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Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!

November 26, 2007

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  I haven’t had much computer time at all lately.  Weird? I know..I used to be able to sit for hours and hours on the Not so much.  I’m lucky if I am able to check my email.  I just seem to be running all the time!  Anywho..I will hopefully be reading about all your thanksgiving dinners and outings tonight..after work when I come home and hopefully do nothing. 

I went to my parents house from Wednesday until Saturday morning.  Got to their house around 6pm Wednesday.  I ended up going to my friends house for a little while that night..just to hang out and catch up.  Thursday did absolutely NOTHING.  The weather..HORRIBLE!!  It did nothing but freeze rain all day.  It was like a mini ice storm..the roads were bad.  So I just hung out, helped my mom clean, fix the appetizers (remember I don’t cook) and watch tv.  We had a good day, although it was very quiet.  Our holidays aren’t what they used to be, now it’s just me and my parents.  Which don’t get me wrong, I am thankful, but I miss the little kids the family/friends and well everyone.  I like holidays to be packed with the years go on it seems to get less and less people. 

On friday, my mom and I got up at 5am and headed out for shopping.  She had to go over to VErmont for a MRI, so thats where we went to shop.  The lines..CRAZY!! haha but we had tons of fun.  We got home at 10pm friday night.  I finally started my shopping..but still have tons to go.

This weekend got home Saturday around 2ish then went down to the bf’s to help him with his house.  Really didn’t do much but it was either that or I didn’t get  to see him.  So I did learn how to (kinda) wire a house and insert outlets and light was interesting and believe it or not I did enjoy myself.  I was really dreading it cuz I thought I would be bored but I wasn’t (shhh…don’t tell him that..hahah!)  SO much that I never got home until 1am and turned around and went back on Sunday to help.  It’s looking like this may be our new activity together.

Hope you all have a wonderful day…Happy Monday!!!

 **As for the smoking…I have not stopped totally 😦  I go days without having one..then for some stupid reason I want just I have just that 1.  So I have cut down TREMENDOUSLY!!  Am hoping soon to be 100% smoke free…Even though I’m still “cheating” I’m still very proud of myself,  I no longer smoke in my house, it’s been almost 2 weeks for that.  ANd even though I crave one, when I have it, it tastes like crap and I only smoke 1/2 of it.  So I know it’s a matter of time…YIPPIE!! And believe it or not, I do feel much better…weird how that all works out!!**


DAY FOUR in counting……

November 15, 2007

Ok so I’m still a non-smoker!! YEAH! GO ME!! For the most part it has been easy! BUT , and thats a HUGE BUT, I do get cravings every now and then. Cravings that I want to run out the door and run down to the store to buy a pack.  I keep telling myself NOPE, not going to happen, usually the craving goes away within about 1/2hour.  So all in all not bad!! I’m hoping this is for real.  I’m quite proud of myself for lasting this long.  See I have always been a closet smoker.   I have friends that know I smoke and friends that don’t.  Family that knows and family that doesn’t.  Why?? Cuz I know those that don’t know, if they did I think they would judge or more likely harp on me…and quite frankly I don’t need that crap!  if people were around who didn’t know, I was perfectly fine not smoking.  WHen my parents were here for a week, or if I’m at their house for a week or even a couple days, I don’t smoke.  They are of course ones who do not know!  SO I know I can do it, but really I think it is just out of boredom that I smoke.  During the day, I’m perfectly fine, but at night, hmm yeah thats when it gets to me, or in the morning with my first cup of coffee…yummy!! Thats when I miss it? 

Wait!  Did I just hear on the news, today is the great american smokeout?? If so, this is the first year, that I’ve said I was going to quit, I havent actually smoked on this day? Wow, and hell I didn’t even know it! 

 Ok I know enough about my addiction!!! But really, I got nothing else…oh wait I lied…I’ve been crocheting, for 2 reasons.  1) it helps occupy me at night so I don’t think about smoking and 2) I do want to make a blanket for my friend who is having a baby girl in december.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE pattern! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Thanks to my Aunt Sherry, she sent it to me! I will share pictures when I’m all done!! 

TAh-TAH, have a fabulous day!!!  🙂

Today feels like Monday…

November 13, 2007

I so love having a short work week, however it does screw me up all week.  This morning when I woke felt like a monday!  I’m glad it is not though!  I really don’t have much to blog about which is why I haven’t been on here lately!  Life is good.  My mom is doing well.  She starts her radiation this week.  She’s not looking forward to driving 1 hour each day to get it but she isn’t nervous about it at all!  So I guess that is good.  I so can’t believe next week is thanksgiving.  People I haven’t even started christmas shopping yet..YIKES!! I have so much to do..and so many people to shop for!  I have some ideas but not many.  The BF and I were discussing going away for a weekend..and that is when I realized just how close the holidays were…crap I need to get my butt in gear!!  Maybe this weekend I Will start.  Funny part about it, when I was out and about this weekend, I coudln’t figure out why the stores were packed…DUR!! Now I know!!

Something else to tell you, I quit smoking…well I’m on day 2!!   I decided with all the crap my mom is going through I wanted to quit.  Plus I just really want to quit.  SO I’m on my way.  I hope I can do it!  I was never a heavy smoker but I did smoke more than enough.  SO lets hope I can kick this habit once and for all.  I think this is the first time ever I’ve really truly tried to quit and meant it.  Time will tell if it is meant to be!!  Have a good Tuesday all!!!

No Longer MIA…

November 3, 2007

OK so I decided my “vacation” from blogging is OVER!!   I hopefully won’t lose any readers from my break!  I have been completely consumed with helping my mom through this tough time and well working.  I have been traveling for work quite a bit, therefore making it extremely hard to fit in blogging time.  But hopefully with all this behind me or somewhat settled for the time being I’m back!  I apologize too all of you because I haven’t even been reading your blogs..I promise I will try to catch up..don’t hate me!

Good news first! My mom got some excellent news yesterday! NO CHEMO!! YEAH!  I can’t even begin to tell you how elated/excited/happy/ name it..we are!!! She went to the oncologist yesterday and they told her that from the size of the tumor they took out (I guess it was pea size) only .4cm of it was considered invasive.  Invasive cancer for those of you that don’t know (and I hope you never have to experience it) is the type of cancer that spreads throughout the entire body.  Well I guess the .4 is considered a low number and because of that NO CHEMO!! YIPPIE!!  She still needs to go through radiation but really in the big picture that is the easiest of the two and the method we would choose!!  So we are extremely excited..and my mom..she is on cloud 9!!  Last week she went to the hair dressers and got her hair cut SOOOO short, when I asked why so short she said it was due to getting ready to go through chemo.  SHe was preparing herself physically for the chemo..mentally I know she still had yet to accept it.  I was kinda upset with her for doing it, because she didn’t even know if she had to have it at that point.  THANKFULLY she doesn’t have to go through it!!!! So yeah excited is an understatement!    She will start her radiation in a couple of weeks and hopefully be done by the first of the year!

My Aunt left yesterday to go back to the state of WA!!  I only got to see her very briefly, but we still had a good visit.  Wish I could have spent more time with her.  Both of my Aunts came down on Thursday night and spent the night.  We had a good time.  Spent part of the evening just bs’ing and the rest of it playing Wii Bowling! hahah way too fun!!  My one aunt that lives here is friggin HYSTERICAL playing..haha OMG you would think she was doing some type of acrobatic stunt or something while bowling.  We had a good time.  I ended up calling into work on Friday and went to the airport to bring my aunt there.  I really did have a headache but I probably could have managed to go to work..but whatever.  I was home by 1 and then cleaned my place.  I washed walls, washed all my curtains, ironed and hung them back up, mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors.  Doesn’t seem like a lot but it took me from 3 until 7:45 to get it all done.  Today I’m going to shampoo my carpets.  I borrowed the rug shampooer from my Aunt. I have no clue how to use it but hopefully will figure it out and they will come out nice and clean!! she did show me..but really I’m a hands on person, so I won’t know until I go to use it!  This weekend I don’t plan on doing much, the bf is in Las Vegas and is coming home tonight, late.  Really I’m AOK with just relaxing and hanging out at home.  It will be nice to have a weekend with very little to do!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!  Again thank you for all of your support, prayers and well wishes for my mom, THEY WORKED!! YEAH!!!!