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September 30, 2007

Well no new news to tell you about on my mom.  She still knows NOTHING!  This waiting game is for the birds! Why do doctors put their patients and their families through this?? I mean seriously, you hurry up to get these tests done then say, oh your results will be here in a week!  Seriously that sucks!  So yeah its basically the same as the last time I post..we are all just waiting..and praying hard core she will be ok!  Tomorrow she has to go for some bloodwork, then on Tuesday morning she goes for a MRI…then Wednesday is the dreaded yet the day we are all anxiously waiting!   She has an appointment scheduled..I forgot the time…but dear god I hope it is early in the morning so we can get some answers!   So I wish I had some awesome news to report but unfortunately I do not!   So we are still waiting and your prayers are much appreciated!!!  Thank you all so much for you kind words and prayers!!  I will keep you posted!

On a lighter note..this weekend some of my friends and I decided to climb a mountain on Saturday.  It was awesome weather…about 60 degrees and nice and sunny out..which really is perfect!  It was just cool enough where yes we did still sweat but the air cooled us down.  It was such a beautiful site from the top..the fall folliage was beautiful!! Great stress reliever!!!  I leave you with this picture..Hope you all enjoy!



Thank you all so very much :)

September 26, 2007

Thank you all for you prayers and support! You have no idea how much they mean to me!  I will keep you all posted!

To top off this already stressful day…I woke up WAY before my alarm (it goes off at 5am..4:30AM was WIDE awake!), my head is POUNDING, My face feels like it is full of crap, it is HOT and WAY HUMID (like sticky icky HUMID) and I started my period and my gut feels like it is being ripped out of me. You so wanted to know that didn’t you?? I really want to vomit right now…but am not going to force the issue!  So yeah I’m in for one hell of a day if none of this gets any better! I literally want to hide in my house all damn day…I don’t want to go to work BUT I have no choice..yes I am going! But really I feel like complete TOTAL ASS! I know I will be hiding in my office as much as possible waiting for the phone to ring.  Waiting for my mom to call and tell me she is AOK! I hate the waiting…absolutely HATE IT! Totally SUCKS CANAL WATER (I stole this from Kellie)!! Is it 4 o’clock yet????

My Mother

September 24, 2007

Right now I’m at a loss for words!  My mother just found out she may have breast c ( I refuse to say the word!) ! God help us!  It has been a crazy week, last week she had a mammorgram and immediately was notified there was a spot that was “extremely suspicious”.  What the hell does that mean?  On Friday she went to a surgeon and had a needle biospy done..and they put a rush on the results, and she got them friday early evening.  Basically, no “new” news.  Just said they are Atypical cells, which could mean anything.  She has a couple more doctors appointments this week, something called a stereotactic mamogram..and will have to go elsewhere for some other test.  So I’m praying, and trying to keep positive that they are just abnormal cells and that it is NOT C! So far though…we are getting no ANSWERS and it is so frustrating!

I am feeling so helpless! I am hours away from home, and really can’t offer her any words to help.  I can’t tell her this will all be ok or it will all go away, cuz really who the hell am I to say that? I have no clue!  She can’t sleep well and when she does fall asleep she wakes up every hour on the hour.  She exhausted, anxious and very scared!  She spent almost all week in tears, and I feel useless..I want to be there for her.  I call her every night to see how she is doing.  I’m trying to get answers from her about this god awful disease, but she has none.  I’m having her write down questions I have to ask the doctor when she sees one.  But then I think to is that helping her?? I try to get her mind off of it but our conversation always comes back to the same thing.  I HATE IT..I hate being at a loss of words!!  She is why am I..why am I when she is in the time of need??

What can I say about my mom?  She is an awesome person! She is the first person by your side, no matter who you are, when something happens and she is ready and willing to help no matter what the situation.  She took a week off from work to spend with me each of the 2 times I had my knee surgeries. How many people would do that? Granted she is my mother but it’s not like I live next door, I live aobut 3 hours from my parents.  If I needed her here now, she would jump in her car and be here in a heart beat.  She has always been there for my brother and I.  She is very supportive in all we do, yes at times, she is a little overprotective but she’s a mom, I guess I can’t blame her.  I love her very much!!  She is not only my mother but my best friend.  I can call her and talk to her about almost anything.  I can call anytime of day or night…she doesn’t mind.  If I’m having a bad day she knows what will pick me up.  She knows when I’m not myself and knows what is wrong without me even saying it.  She is awesome!  There is so much more about her,  I could go on and on. 

We haven’t always and still do not always get along and for this I feel really guilty.  Everyone says we are so much alike and that is the reason.  We have always gotten along so much better not living together.  So since I’ve moved out many, many years ago, our relationship has gotten a lot better.  Now I’m plaqued with guilt!  Knowing then what I know now, I would have made much more of an effort!  To be faced with the fear that one of your parents may have cancer, quite frankly, scares the SHIT out of me!!  As it is, my father has heart disease and had to open heart surgery a couple of years ago, (gotta love genetics!) and I’m constantly worrying about him.  My biggest fear is that I will lose one of them..that so can not happen!  I hope god is reading this..IT CAN NOT HAPPEN!!!!!  I’m SO NOT READY nor willing!! I know I’m jumping the gun here and I’m hoping this time next week I will be writing that nothing is wrong…I’m praying I will be writing that!!  But I’m telling you I’m scared shitless!!  I know whatever the results are we will fight it..I will be right by her side throughout the whole thing!  We will beat this NASTY, MEAN, CRUEL disease!!

So I’m asking all of you for your prayers…at this point all the extra prayers can’t hurt!! She’s gotta be ok…

Where did safety go?

September 24, 2007

There was once a time when I would go for a walk and feel completely safe, now, not so much!! The thing is my neighborhood is completely safe for the most part and I do feel safe living here.  What I do not feel safe doing is taking a walk on our road.  Reason being…COMPLETE IDIOTS!  The past couple of nights I’ve managed to go for a walk! YEAH FOR ME! But the problem is, moron drivers DO NOT move over…seriously, if I stretched my hand out as far as it would go to the side I would be touching these damn cars, which by the way are going MOC 10 by me! I mean seriously, what happened to being curteous and moving over or slowing down?  I seriously have had to jump out of the way a couple times because some jerk was whizzing right by and practically heading straight for me!!  No wonder noone walks around here.  There are no sidewalks what-so-ever!  But it is my right to be able to walk where I want, and if I do not feel like driving to go walk on the walking path, I should not be forced to.  I swear..people turn to maniacs when they get behind the wheel!     I’ve thought of proving a point and NOT moving out of their know kinda like playing chicken except I would be on foot and the other person would be in a car! They would only have to hit me once…and my point would have been made and then THEY would be scared for life..but I just bet, if they were to EVER see another walker again they would slow down and move over!!!! What do ya think?  Good idea?? haha 

**Added note:  I was thinking all you wonderful people were ignoring me..or got bored..I was not getting any email notices that anyone had written a comment! I apologize for thinking such!!  I decided to check tonight and low and behold, YOU PEOPLE ROCK!!  So If I do not respond it is because I’m not receiving them via emaiL!! I’m so SORRY I DOUBTED ALL OF YOU!!! PLease forgive me!! PLEASE!!!

Where did the time go?

September 20, 2007

I can’t believe it’s almost been a week since I’ve last posted.  So much has happened…it’s been a crazy busy week!!

First and foremost..thank all of you so much for you support and advice on the whole Bf situation! I so Appreciate it!!  We did sit down and have a nice long talk…at first it really wasn’t going anywhere but eventually after HOURS of talking we are fine!  Honestly, I’m glad…..hopefully no more fights..I so hate them!!  I just need ot learn to be more upfront with my feelings and well quite frankly he does too…then maybe just maybe this fighting crap wouldn’t happen!

Work? Hmm yeah..can you say BUSY??  Holy heck..I’m so busy I can’t stand it.  When I get home..I’m completely exhausted! It’s good though I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my job!!  All hell broke loose the other day with one of my employees…my boss decided to take matters into his own hands..and basically say to this guy..(I’m rephrasing here) your quality of work sucks and you need ot improve tremendously!  Took this guy completely by surprise! I mean no one ..not even my previous boss has said anything to him about his job and quality of work…but really it should have been dealt with long before I become boss.  I’m hoping this little “pep talk” did some good.  Although this guy was completely pissed off…(quite understandably after working for years with noone saying anything..then all of a sudden ..BAM) I think it finally “HIT” home and his work is least for the time being…granted they are baby steps..but maybe just maybe we are on the right track.  So really..I do have to say after my first dealing with an employee’s work..I think I did a fairly good job.  Although I didn’t do the initial disciplining ..I am the one that has been dealing with it..and I’m doing a fairly good job.  I hope anyway!

I have 3 major reports due within then next couple of days..and 2 out of the 3 are DONE! YEAH! I actually can only take credit for completing one of them though.  We had a lady that works 20 hours a week and she is so awesome! She has been working there for 20+ years and is a HUGE help! She carries on many many roles throughtout the day! She’s a teaching assistant, basically since I’ve started my mentor, and she is just priceless.  Her knowledge is a HUGE plus..she knows the ins and outs like you would not believe.  I had this one report to do..and quite frankly I had no idea where to even begin…I did what I could on it..then asked her for help. I spent all day today in mtgs and when I was done..she had the report completed! She knew exactly where to get the information from, plus when my position was empty a couple years ago..she filled in temporarily so she knew how to do it! You have no much I treasure her as person, a friend and an employee!! She is awesome!

My office is FINALLY starting to look like an OFFICE!! YEAH!!   We are almost completely settled in.  The lady mentioned above and I share an office.  Seeing how she is kinda like an assistant..but in reality if she had the degree ..she would be doing my job and be completely awesome at it! It’s too bad that experience and knowledge can’t out weight the college degree part of it.  She is way under paid! Anyway, back to the office…we have been working diligently on it and it is looking great! Everyone that walks in is like WOW this place looks so much different!  It’s great..quite frankly..I love having “MY OFFICE!!”

Really thats about all thats going on..just work, work and more work! I know seems boring to most but for me..although I’m exhausted at the end of the day…I LOVE IT!!!

Tomorrow I’m only working a 1/2 day! YEAH!! I’m getting my hair cut and colored tomorrow night! I’m so excited.  I think I’m going to try something a little new to me.  I recently have started coloring my hair on a regular basis.  Even for my age I have a TON of grey and I am very self conscious about it.  Earlier in the summer I had highlights put in…I do like them but they are growing out.  I think tomorrow night, as per my hair dressers advice..I’m going to spice things up a little.  ( I gotta get up the nerve though)  I think I’m going to go with a darker color underneath and do the whole highlight thing on top.  What do you think? It is completely new to me..and honestly I’m not sure what it will look like…but I just want something a little different…I’m not talking like colors like black and blonde here..but a darker brown underneath and lighter brown with some dark blonde streaks thrown in there…could be interesting….what are your thoughts?

 Word of advice for all of you:  If you have sensitive teeth DO NOT use those listerine whitening dissolving strips! I REPEAT DO NOT USE THEM!! I bought them this morning, (only because I had a coupon) decided to try them tonight..and HOLY HECK..who knew your teeth had it’s own pulse! I was like ever friggin nerve ending in my one tooth was going crazy…Hurt like HELL!!! So needless to say..I will be pawning those off on someone…and will NOT be using it ever ever again!!

Can’t think of anything good to write for a title so this is all you get…

September 14, 2007

Really my brain is FRIED…I’ve spent the past 2 days at a conference and really I’m beat.  My conference was Wednesday and Thursday.  I was expecting the same old boring, waste of time nonsense..realy it was quite opposite.  It was basically 2 full days full of important information I need to know.  I left last night and on my 2 hour drive home began thinking, “how the hell and I’m going to remember to do all of this?”  I mean literally my brain hurt.  As you all know I have been promoted and this conference was for all Administrators.  What we need to get done, what we are responsible for and HOLY HELL how can I remember all of this?? Crap I’m in trouble..thank god I took notes..I just hope it is enough!!  My brain hurt so bad, I had trouble sleeping, thinking of all the crap I need to get done!  When I finally got to sleep, I woke up about 1 hour later..with a list a mile long in my brain!! I kept waking up every 1/2 hour…What fun!!  My plan was to go to work today and make a “TO DO” list, hmm HAHA so funny, like I had time to make that list..NOT!  It didn’t happen! I brought all my stuff home and hopefully at some point this weekend the list will get accomplished! The problem is it is an ongoing right?

Tonight I’m so tired. I don’t want to sit home but really have no energy to move either!  Maybe I will take up my Aunts habits and Wii all damn night!  I tell you it is such a work out!! haha On monday I played all the games once..and still on Wednesday I was sore..tonight I think I might play ping pong and laser hockey..sounds fun right??  Of course depends on the amount of energy I muster up!!

Still have yet to have a chat with the bf.  I havent seen him and I don’t want to do it over the phone.  Maybe tomorrow..who knows.  I really hate confrontations but really, I’m still really really hurt and upset, so I know it needs to be done…uuugghh why me?? Why can’t I just be happy and move on?? But  I know it won’t happen until I express myself..I just hope it doesn’t turn into some type of arguement..cuz really I don’t want it too…I think I’m just looking for an apology and his recognition of how badly he hurt me…then maybe..I will be able to move on.  WHo knows!

This morning I woke up at my usual time 5:05am…came out into the living room, turned the news on then powered up my computer, went pee, and then got my coffee…sat on the couch and assumed the position.  That position would be sitting on the couch with the laptop on my lap.  Only to find..I have no INTERNET Connection!  WHAT?? I was so lost! I tried everything I could think of to get it working…and nothing finally at 6am..I gave up! SUCKS!  Figured, mabye by the time I got home from work it would be running normal!  Guess what it wasn’t!! I can’t be without my computer!! Crap..imagine a day without it! I would be LOST! Plus I have so many friends that live on here…damn…why won’t you work!! Finally after spending about 1 hour on the phone with the internet ppl, I figured out it was something to do with my wireless router not the actual connection.  FUN! HOw the hell do I fix that?  I played around with it for a long time and finally I got it working..dont’ ask me how but I did it..YEAH!! I’m WIRELESS once again!!! 

So thats pretty much it for this Friday..nothing too life shattering!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

My Bday…

September 12, 2007

So quite bluntly put..this year was the WORST Birthday of my life!  I’m not putting this out there for people to feel sorry for me because really I don’t want the sympathy!  Just really using this as a way to vent..and hopefully get over this god awful feeling!  I know there are worst things in the world that could have me I get it..I get the fact that in the grand scheme of life..this is nothing ..and…I know I am thankful and lucky to be alive unlike so many people who passed on 9/11.  Yes I am lucky and yes thankful..however yesterday/last night…did not feel so happy.  It sucked! I had many friends and family who called to wish me a happy birthday..and truly without them..I don’t know if I would have made it through the night as well as I thank you all!!!  I also know if I lived closer to many of them, I would not have spent the night alone..I know that for a fact!!! Reality is I don’t live close to them…and really, spending your bday alone totally SUCKS ASS!  I felt like a total loser…I could have called up friends and said hey it’s my bday lets do something, but really, thats so not me!  They just all assumed I would be doing something with the bf..truly so did I!  I was still holding out hope that the bf was just telling me he had to work because he was going to surprise me…shame on me for being optimistic! I should have known better..guess my lesson was learned!  I do have to say..that one of my friends, did stop by and surprise me after she called to wish me a happy bday and learned I was here all by myself.  She brought me a balloon and some cake! It did cheer me up a little and it was so nice and thoughtful of thank you! 

What really got to me was the bf never called until 9:30pm to wish me a happy bday..really at that meant nothing! I know very selfish of me…but really it was my bday..I would expect he would be among the 1st people to wish me a happy day..not the last friggin person!  When he called he just carried on like it was any other apologies for not being able to spend this (what I thought was special) day with me, not even a hint of wanting to be with me..nothing..quite frankly this upset me…upset me to the point..where I totally cried myself to sleep. Babyish yes! But honestly I couldn’t help it!  I’ve spent the last year with this man, I would have thought of all the nights this would be one he would WANT to spend with me, even if it was to sit here and just watch tv or do nothing at all,  frankly as long as I was with him I didn’t care, it would have been special just knowing he wanted to be here…but…..guess I was truly mistaken!  Truthfully it hurts like hell!  Yes I’m  crying as I write this…I know I’m probably totally over reacting…but really I’m hurt and upset!  I will get over it I know…I know it’s really just another day…but really right now I can’t.  I can’t phathom the idea of not wanting to spend time with someone on their bday, whom I claimed to care about and spent the last year of my life with ..I truly can’t wrap my head around that!  I would clear my schedule for him in a heartbeat…literally breaks my heart knowing he wouldn’t do the same! It’s not like this day just suddenly popped up…maybe I am being selfish but dammit he should have been here not because I wanted him here but because HE WANTED TO BE HERE! 

I mean seriously, I told my parents to leave early(when they drove 3 hours to spend the weekend with me…I cut it short..and they completely understood) so I could spend most of the day at his fathers house for his bday. I knew he wanted me there and truthfully I wanted to be there for him.  Shame on me for doing that! Whatever, I thought this is what couples did, hmm guess it’s just my thinking…

Whatever, I’m off..sorry for spouting at the mouth but needed to get it out of my head…hopefully soon this day will be forgotten….I’m hoping this ache ends ASAP…..

The weekend (recap)….

September 10, 2007

The weekend went by way too fast.  My parents came bearing gifts!  Yeah new washer & dryer!! Well not really new but it was their old ones, they are only like 6 years old but WAY NEW to ME!  The ones I had previous to these NEW ones were once again hand-me-downs from them.  My old washer & dryer were at 20+ years old..seriously…OLD!  They still run good BUT energy efficient wise I needed newer ones!  So task #1 at hand …take out the old washer & dryer.  Hmm not fun…as we were removing them…my dad says oh dear looks like we have a problem here.  Hmm yeah..he moved the dryer out and the ENTIRE FRIGGIN WALL was covered in MOLD!! EEEEEWWWW!!!  God I swear I scrubbed and cloroxed and scrubbed some more..even sent my mom to the store to buy more scrubby brush thingies….and more clorox to make sure I got it all off and killed it! I scrubbed for (NOT JOKING) at least 2 hours.  Plus did I mention it was 95 here on Friday..oh yeah good times!  I was sweating my butt off…what not a picture you wanted in your head?? TOO BAD!!  So we load the old washer & dryer up on the truck and move it to my friends house..I donated them to her…really just wanted to get rid of them..but like I said they are still running really why not pass them on!!  I think it was about midnight when my dad and bf (yeah he showed up AFTER the old ones were out of the house..good timing right?)  I think it was around 1:30/2 before we got to bed…good times!

Saturday, my mom and I went shopping.  Nothing major just went to TARGET (kellie I’m so making up for you not shopping there this week!) and a grocery store!  I Bought some shelves for my dad to put up over the dryer …boy he loved me this weekend! 🙂  isn’t that what dads are for?? to put them to matter how old you are? loL!  so he spent all afternoon doing that.  Then my brother showed up with the girls…YEAH!!  too my house..I have a VERY SMALL kitchen table…no way in hell were we fitting 7 ppl around we all ate in the living room..on the couches, recyliner and on the floor.  We put the girls on the floor with the coffee table as their “table”…my oldest niece (who’s 4) says I need a chair..(hmm yeah she’s never EATEN on the floor!!!)  So I said….”at Aunt K’s” house we eat on the floor like this..and I showed her..they were both in their glory! It was really funny! Then we went out in the back playground and played on the swings and slides and jungle gym.  They had fun! Actually the playground was before dinner.  I set them up in my room with the “Princess Enchanted” DVD..they LOVED it…again the oldest..insisted she needed popcorn to watch the movie..hahaah She is so damn cute!! Some of my good friends came over for some icecream cake..yeah I’m not a big fan of I always get icecream cake..not necessarily healthier..just yummier! 🙂  Opened gifts…which I got 2 gift cert. for massages, money towards a wii, and a smartclock alarm clock. It was a good day!!

Now Sunday on the other hand..hmm yeah went completely DOWN HILL!! Woke up to the phone was for my dad…came out into the living some coffee and was watching tv.  Hmm then hell broke loose..well not really but you could say I at least came completely “unglued”.  Yeah the bf and my dad were totally ragging on me..I know they were just kidding but really..I just couldn’t take it…I totally lost it…however not in front of them.  I got up and walked into the kitchen and totally started sobbing like a friggin baby.  My mom knows me WELL! She knew I was upset and came in after me…the guys yeah completely FRIGGIN CLUELESS!! I mean really, how many times can you hear 1 person let alone 2 people tell you how miserable you look, how ornary you are, to smile once in a while that it wouldn’t hurt,  I mean they were even making cat noises (you know like a pissed off cat..and how they hiss..yeah that noise) seriously..ENOUGH is ENOUGH! I couldn’t take it.  For those that know me…yes I can get pissy but majority of the time I am happy go lucky..and usually in a good mood.  So needless to say, I, after that, was NOT much in the talking mood. Because really, even though I was 100% happy before…now..hmm NOT SO MUCH!  My dad left..he went to a car show, my mom showered and the bf was watching tv, and I was putting pics on the computer..the bf & I were NOT talking…then he showered and left…he had to go to his friends house..which I knew ahead of time..but really..was very happy to see him leave..I did not want to be around either him nor my father. Yes I was that PISSED and Upset!!  My mom and I headed off to the store.  We came back home and packed up their car and off they went.  They had to leave somewhat early because I had to go down to the bf’s parents was his fathers bday.  So the nice gf that I am..pissed off and all…went..and put on the “happy” face.  However, when I got there, hmm yeah it was just his bf.  He never showed up until 1 1/2 hours later…hmm once again..I was NOT a happy camper. I hardly know his parents…I’ve meet them maybe 2 or 3 times previous to this occasion and really I’m not 100% comfortable with them yet…so yeah this put me in a not to comfortable position.  Then about 1/2 hour after I got there..attempting like hell to make small talk with the parents…his sister and family show up..still no sign of the bf..he wasn’t answering his cell phone NOTHING!  So by this point all I wanted to do was leave…cuz really I didn’t want to be there..I was pissed royally now and just needed to go and be by myself. I don’t do well at hiding my feelings..but I was trying real hard!  So anyway..the bf finally showed apologies for not being there no nothing..just “I had obligations”…really f’ing I’m STEAMING!  But I continue to put on the “game face” and eat dinner, and have cake and ice cream and finally leave…5 1/2 hours later!!! I never got home until 9:30!! yeah I was not happy!

So like I said earlier my parents and my brother gave me money for a mom and I searched all around yesterday for one..but noone had them.  So this morning on my way to work..(remember how I LOVE to shop at Wallyworld at 7am??) I stop and guess what?? they had 8 in stock..yes i said EIGHT!! I was so of course I got one!!  SO all day was excited to come home and hook it up and play! YEs  I did play for 1 you ever played?? that kicks your butt!! I had to take a shower..I was sweaty betty!!  Plus it was hotter than heck in here too…but I will soon join my aunt in having wii itis…haha

So guess what also happened today?? Give up yet?? fine ok…I GOT MY OFFICE BACK!! YEAH! Well kinda..I started moving stuff back in…a couple things still need to be done but I’m officially back in!! YEAH..I spent all day rearranging and sorting through crap and placing things here and there!  YEAH!

So tomorrow is my bday…I was hoping the bf would take me out to dinner or at least want to spend the evening with me..but over the weekend he kept saying that tuesday evening he had stuff to do with this and that and this needed to get done whatever…I was kinda hoping he was just saying that..but he wasn’t!  Just one more thing for me to get upset at!  So tell I have a right to get upset cuz he isn’t or doesn’t want to spend my bday with me?? He is on call at night for a 2nd job..he has the option of saying no he can’t work…so they call him to work tomorrow and he says yes! First and foremost..(my thinking is anyway) I thought he had other things to do..(apparently they aren’t so important but important enough to miss out spending my bday with me)  and secondly he COULD HAVE SAID NO!! Should I be upset???  I mean regardless I am..but just want your opinions!  Another comment made by him I did not appreciate..when he called earlier I was setting up my wii…when I told him..and yes I was excited…he was like “I can’t believe your wasting your money on that crap”  Ok again, most of the money was giving to me for that specific buy that crap and secondly..who the hell is he to tell me what I can and can not spend my money on?? My bills are paid for, up to date, I have everything I need and then really…take a hike!  Yeah as you can tell I’m not so happy with him tonight!! I so hate feeling this way…Really normally we do get along..but lately..not so much…

SO I will be here just playing the Wii BOXING getting all my FRUSTRATION and STRESS OUT!!  Carry on……..


September 6, 2007

Why oh why am I writing again?? Who the hell knows..I guess I just feel like chatting..cuz I really don’t have anything to say but a million things on my mind…so here ya go:

Well my first week as being the official boss is almost done…really it wasn’t that bad.  I thought I would have some resistence from 1 particular far nothing.  I was ready for battle!  haha Seriously though! This man is in his mid 50’s and is one of those people that thinks he knows all and does no wrong.  He always asks questions but never listens to your answer.  Really he is a pain in the ass.  Has no control over the kids and causes MANY MANY issues in the far…after the 1st day of school (yes I know its still EARLY..hey I’m being OPTIMISTIC HERE!!) so as they say so far so good. 

I’m STILL NOT IN MY OFFICE!!! 😦  Which really doesn’t make me happy at all!! I have moved all my stuff into the closet in the office which isn’t having any construction done to it..I REFUSE to pull it all out and down the hall for a 4th TIME!! I mean REALLY 5 weeks is PLENTY of time to get a damn ceiling in!! CRAZY! I’m almost to the point of telling our lovely contractors off…but..hehhe my boss already did in so many words!! I was told Tomorrow they would be done!! HAHA YEAH RIGHT! I will believe it when I see it!!!

My parents are coming down this weekend to celebrate my birthday! Fun! FUN!  Actually I am looking forward to it.  My brother and nieces are supposedly coming to visit on Saturday as well! So far I’ve see those girls …for the past 3 weeks in a row..this will make 4!!  Which means I’m one happy AUNT :)!!  I miss those girls so much if i could I would see them every single day!!  The BF is staying here as well as my parents..hmm yeah that should be fun!! haha I actually asked my mom if she minded him staying here and she shocked the shit out of me with her response! I quote “How old are you??, it’s your house right??well then it’s your rules!” HOLY this the same mom I once knew?? WEIRD but I’m not going ot argue..cuz really yes I am old enough and yes it is my house..but at the same time I don’t want to make them uncomfortable with him spending the night here.

Next week, it’s going to be busy!  Tuesday I have to spend all damn day in training at my fun!!  Wednesday and Thursday I have to travel for a meeting. JOY! That means..2 days actually working…hmm yeah I don’t see a whole lot getting done! 

Last night..OMG the bf wanted so badly to rearrange my livingroom!! He said I wasn’t making good use of all my furniture…WHAT THe hell does that mean???  It’s only me that lives here…I’m 1 person..I don’t need to sit on a loveseat, a couch and a recliner all at the same time! Hmm BAD IDEA..needless to say at midnight in a not so pleasant voice..I said..lets just put it back to the way it was and went to bed! OH SO FUN!! IS this what I have to look forward to?? Why do they (meaning men) feel they are always right and know whats best?? Ugghh sometimes..its really aggrivating (I think I spelt that wrong)! 

Ok stop yawning…I’m may now go back to sleep…

I cooked and am still ALIVE…AMAZING!

September 6, 2007

Ok so last night, I’m leaving work and thought to myself..I kinda feel like cooking tonight.  Notice the word KINDA…I didn’t really want to but I’m sick of eating or ordering out all the time when the BF is here.  Really, when it was just me, I could care less about eating.  I was happy with a piece of toast or a bowl of cereal!  But (god I don’t know why) the BF insists on eating a lot more than that. 

So I got on my cell phone..yes I even was talking on it while I was driving, with NO hand free device!! Shame on me!  I called my mom, and said (my exact words) what can I make that is QUICK and EASY??  so she mentioned Baked Ziti…my first reaction…hell no!! I can’t make that.  THen she told me exactly what I needed to do. After the explanation, I didn’t think it sounded too bad.  So off to the store I go, buy the needed ingredients..because I literally have NOTHING in my house to eat and head home.  It really didn’t take me too long to make …it was ready to be put into the oven when the bf arrived.  Needless to say he was shocked I cooked and Are you ready for this??? We actually ate at my dinning room table!!  We never do…I think I’ve eating there maybe 3 or 4 times in my 6 years of living here.   We both ate it and Survived.. YEAH!! I still am not a big fan of cooking..but at least I can add on another entree I am capable of making half-way decent.  The other things I cook/make are:  Pizza (of course!), tuna casserole, I can make a MEAN hamburger, quesadilla’s (hmm with the help of my quesadilla maker), taco’s, taco salad,  stromboli, and now ZITI!  Wow I actually have enough meals for a week! Think he would get sick of them?? LOL!