive).  I was maybe 10 minutes away from my house…..yup that pissed him off..because he thought I should have called before I left my house to ask him how his truck was doing and if he knew how much longer he would be! Again, WHY SHOULD I??? HE should have cAlled me..why I asked him too!!!  So on the phone..I said well what are you going to do? Are you going to meet me up there? His response…nope it will be too late by the time I get up there…I still need to go home and get clothes so nope not going.  He was going to mow his lawn.  WHATEVER!! So if it was too late at 1:15 when I called, why was it expected of me to sit around and wait???  He also said it was pointless to have 2 vehicles up there.  Hmm not really!  So that was pretty much the end of our phone conversation.   So around 6pm I sent him a text msg, and asked if he was planning on coming over that night…to make a long story short…yeah he was about 4 camps down from where I was.  He had been there all damn day!! Claims he was trying to find me.  (He had never been up there before, but he did have a friend that lived up there…and knew the general landmarks as to where my friends camp was located)  Obviously he didn’t try hard enough, as my car was parked directly on the side of the road!!  And if he was going up there,,…why the hell didn’t he call?? he said he tried..but he couldn’t get through…ever hear of leaving a msg? The cell service is sketchy up there I will admit it, but I was sending and recieving text msgs just fine!!  I would have gotten the voicemail eventually and would have called.  He again couldnt understand why this upset me.  I was so looking forward to spending time with him up there then basically because I wouldnt sit around and wait until he was done with everything he had to do, it didn’t happen.  In fact turned into one GIGANTIC arguement!! I swear I so can’t win!!! Everything is ALWAYS my FAULT!! I mean was I wrong in doing what I did??? SHould I have waiting all day for him??  I know I am a very independent person and like to do things when I want to do them, but I am flexible….is it so wrong to be independent?? I think he despises it!!  God I so need help!!  I’m so sick of everything turning into a fight! Obviously I’m completely F&*^ing up or he is just way to sensitive to things..I don’t know…HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So tell me…what the hell did I do wrong?? I’m so sick of him getting pissed at me for no GOOD reason!

***Update**** it’s now 8:10 and I just heard from him, with the response, I’ve been home since 4…I didn’t have to work!! my thinking…HOW THE HELL WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THIS?????