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August 29, 2007

Ok so I woke up this morning only to find out my cable box is broken or some crap.  It won’t turn on.  When I went to bed it was fine.  I am getting all the channels in my bedroom just not in my livingroom where the cable box is plugged to.  Seriously, what a pain in the ass.  Now I need to hang out here until the offices are open to figure out the the heck is going on.  I was planning on leaving to go to my friends house right after work..NOW..I need to worry about this crap.  I would just say screw it and deal with it when I return..but I’m returning on Sat.  Offices aren’t open on Sat.  GGRRRRR…talk about putting a damper on things!! Really I know its not a big deal.  But no TV?? I mean come on? I always have it on for the background noise..I’m lost without it this morning!!  Oh course my cable provider doesn’t have a 1-800 number…so I can’t call until 8am…PAIN IN MY BUTT! SerIOUSLY!!!

 *** ok not sure what the hell happened…but right after I hit post…I heard this click on the DVR cable box…so I decided to try to turn it on…sure booted right up….YEAH..I’m glad it’s up and running…but seriously..why the delay??? ***

I know a waste of a post..whatever..guess I got nothing else this morning…pretty boring life eh?? hehe have a good one!


Monday Update..

August 27, 2007

Ok so your all wondering…No I DIDN”T win the damn trailblazer!  😦  I didn’t even get a darn key to try!! It was a complete rip off.  I should have seen it coming but for some dumb reason I was clueless.  Basically, what the place was, was a timeshare type thingy for camping.  We got roped in to sitting through a presentation and  tour of the grounds.  Really,  I wasn’t impressed.  The campsites were on top of eachother and really not even located in the woods.  There were many many people there but didn’t look the least bit fun!  We high tailed it out of there as quick as possible.  And the worst thing?? They didn’t even offered us a darn key!!  So who knows I could have been the winner but wasn’t given the opportunity!! Bummer! 😦

I’m feeling 100% better!  Friday, spent the day relaxing and went to bed really early.  Saturday morning, was still feeling kinda blah, but I lathered on the vicks and took a shot of NYQUIL Friday night, so was feeling a bit better come Sat.  My haircut, aahh such relief!!  However, I think I went a little to the extreme.  I kept telling her to cut it shorter!! I think I felt like such a hairbag I just wanted it all gone.  Thank god my hairdresser knows me, because at one point, she said, if I go any shorter I don’t think you will like it and it will be TOO short.  Amazingly she was right.  Although I don’t HATE it…it is a tad short..whatever it will grow!!

Yesterday, spent the day with the BF’s family.  We had a cookout.  It was fun, his nieces and nephews..really tired me home last night around 9ish..I was beat!! 

Today is going to be extremely busy at work…aarrghh.  With only 3 more days left, I’m trying to get everything done today and tomorrow.  Trying to get all the report cards entered and printed out by tomorrow, that way on Wednesday, I can only be there 1/2 day.  My plan is to go visit a friend for the rest of the week.  THe BF, wants me to leave on Thursday so we can go to the NYS Fair on Wednesday.  I do want to go, but really I don’t want to go on Wednesday.  My mindset it work Wednesday morning, leave by noon and head on to my friends house..she lives about 4 hours away.  I havent’ seen her since Christmas time.  We usually get together only 2 or 3 times a year..and August is usually one of those times.  SHe was my very first college roommate and we’ve been good friends ever since.  Should be fun….I plan on coming home ON Saturday morning.  Then Sunday heading down to my brothers for the day.  It is my nieces 4th bday!!  God I can’t believe she will be 4…dang where does the time go!! She’s grown up way too fast!!

ok ok so a ton of rambling..sorry its early Monday morning…what do you expect!! 

Lots of randomness…

August 24, 2007

1) First and foremost, as some of you may have noticed, I’m trying to get caught up on everyone’s posts from the past couple of weeks.  I’m getting there..and I believe I’m almost done..dang I’ve missed so much 😦   So if your receive a comment from me from a posting from a month ago..sorry..I’m WAY behind!!!

2)  THIS POSTER told me she was done posting.  She wasn’t going to do it anymore.  PLEASE PLEASE go read her…she is one amazing woman and we all can learn a thing or two from her.  Leave her a comment and tell her to continue posting…..ask her to post on her WII – itis !! It will literally make you fall on the floor laughing!! 

Lets see what else is going on? 

3) Today I feel like complete ass.  I was so excited because today is the first day in a LONG time I really don’t have anything to do, but spent the day feeling ill. 

 4) Last night I started feeling crappy, had a bit of a sore throat and was just overall tired.  I had to go visit another facility yesterday, each way is about 2 hour drive, on the way home, I was about 10 minutes from my exit, I literally had to pull over.  WHY your ask? I was falling asleep.  I mean eyes shut and out cold.  I pulled over and closed my eyes for about 10 -15 mins.  I was beat, the nap helped a little but really  I could have passed out for hours.  I then drove to work to drove off the company vehicle and chatted with some kids then came home and slept from 7 – 9:30, just enough time to talk quick to the BF on the phone and brush my teeth and go back to bed.  WOke up at 8.  Didn’t feel a whole lot better. 

5) I didn’t have to tutor today, so I was just chillin in my pj’s all morning.  The BF called and asked if I wanted to go out for lunch…hmm sure but haven’t showered.  After showering we went and got something to eat, ran to the grocery store (I ran out of COFFEE, a STAPLE in my HOUSE!!) and then came home.  I took a nap on the couch from 2 until 4.  Really I could still be sleeping now.  But I am forcing myself not too cuz I won’t sleep tonight if I do. 

6) I have to go get my hair cut at 8:30 tonight.  I’m excited because really I’m a totally hairbag.  I usually am one to get my hair cut every 5 weeks or so, but I cancelled my last apt. because I was going ot Myrtle Beach and just haven’t had the time to reschedule.  I called my hairstylist yesterday and BEGGED her to get me in.  Thank god she likes me!!!

7) Tomorrow I’m going to go here   to see if my “key” wins me a new trailblazer.  HAHA  A couple of weeks ago, the BF and I were out and about looking at campers (ok we were definitely dreaming) and we entered a contest to win a blazer.  I didn’t think anything would come of it.  But last night I got a call to see if  Iwanted to come and try my “key” to see if it started the trailblazer.  Hell I know I won’t win it but what the heck, I’m going anyway.  PLus I think just for going, I get a 3 day 2 night free stay with them.  I’m sure there is some catch but really what is it going to hurt to go check it out!! SO I will let you know if I’m a proud new owner of this   I know I know…I’m still dreaming!!

Time for a quick nap before I get my haircut!!  Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Good OLE Memories..make me chuckle!!

August 20, 2007

Where the heck to the weekends go?? I swear this summer is FLYING!!  I’ve got no exciting news. 

Yesterday with the Family went really well…it was a fun day!  My grandmother brought with her TONS of OLD memories!!  I mean seriously old…

here’s a letter I wrote in 1984…


Dear grandma & grandpa

I miss you alot.  how are you doing I fine.  Did you get my letter I sent you.  My cabbage patch kid is excited for christmas so am i are you.  have a merry christmas i got to go now by i love you.




HAHA so tactful aren’t I??  I wrote it exactly as it is on the paper…hmm can anyone say PUNCTUATION?? I guess it wasn’t my strong point!!!

Here’s one from 1985:


Dear grandma & grandpa

How are you doing we are doing fine.  Guess what I want for christmas.  I’ll name three things one of them is peterpan shoes another one is a mini skirt and a shirt to go with the skirt and a pair of lee geans and a shirt and sweater to go with it.  Thats all I really want for christmas.  That not much to ask for is it.  I can’t wait for Easter.  My brother is good. Right now I’m watching a movie called Doctor Zhirago it started at 2:00.  My mom is foldind clothes.  I like watching her it is fun.




HAHAH all I can say is OMG way to damn funny!!

and here is my ALL time FAVORITE written in 1987:


Dear gram & gramp

How are you? I’m fine.  My brother went in the hospital at 9:15am he gets our of the operating room at 10:15am.  I passes 5th grade now I’m in 6th grade.  I’m happy because next year I’ll be the oldest and my class in the school besides the teachers.  The 6th grade teacher is getting married to the 1st grade teacher.  My mm is in the hospital with my brother now, his throat is soar.  He will be getting out of the hospital at 8am tomorrow.  All my parents talk about is him!




haha think I was a jealous kid?????

Exciting Sunday!!

August 19, 2007

Well today I’m off to go see my nieces!! I’m so darn excited! I hadly get to see them so when I do I absolutely love it!  I love when I walk through the door and watching their first reaction!! They both light up when they see me and scream my name and come running over to me and give me a big hug!! I love it!! I so cant wait!!  My grandmother from Florida is here visiting as well.  She is staying with my parents.   She got here last weekend and I have yet to see her.  It’s been almost 5 years since I last saw her.  She is 80 something years old, so it will be good to see her.  My parents are bringing her down to my brothers as well.  She has never met his girls, so I’m excited for that as well. 

I am going to pick up the bf on my way down so he will be with me as well.  My oldest niece absolutely loves him.  My last visit with them, she asked where the bf was??  Too cute, she’s only met him twice.  SO anyway, I’m off to get ready…I hope everyone else has a great day as well!! 

It’s’s really OVER!!

August 16, 2007

Well kidos it’s offical…I’m now a graduate!! YEAH!! My class is DONE, COMPLETE, FINISHED!! YEAH!!  I can’t even beging to tell you how happy I am!  This past week..I’ve been busting my ass trying to get all my assignments done and my presentation done as well!! I’m hoping with this now behind me,  it will free up a little more time and well ease up on the stress level just a little!  So as if you couldn’t tell I’m SOOOOOOOO HAPPY and kinda relieved!! 

I think I’m heading to bed kinda early tonight…sitting in a classroom for 2 days straight plus driving 3 hours home tonight..I’m kinda tired.  I gotta be up and bright eyed by 8am…gotta tutor!!  YEAH!!  I so love tutoring..the one on one is great…you can get so much done..the time FLIES by!

I think the bf and I are going to go see the movie Hairspray tomorrow afternoon.  I’ve been bugging him to go with me or should I say take me to the movies..haha yeah right!  After all, I did go see that dumb ass movie Hot Rod with him.  WHy…well because he wanted to see it.  Me on the other hand, thought it looked dumb/stupid, however you want to word it, right from the first preview I saw…but I’m just nice I guess.   So hopefully (really I’m praying!!) we will go see it!! 

Other than that, I’m hoping this weekend is kinda a stay at home relax weekend…HAHAH YEAH RIGHT>…I know I’m funny!!  🙂


August 14, 2007

PLEASE OH PLEASE I so need a VACATION!!  This summer has been FLYING by.  Yes I know you are all saying to yourselves that I just had a vacation..but really I’m ready for another one! Work has been absolutely CRAZY!! Now not only with the new job, which I’m still trying to figure out how the hell to do it, but we have construction going on.  I had to uproot all my crap and move it.  Why you ask?? because my office is one of the offices under construction! FUN FUN!! Although I’m excited to be getting a new ceiling and door and possibly walls, its a pain in the ass.  I didn’t know where things were before I moved now I certainly have NO FRIGGIN CLUE! In order to check my email at work (yes that would be my work email not any personal accounts) I have to go to a different room because I’m not hooked up to a server. JOY! So yeah I basically forget to check it at work..which leaves me writing work related emails at night when I get home.  I’m hoping by this time next week I will be all moved back in and hopefully things will start to calm down! Notice I said start!! I’ve been going mock 50 this entire summer..I’m completely whipped!  Plus I’m still working my second job, which is only a couple hours at night a week but still it adds up.  And on top of all that, I’ve started tutoring my friends daughter a couple hours a week.  Which I do have to say I am enjoying!  She is so sweet and absolutely loves to learn!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  I only have 1 more week of work left with my second job.  I’ve decided to take a break, so I am taking the entire month of September off from there.  I am telling them I will be back in October, but really I’m not sure yet! The thought of having every single night free to do whatever I want is very exciting….OK Enough about work…I could go on and on with my moans and groans and quite frankly who wants to hear about it?? I know NOT YOU!!

Right now I should be working on my final presentation for my class, but instead I’m writing this and talking to my Aunt on IM (which she doesn’t know…haha sorry Aunt Sherry!)  Remember that class I’ve been taking since December?? Well I’m heading to class tomorrow and Thursday then it is 100% completely OVER …uuuggghhh I so can’t wait!! These past 2 days I’ve been working on a final presentation (powerpoint) and finishing up some journal entries I some how missed during the 8 months of class.  So I’ve been up really late at night attempting to complete these.  TOnight I’ve simply run out of steam.  I am almost completely done with the powerpoint however, I’m having writers block tonight.  I simply can’t think of squat to write about.  SO I will finish it up tomorrow in the hotel room…nothign like waiting until the last minute huh??  Kellie –  I may be calling you to come for a all depends on what time I get out of class and just exactly how much crap I need to finish up before my presentation on Thursday.

Anywho…I’m off to bed, well actually off to pack.then to bed!  I have been feeling really guilty because I haven’t been reading any blogs…I am so sorry…I know you don’t miss me..but I feel like well so out of touch! i’m hoping things will get back to “normal” (is there such a thing??) after this week! I promise I will catch up!!!!  SOrry everyone! I hope you are doing well….