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Merry Christmas

December 24, 2007

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I hoope you all have a very Happy and Safe Christmas and are all enjoying it with friends and family!!!! 


Baby Envy…

December 22, 2007

My friend had her baby yesterday morning by c-section.  (You remember, the one I’m frantically crocheting a blanket for)  Poor thing I felt so bad for her Thursday night.   She called me in the morning and said her water broke at like 1:30 am Thursday morning.  She didn’t go to the hospital as she said there were no contractions.  She called the doctor and made an appoint around 8ish in the morning and when she got there they admitted her in the hospital.  Started giving her the labor inducing meds to help start the contractions and get her dialating.  I got there at 5:30pm Thursday evening and the poor thing was in pain.  The contractions were getting stronger and stronger.  I only stayed about 1/2 hour then went home.  I was expecting a phone call later that night to tell me they had a new baby but no call ever came.  It turns out she went through this all damn night and finally in the morning the doctor decided a c-section was best seeing how she was only like 2cm dialated.  There you have it…a new baby girl!! YEAH!!

 Im so happy for her!!  Her baby is absolutely beautiful!!  I went up after work and stayed for a couple hours.  I actually got to change her very first diaper EVER!! I know I’m a dork but to me..I am excited about this.   My friend is going to be an awesome mother.  This is her first.  Of course she is nervous but I have no doubts.  She has a great heart and heck she’s a teacher so she loves children.  I’m going back to visit her today in the hospital before I travel to my parents.  I’m so excited to see her and her new little one!!!

 All this baby talk and seeing babies so makes me want one of my very own.    I’m almost 32 and time is ticking the clock seems to go quicker and quicker every friggin year!  Oh yeah her blanket is not done 😦  I was hoping it would be but it’s not…so today I’m bringing what i have done and saying…this is your present but it’s not complete!!! hahah

I can’t keep up

December 19, 2007

Christmas is right around the corner and like everyone else I feel like I’m going through my days on mock 100.  It’s crazy.  My day consists of going to work. Running from the moment I get there to the moment I leave.  We are having A LOT of issues at work so its been crazy!!  Not a moment of silence..and no people it isn’t good issues.  It’s been pure chaos..the kids are way out of control! It’s nuts.  I’m so ready for a vacation..Friday so can’t come SOON enough.  I come home drop my stuff off, run to the post office..normally I don’t go there everyday, but I have to admit I LOVE getting xmas I am going everyday to see what new ones I exciting! I then run to this store and that store do some shopping..and with the crazy’s not a short stop….it takes me longer to find a darn parking space than it is to run in and get what i need.  Once home, i’ve started on the treadmill again.  I’m just doing 2 miles but at least its something.  I was finding myself completely stressed from work so I am trying this to relieve some of the stress.  So far it seems to be helping.  I then jump off the treadmill, change from my sweaty, yukky clothes, and start wrapping.  Spend at least 1/2 to hour wrapping then, put all the crap back into the spare room.  Then I make something that resembles dinner, eat, do dishes and finally around 8ish I’m somewhat settled for the night.  That is when I take out my crocheting and frantically work on my blanket.  It is for my friend who is pregnant, she is due December 24th.  I’m trying desperately to get it done before she has her baby. Do I think it will be finished?? Absolutely NOT, but I’m trying like hell!  I usually spend the rest of the night (all 2 hours of what is left) working on this.  I’ve even been brining the crocheting to bed with me.  Figured while I’m watching tv in bed, while waiting to fall asleep I can get some crocheting done.  Then fall asleep, and wake up and start all over again!! Doesn’t seem like a ton, but it is totally keeping me busy! 

This weekend I got some exciting news! I’m going to be an Aunt again!! Yippee!! At first I thought my brother was kidding but he isn’t! This will be their 3rd..I’m so exciting.  I’m hoping for a boy..they are going to find out what their having.  Right now they have 2 girls and they figure if this one is a boy, they need time to redo the bedroom and prepare!! So come July…I will be an aunt to 3 wonderful little one!  Makes me  so happy!!   🙂  Makes me want one of my own in a big way!!  so I can share in the excitment!! But will be a while before that happens!!

Before I forget the bedroom door story.  I found it hilarious..but I don’t know if I can write and explain it as funny as it happened.  I will try:  Picture this:  I just got out of the shower, (my parents were down for a visit), the BF and my dad were in my living room chatting, I’m in my room with the door closed, the bf knocks and says he needs to come in and get his clothes.  I tell him to come in.  Then go to open the door  and can’t.  Im now thinking the bf is holding the door on the outside.  He says, let me in, and my response is I would if you let the door go.  He isn’t holding the door and my dad tells me he isn’t too.  Crap..I am stuck in my room! The door knob is just spinning and spinning and th edoor isn’t opening.  Damn it broke.  So the demolishin work begins.  They start pounding on the door, NOTHING, we try to take the door knob off, NOthing..Finally they hand me a screw driver under the door to take the door hinges off..I take them off, they pound on it..NOTHING..I’m telling you this was a 20-30 minute process..I was STUCK.  Jokingly my dad yells to me to go out through my window..sad thing is it almost came to that.  Finally after a TON of pounding on the door they move it from their hinges.  We literally had to take the damn door off in order for me to get out.  IT was so FUNNY.  Like I said I know I didn’t even come close to making it sound as funny as it was but trust me…we were all dying with laughter!!  So there you have it…sorry this morning I’m not full of animated words or descriptions…really I’m just dredding going to work 😦   Doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s hell to get moving!!! 

Goodness, the news just announced, 6 MORE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! they need to keep reminding me!!!

Week Recap

December 14, 2007

Hello all!  I hope you are all doing well and are ready for christmas.  I’m getting there.  Things have been crazy for me in the past week.  The sad thing is I do not have any kids so I can only imagine what it would be like if I did. 

Last weekend my parents came down to visit.  We had a great time and I got some MAJOR xmas shopping done.  There is a running joke between my mother and I.  They usually arrive late friday evening, around 7:30 – 8:00pm.  So I always tell my mom, you can pick 1 store to go to on Friday night and the rest we will hit Saturday.  You see I’m so NOT a shopper and my mother on the other hand could literally shop til she drops.  We are complete opposites in that respect.  When they got here she had her 1 store picked out so we went.  Left my house around 8pm and got home at 11pm.  BUT it was well worth it, I got so many gifts.  Saturday we did some crazy shopping.  Around 7pm I begged my mom to be done.  haha the crowds were thickening and it was just NUTS in all stores and people were just getting rude and they were miserable.  Which needless to say, was making me very crabby!  I so cannot stand rude people…repeat, “exuse me”, or “I’m sorry”, or even “thank you”, see thats not hard to say is it?? Good lord people it’s the holiday season BE HAPPY!!  Anyway, after we got home the BF met us here and then we all went to dinner.  Then came back and hung out then went to sleep.  Woke up Sunday did some running around.  OH yeah,  I have a HILARIOUS (sp??) story from SUNDAY…I’m not going to get into it right now..thats another topic…OMG SO FUNNY!! It is regarding my bedroom door…HEHEH I’m dying laughing just thinking of it!! 

Starting MOnday, work has been crazy, this time of year the kids get NUTS.  It’s been frustrating to say the least…we have a lot of new staff that are completely clueless.  Wednesday night was the BF’s niece’s band/chorus concert so we went to see that.  It was really cute, she’s in 5th grade and the band was pretty good.  Thursday I woke up not feeling very well, plus the bf’s aunt passed away on Sunday morning so the services were then.  I took the day off from work, and went down and spent the day with him and his family.  They had a nice, small service and then we went back to his cousins house and hung out there for the remainder of the day.  We got pounded with snow as well, so driving 45 minutes back home in that last nigth was not fun!!  But I made it home safe and sound!

Well thats a recap of my week.  I hope everyone had a great one and I promise to share my door story soon…I also have one regarding my vacuum cleaner……maybe later tonight if I have time I will tell you about it.  HEHE try not to be to anxious!! haha 

Time is Flying…

December 4, 2007

Where did last week go?? It went by so quickly…and now this week is doing the same.  Not that I’m complaining but before you know it Christmas will be here and I’m so NOT ready.  This past weekend the BF and I went away.  It was our first weekend we’ve been somewhere together besides my parents house.  We survived! haha actually it was a good time.  We went to visit one of his relatives who is extremely ill and most likely will not make it for much longer he wanted to see her at least one last time.  We did some shopping at some local orchards, and hung out with his relatives. It was fun! 

This morning I’m off for a 2 day work retreat.  Should be fun.  We have never done anything like this ever before.  The good thing about it…I could sleep in a little this morning.  Who doesn’t like that? 

Tomorrow the BF is coming over and we are decorating my house and putting up my tree.  Usually I have done this by now..but the bf wanted to help and who am I to say no? Its much more fun to have someone help you.  In the past, one of my friends used to come over and help, we used to play xmas music really loud, sign along, decorate and then after we were done we used to make our own chex mix.  It was a lot of fun!!  I kinda miss doing this..that past year, that friend and I are kinda going our separate ways.  She got married a couple of years ago and she just had a baby back in July.  So she’s very busy.  Its sad really..we  go weeks without talking.  Anywho…so new traditions are starting…that is if the bf doesn’t get called into work…I will be sad if he does..I’m really looking forward to it. 

Ok gotta go get ready…hope everyone is doing well….have a good week 🙂