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And my luck continues…

July 31, 2007

Yeah that would be BAD luck!!  Yup driving home from work today, only to be on my way to my second job, sitting at a red light and all of a sudden…BAM!!  Yup you got it…I got rear ended!! UUGGHH!!  Thankfully..the guy was technically stopped and only took his foot on the break and just gased it a little…so really very little damage.  I do have a scratch on my bumper, not sure if I will have it looked at or not.  But took the guys info down and called the cops just to have it on file..Just in case….

 Funny part about it….we work for the same agency just a different division..kinda funny!! 


So it continues…..

July 30, 2007

Yup, you got it…I didn’t walk tonight.  Why you ask??   Well here’s the story….

On Saturday, I was on my way to work to pick up the cake that one of the ladies made for the party.  While turning into the driveway of car began making a HUGE, LOUD noise….completely freaked me out.  When I stopped, and went in to get the cake..the BF checked out the car and found nothing.  He thought it could be a wheel-bearing/brakes/or something else he wasn’t sure. The noise was coming from the back passengers side tire. GREAT!! This noise was so LOUD, even with the music up I could still hear it.  The noise continued all weekend and into this mornings commute to work.  I seriously didn’t feel safe driving my car anywhere but I had to get to work somehow so I drove.   As soon as I got to work, I called my beloved car dealership to make an appointment ASAP!!  I was completely surprised when they said how about 2pm today??  Crap..I so wasn’t expecting that.  Usually it is at least a 3 day wait.  But I took the appt.  Waited for my boss to get into work and went up and asked if I could leave early.  I didn’t really think he would let me because we had one of our teachers call in today so we were already 1 teacher down.  Again to my surprise he said go ahead just make sure you classes are covered.  YEAH! So I left work at 12:45 and went to the car place.  Sat there for about 1 hour and the bf showed up so I didn’t have to wait there for my car until it was fixed.  We drove around, went to a camping place and looked at some campers, which by the way..I so want one!!  Then we were on our way back to my place and the car place calls, my car is fixed. We head back to the car place to pick it up.  Turns out, my back tire was basically ready to fall off!! Yup you read that right..FALL the F*&K OFF!! Can you believe that crap?? Also I was missing a couple lugnuts!! HOLY CRAP!! Just imagine what would have happened if that crap fell off while I was driving 90 down I-95 on my way to and from Myrtle Beach!??? Damn I’m so lucky!! You see right before I left for vacation..I brought my car into a garage located a couple miles from work.  I had my oil changed, and my tires rotated and a basic routine check-up on my car to make sure everything was AOK for my long drive.  Yeah they failed to make sure my tires were on properly and also failed to tighten up the damn lugnuts!!! Every single lugnut was loose…which means at any point while driving, the tires could have fallen off!! Damn Damn Double Damn!! I so can’t believe that shit! So $350 later, I also need some other work done… I was home around 6pm.  So yeah I skipped out on the walk ( I KNOW LOSER!!!) ate quick  and then attempted to sooth my stressed, aching, throbbing shoulders and neck in a HOT HOT bath!  Turns out I totally fell asleep…woke up like a prune about 1/2 hour later.  So here I sit on the couch at 7:30pm…my shoulders feel a little better but still are killing me, but I’m tired as hell and so ready for bed.   So yet another night passes and no walk…how friggin pathetic!!!! But the good news is my car is fixed and once again the good ole’ credit card got a nice little workout…….great..just raised the friggin debt balance..WONDERFUL!! Does it EVER END!!!????

Got any extra motivation??

July 29, 2007

Ok so I’ve been feeling kinda blah lately…for many reasons.  First and foremost is work.  As you all know because you have been hearing me moan and groan over how busy I’ve been there cleaning crap out.  Secondly, was the retirement party…which by the way was a HIT and everything went well..YEAH..and now it’s over!! Double YEAH!!  Thirdly, yuk, yuk and triple yuk is my weight.  I’ve been doing really well the past year and dropped almost 30+ pounds.  Since my knee surgery at the end of April well I haven’t been doing so well.  I seriously have ZERO, ZILCH, NADDA, motivation!  I used to follow the weight watchers program and it worked wonderful!  Now I follow nothing and it’s not doing much but slowly adding weight!! Ugghh…I go through spurts..where I walk every day for a week then the next week nothing.  I love walking but the problem is…when I get home from work..lately I’m just way to friggin tired to go for a walk or for that matter even step on my treadmill!! I so need to get back into walking.  I’m going to try to get back into it this week..starting tomorrow…the minute I walk through the door from work..I’m changing and going for a walk. If I sit down…it’s all over..granted I’m always up doing something and rarely sit for long…but if I don’t give myself a chance to sit then hopefully I will get over this slump!  Like I said, I’ve been feeling blah and I know gaining back some lbs is a good reason for my blahness!!!  I used to actually feel good in my clothes and now I’m back to that “well its ok” feeling.  Don’t let me mislead you…even 30+ lbs down I was still not at my goal weight…but was definitely feeling good about myself and my appearance.  I need to get back on the bandwagon and QUICK!! HELP!!   Walking help me control my stress level as well.  The more stressed I was the faster I would was great!! Now my neck/shoulders have been killing me like never before and I know it’s stress, which is mostly from work.  SO I know it has added benefits than just keeping my weight in check.  So if I know all of this and know I’m slowly gaining the weight back..why the hell can’t I get myself motivated??  What the hell is wrong with me?? 

Where did the week go??

July 27, 2007

Wow, can you believe it is Friday already??  I so can’t. This week literally flew by, I have no clue where it went. I’m sitting here thinking…ok what did I really accomplish this week?  Dear Lord, I can’t even think of what I did yesterday and yet I’m expecting my brain to recall back all the way to Monday..haha JOKE!!  Ever been so busy you are constantly doing air-headed things or forget your memory and need to be reminded constantly…hmm yeah thats me this week. Being on vacation (I’m so not complaining here BUT) has so put me behind at work.  On Tuesday, I received an email from out main office saying, “I just added you to our supervisor email distribution list, this was sent out 2 weeks ago and needs to be done ASAP!”  Ok great…it’s some freakin’ report that I have absolutely NO idea how to fill it our or where to even begin.   Mind you, I got this email about 1/2 hour before I was leaving work.  I write myself a HUGE sticky note…to make sure it gets done FIRST thing Wednesday morning.   COme Wednesday, I basically stare at the report..completely overwhelmed, wondering where the hell I begin.  After about 1 hour of seriously attempting to figure it out..frustration overtakes me and I pick up the phone.  I call the neighboring facility and beg their Head Education person to come over and help.  Thankfully she does and we got the report done by noon, and pop it in the mail and overnight it…CHECK..DONE!! Next on the list…CLEAN OFFICE!!  HAHA way to funny.  I literally am tearing crap off shelves and throw out a good chunk of it..and pack the rest.  When I left on Wednesday..hmm yeah you literally could not walk into my office without tripping over was a complete FIRE HAZARD!! Looked like a wind storm hit it.  Completely stressed out when I left work…what made the day better?? My Sweet BF, knew I was having a bad day and surprised me with flowers!! aahh sweet right!! I was completely surprised but it sure did make my day!!  The rest of the week at work..yeah was spent teaching and cleaning the office..yeah it’s still not even close to being finished..but at least I’m seeing some progress.  

What else have I been working on?  Remember that retirement party I’m planning for my boss…hmm yeah that party would be TOMORROW!!  YIKES! Why is it…I’m still collecting money and still tracking people down?? I mean seriously…if you say you are going to go..just bring in the damn money and be done with it. But of course it can not be that easy.  I’m literally BEGGING people to bring their money in.  As of yesterday…my begging has paid off.  I have only 3 people left.  My biggest concern was that I would end up with not enough money to pay the restaurant that we are having it at and I would end up payign for the excess.  Thankfully, I called yesterday and told them, I need and exact price as to how much it is going to cost.  I do have enough.  I’ve collected $825 dollars..can you believe that?? That sad part is…$700 of that money is going to the restaurant.  With the money still remaining to be collected I figured we will have $200 to give my boss as a gift.  Not too bad right??  I wish it were more but nothing I can do about it at this point.  I think we are going to give him a gift card to an airline.  Him and his wife love to thought this would be an ideal gift.  What do you think??  Some people at work think this is a bad idea…they raised questions like, what if he doesn’;t fly that airline? or can find a cheaper flight with another airline?  Although i have thought about this, I have talked it over with some of my other coworkers and we have decided to go with this anyway.  Someone at work suggested one of those mastercard or visa’s you can get as a gift card.  But really to me that is just really impersonal.  Its kinda like…here you go..we put absolutely no thought into what you like!  We have also purchased an extremely nice plaque for him…it came out beautifully.  Whatever…if you want my honest opinion..I jsut can’t wait until this is over.  There is this one lady at work (whom is extremely annoying and likes to get into everyones business) she keeps telling me daily, well I talked ot so and so and they knew nothing about the party..why didn’t you invite them? or what about this or that..why don’t you do it this way?? really I could give two shits as to what she is saying.  Yesterday, I got so fed up with her and said (I know not very professional of me) “if you wanted to invite all these people and do things your way…you should have been the one to plan this damn party…but you didn’t step up and do shit or offer any input when I asked for it..not it’s too late and what’s done is done..I’m not doing anymore.”  I seriously am fed up with her! I so hate busy bodies!!!  The thing that bothers me the most is in the very beginning of all this planning I asked her for a list of names of who I should invite and she gave me whatever…I’m just ignoring her now..and well if you know me…haha you know I can’t hide the fact If i’m annoyed with you I so show it. I can’t help it…like my mom says…there is absolutely No guessing your wear it on your face!!  HEHE gotta love me!!  🙂

 Have a great FRiday..yes it’s another one of my supposedly days off and guess what?? I’m heading to work!! JOY!! I’m not sure if its dedication of stupidity!!!

Back from the Beach…

July 21, 2007

HEllo all…I’m finally back from Myrtle Beach.  We had a fantastic trip and the weather couldn’t have been nicer.  I think it was at least 90-95 every single day.  We went to Barefoot Landing (an awesome shopping place) and Broadway on the beach (another awesome place).  My parents got suckered into buying into another timeshare.  Last year they bought into one..but this one is SO MUCH better…so they are going to try and sell the old one.  The Condo place we stayed in..OMG the worst ever.  As for the employees of the place…they were miserable and not helpful at all.  The hotel had 20 floors..and only 2 elevators.  Minimum waiting time for the elevator going up and down was at least 10 minutes. PATHETIC!!  There were ants in our little kitchenette…I complained and they swore they would take care of it..did they..NOT AT ALL!!  As for room service..we literally had to track down the maid to get new towels by day 3.  WE took out our OWN garbage…again PATHETIC!  The place was CROWDED..everyone was complaining..I did not hear 1 good thing coming out of anyones one was pleased!  As for washers and dryers..they had 3 apartment sized (read: REALLY SMALL) thats all THREE for 20 floors..give me a break….they didn’t have a pool..but we had access to near by condo resorts pool..which was where we spent most afternoons.  But the pools were not supervised by any employees…there were kids JUMPING..running..diving..fighting…and their parents just sat back and laughed..ANNOYING!..whatever happened to being polite? I know we are all on vacation and ppl tend to be a little more relaxed but still you need to be respectful to others around you..guess people forgot about that.    The rooms were TINY…we were in eachothers face no matter where we were..we dealt with it just fine..but still..I missed my personal space!  The first nigth I got there I got a damn parking ticket.  THe front desk people told me where to park and gave me my thingy to hang in the window..I parked where they told me..however..THEY FAILED to mention that 2 out of the 100 parking spaces in the parking lot..we couldn’t park in.  Of course…I parked there..when I went and complained..they did NOTHING..NOTHING about of course..Myrtle Beach got an extra $20 from me..F*&(ers!!! Lets just say I was not pleased..and they knew it!  SO if you want to know where NOT to stay when your in Myrtle just let me know..I’m more than happy to share.  The place absolutely SUCKED ARSE!!

We went to the show “The Legends” it was really good.  For those of you that don’t is a concert where people dress up and perform like celebrities.  We saw “Tim McGraw, Elvis, Tina Turner, The Blues Brothers, Tom Jones, and a couple others.  It was a great show!  We also took a Casino boat!  I of course won absolutely NOTHING..but my friend won $1250 and my parents both won as well..hmm wonder why I hate casinos!!  We spent most mornings..literally sweating on the beach..frying ourselves..came in for about 1 or 2 hours for lunch then hit the pool side in the afternoons..It was AWESOME!!

 The week flew a matter of fact I can’t believe it’s over and I’m home.  We left yesterday morning at 4am…got home at 10 pm last night.  I drove the ENTIRE way home.  We stopped to gas up and that was pretty much it.  I am completely exhausted today…it’s amazing how much driving takes out of you. I am proud of myself, however, that I was able to drive the entire way home.  Yes I did get sleepy at times..but I would just pop some sugary candy in my mouth and the sugar rush would hit and I was fine.  Actually most of the trip home I was on a sugar high. 

I slept until 10 this morning..went to bed at 11 last night.  Today however when I woke up…I’m feeling kinda down.  Not sure why…am sad our trip is over, not looking forward to going back to work on Monday, upset the BF didn’t surprise me when I got home by being here ( I know stupid)!  I was hoping to spend today with the BF but apparently he’s made other guess thats not going to happen…guess I wasn’t missed much!  I was told Sunday would be a better day for him to see me…I know I’m being selfish but really it just bums me out.  Seriously..bummed!  Yesterday I was looking forward to talking to him all day…and well he had his phone shut off all damn day…guess he wasn’t too worried about me driving or getting home safely…when he finally called I was excited (I know PUKE) but in a way I wish he never called.  I got the “I told you so” because when he called I was stuck in traffic from scranton, PA rush hour…the “I told you so” was because he recommended us to leave later so we would miss any rush hour traffic.  I mean seriously, At the point he called I had been driving well over 10hours..the only thing the “I told you so” did for me was piss me off.  Then when I said I was tired, I got the response of, “well it’s your own fault” Are you f&*^ing kidding me??  What happened to being supportive or asking how is your trip going??  Lets just say I was a little more than annoyed!!  Overall..just a blah day…it is an absolutely georgous day out and I should be out enjoying it..but really..I have no energy too nor do I want to.  My parents are spending the day with my nieces today..I’m bummed I’m not there…I haven’t seen them in a couple of weeks.  My mom had them call me..which was really cute and nice of them but really just makes me sadder…kinda jealous I guess…cuz I’m not there.  So anyway…I will be spending the rest of the day..catching up on blogs..sleeping and doing laundry…boy sounds like fun doesn’t it!??

Trying something new….

July 13, 2007

Ok I miss not responding to your comments.  I am still not receiving your comments to my email address so I’ve changed address’ hoping that I will receive them.  So if it works and I start receiving your comments via email don’t be surprised if you hear from me under a different email address.  Don’t worry you will still recognize don’t mark me as spam PLEASE!!!  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this early (well yeah I do…I’m a moron!) ..but hopefully this will work.  SO everyone write a comment 🙂 PLEASE and I will respond!! 

So I’m leaving for Myrtle Beach at like 2am Sunday morning…that gives me like 48 hours to pack…I SO HATE PACKING.  I haven’t even had a spare moment to even begin to think what to bring.  Guess that is tomorrow’s project!  I certainly won’t get it don’t today or even tonight I know that much!  I got my car checked out yesterday..but let me tell you was so not a pretty site.  I dropped my car off at a local garage located a couple miles from my work.  I dropped it off at 8:00AM and told them I would be back at 4PM!  Thats 8 change my oil, rotate my tires, check all my fluid levels in the the car and just do a general look over to make sure everything was AOK to drive 16 hours.  Well I had one of my coworkers pick me up and drop me off there after work.  I get there at 4:05pm…my car..yeah I’m told it’s STILL NOT DONE!  WTF???  I was told it would still be a couple of minutes.  “So bascially what your telling me is that my car sat here all f*&*ing day looking pretty and you didn’t touch it until minutes ago?”  Yeah lets just say I was so not happy nor impressed with the service!  The purpose of me LEAVING my car for 8 freakin hours was so I didn’t have to sit around and wait for it.   I had to work my 2nd job last night.  It takes me 45 minutes (that is with me totally SPEEDING) to get to my 2nd job.  I have to be there at 5:15pm.  I leave work at do the math..this means I don’t have much time to screw around waiting for my car.  So finally at 4:30 I said…how much longer is it going to be..(yeah my tone wasn’t very pleasant)  I said I have a 2nd job and I need to be there by 5:15……now it’s already 4:30 and it takes me 45 minutes…did you figure it out..yup I’m was going to be late.  Their response a couple more minutes…hmm buddy you told me that a 1/2 hour ago.  FINALLY at 4:45 my car comes out and is ready.  Lets just say my thank you’s were very few and far between..and I quickly paid the bill and ran to my car and sped out of the driveway..hmm I think I left marks..hehe I’m cool like that.  Actually I know it wasn’t so adult like but really I was pissed..I was going to be late..and well quite frankly..I didn’t give a SHIT!    I at least know my car is safe to drive so  I guess that is the important thing.  I am however am a bit worried about driving.   Like I said before..I have never driving for such a long period of time..and I do tend to get quite sleepy when I’m driving.  I’m buying stock in that red bull crap.  I’m praying it works.  I’m hoping I will be so excited my adrenaline will be pumping and I will stay away! You see when I was parents would put me in a car and drive me around to get me to sleep….which was great then..but now…it means..everytime I’m in a car for long periods of time whether driving or riding..I get tired and my eyes just want to slam shut!  Yup I’ve fallen asleep at the wheel..yup it scared the shit out of me…but luckily nothing happened.  SO if anyone has ideas to keep my butt awake…PLEASE SHARE!!   

 Well today is supposed to be my day off..but like a GOOD employee (HAH NOT!) I’m going to work.  I have to …so much to do and so little time!! So I’m off…HAVE a good day everyone!  🙂  SMILE IT”S FRIDAY!! 🙂

Why can’t I get my A*# out of BED??

July 11, 2007

Seriously people…if you knew would say oh she’s up bright and early every single day.  Which normally is true?? Lately SO NOT!!  Normally I get up at 5am.  It’s perfect…gives me time to have a cup of coffee and watch a 1/2 hour of news in the morning.  WHy so early you ask?? I need some quiet “ME” time.  Time to just sit and ponder about the day and what I need to accomplish in that day.  Lately I’m lucky if my butt is up by 6am! I hate it.  I am running around and have that total feeling of being rushed.  Now since I’m the “boss” I would like to get to work somewhat early.  Hmm I’m lucky if I make it by 8am.  I commute 45 minutes to my job.  So can you see how waking up at 6 or 6:10 or 6:15 can put me behind?? I SO HATE IT!!  I seriously have 5 alarm clocks set to go off in the morning.  I have 1 wind up clock.(haha the bf calls it little ben — haha get it BIG BEN..and this is a smaller version?? ok well I think it is funny), 2 electric clocks set, my cell phone and my TV is set to go off in the AM as well.  Turns out all this week and last week…I CAN”T HEAR THE DAMN THINGS! Or if I do hear them?? I shut them off…no not hit snooze..SHUT THEM OFF!! UUGGHH!!  This morning is the earliest I’ve gotten up since I’ve been back to work..hmm yeah I woke up at 5:50am..really not so early!!  I’ve tried the putting the alarm clocks across the room a moron..I get up (must be in my sleep..cuz I don’t remember) and shut the damn things off..and then…yup you guessed it…turn around and walk back to bed. To top it off I haven’t been sleep good at night.   I have been hitting the sack anytime between 10 and 11pm….I’m extremely tired when I go to bed..then I get there…and toss and turn for at least 1 hour..if not more..then toss and turn the rest of the night once I do fall asleep.  I’ve got so much crap going on in my head of mind..I can’t get a decent night’s sleep!! 

I have a list a mile long of what needs to be done at work, in my house, and well just shit I want to get done in my life.  Lately, the list has been haunting me!   Just the list of crap that needs to get done at work is enough to cause me to go into a major meltdown!!  I have ZERO TIME at work.  I’m not complaining..because I do enjoy the new job..(well who am I kidding..I am complaining) but I’m doing the new job..on top of teach 4 classes a day…which totals a whopping 4 hours a day..leaving me to do my Administrative stuff in 4 hours…so not happening.  And that is on a good day.  Which means..all my teachers are at work..(if they are not..I HAVE TO COVER their classes..we have no least noone willing to come to our place) it also means no kids have a meltdown (if they do I pull them out and talk to them) and lastly it means I have no computer issues to worry about (I’m also the LAN Administrator of our education department).  So really, that 4 hours left to do my new more like 1 hour or  1 1/2 hours if I’m likely & I wonder why NOTHING is getting done!  I know I could get a lot more accomplished if the place was organized…I need a week just to get that part accomplished..a week of absolutely NO interuptions..a week of me locking myself in the office and FORCING myself to go through each and ever piece of paper…which really IS SO NOT HAPPENING!!    And quite frankly..I am thinking WHY THE HELL am I taking another week off?? That is just going to set me WAY BEHIND once again!! I’m having second thoughts! I’m still going..but the thoughts of NOT going to Myrtle Beach are there….a) I really don’t have the money to be going and b) I could get at least something done at work that would cause me less stress!!  UUGGHH…speaking of work..I’m now running late ONCE I better get my BUTT in gear and get it in the shower!! 

A bunch of stuff…

July 8, 2007

Thats right, not really creative with the title tonight..then again am I ever??  Don’t answer that! 

It has been a fairly busy week for me.  Well let me rephrase that, it’s been busy the 2nd half of the week.  First half I was still on vacation..doing  anything I wanted to  do.  Let me back up a little to last Saturday.  The BF and I went out to dinner to the Olive Garden.  He is hooked. We went there the week before with my family after my nieces dance was his first time there…and now?? He’s ADDICTED!   After dinner we went to the movies and saw Room 1408! OMG SCARY!!  One of those movies you literally jump from your seats!  I never would have gone and saw it by myself! NEVER. But it was good!  Sunday..we went to this local tourist spot.  It’s funny how you can live in a place and never visit the local hot spots.  We had a lot of fun!  Monday, Tuesday..hmm I did a whole lotta NOTHING!  It was really my last 2 days of vacation with no plans and I took full advantage.  I did leave my house a couple times, but took full advantage and slept in and oh yeah…played a LOT of RollerCOASTER TYCOON 3! OMG I’m so addicted! Have you ever played?? I bought the game on Saturday and yup now..I’m finding it to be a total time eater!!  I play the game and have no idea where the time goes! But hey it’s FUN!! I really bought it for my kids at kind of an incentive type of thing.  I brought in Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 and they absolutely LOVED I thought I would upgrade.  Now they will need to fight me for it!!

Wednesday, being the 4th of July, I spent it with the BF’s family.  It was the first time for me to meet his parents.  He also had some relatives visiting, so I met them as well.  We had a good day and they were all very nice.  We watched the fireworks from his sisters it was kinda crappy outside and raining on and off. 

Thursday, OMG…back to WORK!!  What a mess. Remember I told you that my boss retired and I am taking over his position?  OMG I’m so in for it!!  He left the office a total disaster!!  It seriously looked like a tornado went through and just threw up papers all over.  He was not much for organization, but I was hoping he would at least clean his office out before he left..BOY I was wrong!  I seriously spent all afternoon looking for 1 piece of’s crazy I need it..but can I find it?? NO!!!  I swear I will be all summer just cleaning out the place!  During the summer I took all fridays off, that way I can have a 3 day weekend.  But seeing how disasterous the place was I decided to go in for a couple hours and attempt to clean some more.  I managed to get somethings done but really not anywhere where it needs to be!  Any advice on how to clean and go through 5 million stacks of paper in a reasonable amount of time??  I get so frustrated, I just leave the office and then go talk it up with the kids.  It’s a good distractor!!

The most exciting part of the week is..?? Are you ready???  I’M GOING BACK TO MYRTLE BEACH!!! YEAH!!  I got some people to cover my classes for me so I’m off!! YEAH!! I’m leaving this coming Sunday!! Exactly 1 week from today!! YEAH!! The same friend I went down with in April, she’s coming with me this time.  We are going to stay with my parents.  It will be a tight squeeze but it’s so worth it.  They have a time share and the room they have is like a 1 bedroom apt.  Which means we will be sleeping on the pull out couch.  Whatever dude, I will be in MYRTLE BEACH!! My new favorite place!!  We are driving down..leaving bright and early (like 3 or 4am) on Sunday 7/15.  I have never driven that far before…so I’m kinda excited.  I think the farthest I’ve driven is to CT.  It should be fun! I just hope my car stays in one piece!  haha I’m making an apt this week to get the oil checked and just to get it looked at all over to make sure everything is AOK!!  My parents are leaving  on the 13th of July,  so they will beat us there.  I so need a GPS in my car.  I have ordered a triptik from AAA, I just hope I get it in time!  I’m SO EXCITED!! Watch out BEACH, HERE I COME!!!!

Let’s see yesterday and today, I enjoyed myself a nice long nap in the afternoon!!  I don’t know why, I wasn’t tired…but I was watching a movie, and out I go.  Whatever I enjoyed it’s ok!  Today I went into work for a little bit.  I know sick..working on a SUnday! HAHA really I didn’t go into get work done.  One of our kids is leaving tomorrow morning, around 6 or 7am.  He has a CD player but didn’t have a CD to listen to.  So being the nice person that I am, I burnt him one and brought it to him today.  I walked in and he was COMPLETELY shocked!  Shocked that I held up to my promise! I told him on friday that if he was good the rest of the day maybe the “CD Fairy” would visit him over the weekend. Then I just left work..without saying another word to him.  He so thought I blew him off! HAHA showed him!! 

Well….that pretty much catches you up on what I’ve been up too.  Aren’t you glad??  I love such an exciting life..I mean come could you not want to know what I’ve been doing!! HAHA NOT!!  Enjoy Ladies!!

 OH YEAH I FORGOT TO TELL YOU ALL (I’m sure you all know but) I’m received this:


I got it from my awesome friend Kellie, she ROCKS!! I’m so excited…even though I don’t deserve it..I will accept it with great pleasure!! It is my first nomination ever!! YEAH!! Thanks so much…I love ya girl!!

Happy 4th of JULY!

July 3, 2007

I haven’t been doing too much so nothing to blog about.  Well I lied..I have plenty but I doubt you want to hear I will save it.  I just wanted to wish you all a very safe and Happy Fourth of JULY!! Hope you all enjoy your day spent with family and friends!!