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March 31, 2008

 I know I’m going on and on here..but really?  WTF???   Ok this morning I decided to not go to work.  I still felt like crap and I did have a temperature.  So I decided to stay home.  I did not go to the doctors, because who feels like waiting forever to be seen when they don’t feel good..certainly NOT ME!  Throughout the day, I felt good, then felt bad, on and off.  My temp went away, However, I just took it because I felt like I was a sweaty mess. (I know too much info)  Dear god it’s back! Seriously?? WTF is going on.  Now it’s 100.  This morning it was 99.  Granted it isnt high but still.   Why one minute do I have a temp and the next it’s gone?  Good lord, I really DO NOT want to go to the doctors….ugh..I may have ot just bite the bullet an go though….


Enough already!

March 31, 2008

Today is March 30th, which means SPRING! I think our dear ole’ mother earth is a little confused with what season it is!  Today it is SLEETING RAIN and cold and yucky!  I’m so over this snow crap and cold weather.  I’m ready for nice sunny, warm SPRING days! Where the heck are they?  This year although we haven’t gotten a ton of snow like years in the past, it seems to be hanging on forever.  This cold weather is so getting to me.  It’s sad when I think 40 degrees is NICE out.  Nice to the point, I refuse to wear a coat or gloves.  Hmm think maybe that is why I’m sick?

Yup, I’m still ill.  All weekend spent mostly on the couch doing nothing.  I did manage to go to a hockey game Saturday night, but really I should have stayed home.    I did have fun even though I felt like I guess that is a good thing.   As for SUnday, I spent most of the day inside watching my eyelids fluttering.  But it was so nice out (READ: 40 degrees and sunny) that I felt guilty being inside.  Since we have not had many of these days I felt it was necessary to get out and enjoy it.  Yes I still didn’t feel well, but I thought some fresh air would do me good.  SO I went for a 3 mile walk.  Although at the time it felt good to be outside..after the fact…I felt like crap.   My head started pounding, my face killing me, and yup still not able to breath.  I’m thinking this cold/flu/ is turning into a sinus infection. FUN! 

This morning I have to go fight through the crowds of old people to go get bloodwork.  Seriously, I think it is a prerequsite to be 70+ in order to get blood drawn.   The place I go doesn’t open until 7:30am.  I try to get there as early as possible, as a line is formed outside the door, waiting to get in.  This line consists of 70+ people, either with canes, wheelchairs, or just slow walkers.  I could easily beat them, when the doors open and walk right by but how fair would that be, so I politely, walk behind them all.  It takes about 10 minutes to get to the lab, when in fact it should take maybe 5 minutes or less…ok I may be exaggerating some, but really they are SLOW moving!  I so hate my blood drawn.  HATE IT!! HATE IT!!  These ppl have no idea what the hell they are doing.  Usually it takes them a minimum of 2 or 3 times before they find a “good” vein.  I HATE NEEDLES!! TO the point I want to cry and ya know what..sometimes I do, depending on how many times they stick me!  UGH!  I’m dreading this can you tell!! 

I’m still undecided whether or not to go into work today.  Part of me thinks I should stay home, to hopefully rid this damn cold once and for all and another part is thinking I should because I may have the start to what we call conjuntivitis..aka: PINK EYE! JOY!  Last night my eyes started itching like mad.   THis morning I do have some “junk” in them but I dont know if it is normal “junk” or pink eye “junk” .  They are a little red, so I will see how it progresses in the next couple of hours! So much fun! 

As you can tell, I like to play doctor.  I hate going to the doctors for a cold of a flu.  Because really? what are they going to do?  They will tell me it has to run it’s course and they can’t give me anything for it, oh yeah they will also take my money!  So I would rather save it and self-diagnose myself!  Works for me!  ANywho….hope you all have a good monday!!  I? will be sliding in the nice slippery..sleety (I know it’s not a word) …rainy…wet roads we have here!

I Feel like CRAP!

March 28, 2008

Ok so my headache the other night..hmm yeah turned into a cold.  I woke up Wednesday morning with not just a headache but my throat scratchy and my ears completely plugged.  I went to work..only to feel like complete arse by the end of the day.  I came home and did nothing.  Thursday woke up feel completely worse.  Now my scratchy throat turned into a sore throat, where everytime I swallowed it was painful.  Everytime I spoke..OUCH.  My ears..dear god I can’t friggin hear.  There is fluid in there I can feel it, I “pop” my ears and it is painful.  THe pressure in my head it causing even more of a headache.  I left work yesterday at 2:30.  I had to go in..I haven’t spent much time in the office and I’m SO BEHIND.  I did get a little caught up yesterday.  Last night I was in bed by 8pm.  I loaded my chest with vicks and also? I heard that putting vicks on your feet yup I did that as well.  I also took a BIG GIANT swig of nyquil and took some IB proferin.  Woke up at 1am. Everything was completely worn off.  I took my temp before going to bed. 100!  GREAT!  I never have a friggin temp!  At 1 this morning when I woke up..I took some more NYquil, and some more pain meds.  and back to sleep I go.  3am..wide awake again! UGH! Have I mentioned I feel like shit? NO? Well I feel like shit!  This morning I still do.  BUT..I HAVE to go to work! I HAVE TO! I know the place will run without me. But today, we have a scheduled speaker coming, and I? am in charge of it.  Also we have something else planned…which I CAN NOT miss.  It is vital to our program being “safe and secure”.  I have some fairly new teachers, so they do not know what needs to be done during this time.  I need to show them.  I’m sure another administrator would tell them if I wasn’t there…but it isn’t their responsibility.  UGH it is times like this, I wish I were just a teacher..and not the boss.  That way I could call in and not feel guilty about it.  This morning, I still have a temp.  It is down to 99.5.  Which is better…but still a little proof I’m sick.My body aches like it is sick.I talk like I’m sick.Ugh I just feel sck!  I’m going to attempt to go to work.  I honestly don’t know how long I will last..but at least I can say I attempted.  Also if I feel I must least I can explain what needs to be done this afternoon. 

I know I’m not dying, I just have a head cold.  But still?  It sucks!  and I? feel like complete ass!! 

OUCH….But I need you HELP!

March 25, 2008

Ok I have a SCREAMING HEADACHE tonight…to the point where my head feels like it is throbbing…ugh…I so hate headaches…I’m off to bed as soon as I hit publish!

But I wanted to post tonight because I would like everyone’s help!!  I’m looking for UPBEAT WOrkout songs for my ipod!  I have some and I’ve spent quite some time on itunes looking for more..which I think contributed to this headache…but I would like your suggestions.  I listen to EVERYTHING…every type of music..chances are I listen to it.  COuntry, rock, pop, rap, r & B and whatever else there is.  The only thing I’m really not into is HEAVY know that screaming in the microphone type.  I so hate that crap!

So whatta got for me?? Suggestions??  PLEASE!! 

I caved…

March 25, 2008

So after all the debating this weekend..I ended up going home on Sunday! It was a decision made in about 15 minutes…thanks to my Aunt.  No it isn’t my aunt waaay out in WA.  It was my aunt that lives by my parents.  I slept in on Sunday.  I admit, I wasn’t in the best frame of mind.  I woke up in a blaahhza mood.  Feeling sorry for myself, kinda down, because I was alone.  I know ENOUGH already!  ANyway, I woke up around 9ish, then got on the computer to look for my Aunt (the one that lives by my parents) on im, to let her know I wasn’t going to my parents, so she wouldn’t be seeing me.  She responded, “IF L (her daughter) lived 3 hours away and didn’t come home for easter, I would be pissed.”  I responded by saying, “I don’t think my mom is pissed, maybe disappointed but not pissed. ”  I had already called my mom by this time, she was disappointed but she totalyl understood.  Then my aunt really piled on the guilt trip by saying, “well this year is different, your parents are home and want to cook a big dinner, plus any other year she didn’t have cancer, she wants you there.”  UGH, ok that did it.  SHe had a point.  THis year my mom has been through hell, well actually we all have in dealing with her illness.  This was about 10:15am when I was talking to her.  I quickly made the decision to stop being selfish and drive up.  I was on the road by 11:10 and made it home by 2.  I didn’t call my parents to let them know I was coming up, I just showed up.  They were surprised, but my dad said, “I had a bet with your mother, I knew you would show up!”  Great..haha am I that predictable?  ANyway, it was a nice dinner..there were 11 people at my parents house for dinner.  Most of these people are significantly older than my parents, so really, I didn’t have much in common with them besides the small talk.  SO my aunt and I decided to spice things up!  We dug out the Wii and had a bowling competition.  Most just watched and laughed but we did get a couple people to participate.  THen we had one of my parents friends (who is their age) want to box.  HAH OMG way too funny!  When my Aunt went home, I was soon to follow.  I told my mom to call me when everyone left.  I then went over to my Aunts house and we played more Wii.  She cracks me up!! SHe is soo funny!  We played all the Wii Play games, then played the Wii Playground.  God she was KILLING me..I was laughing SO HARD!! TEARS were coming down my face!!  Then of course, I had to have a tennis match with her.  I absolutely LOVE the tennis game.  SHE loves the bowling, so we played some of that as well!!  We had a great time.  Around 8:30pm my mom calls to tell me everyone was gone, so I went back home.  I told her to set up the Wii cause GAME ON!! haha   I had bought my dad the Caleb’s Big Game Hunting Wii game.  I so wanted to try it.  HAHAHA I totally suck and now know why I DO NOT HUNT! My dad was KILLING ME.  HE was SCREAMING (laughing at the same time) SHOOT ‘EM, SHOOT ‘EM.  HAHAH I mean he was so loud! I couldn’t shoot the damn deer/elk or whatever it was.  They were running right in front of me..and every time I pulled the trigger, I jolted the controller and would shoot the air! HAHA It was funny!  He was funny!  After about an hour of attempting to kill bambi, I gave up.  My mom was patiently waiting to bowl.  So we then bowled until 11pm.  Yes she kicked my butt.  I am so NOT a bowler…I completely suck in fact!!  But we had fun!

Monday morning I was up at 5:50am, showered and on the road by 6:45am!! I didn’t realize both my parents had to work on MOnday.  I thought they had the day off…  I was back home around 10am!  Damn I wasn’t even gone 24hours! …Oh well..we had fun and that is all that matters!!

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter!!   

What to do?

March 22, 2008

Tomorrow, as we all know, is Easter. I’m not sure what I want to do tomorrow.  DO I want to travel 3 hours north to go to my parents house for dinner, and then drive 3 hours back home on Monday?  I really am not sure.  If I had the week off that might be a different story, I would most likely go home.  But given I only have Monday and Tuesday off and given the current gas prices…I just don’t know.  If I go home, I wouldn’t go until Sunday morning.  Which means getting up at the crack of dawn to be there for a mid afternoon dinner.  The reason why I’m not going home any early is because today is one of my friends birthdays..well not really today but we are celebrating today.  THe plan is to go out.  You know how long it has been since I’ve gone out? FOREVER!! Given the current stress level, I’ve had lately..I’m so ready for a night out on the town.  Normally, I wouldn’t care about going out.  I really am over the whole bar scene.  But I am in need of some fun!  Whether it involves some heavy drinking or not, just to hang out with my friends, without the pressure of  a bf wondering where I am or wondering if he is having fun.  Just me being me!  I’m excited.  It isn’t going to be a big deal, but it has been so long since we’ve all gotten together and hung out it should be really fun.  Normally, when everyone gets together it is around the holidays and I’m always at my parents, so I miss it.  So I’m staying here, at least until morning.  Is that bad? 

You see  Easter used to be a big deal in my family, while we were growing up.  We used to spend every easter in FL at my grandparents, my dad’s parents.  And it used to be a big deal!  It was a whole day event.  But then we grew up and my brother and I, were in college and went our separate ways.  My parents still continued to go visit my grandmother (my grandfather has since passed on 😦 ) SO it has been YEARS since I’ve spent easter with them.  While in college I used to go home and have easter dinner with my other grandparents, my mothers parents.  Now that grandmother lives in WA with my Aunt.  Since I’ve moved here, I spent a couple easter’s with my Aunt, wwwaaaaaaaaaayyyy out in WA, but the past couple of years my vacation from school does not match the timing of easter, so thats out.  I did not realize my parents would be home this year for Easter until last weekend.  When my mom asked, are you coming home next weekend?  To which I responded, for what?  Because me Easter is another day!  I’m not used to celebrating it, nor being with family on this day.  So I am really not to sure what I’m going to do.  Part of me knows I should go home and spend easter with them, but part of me doesn’t want to make the trek home. If we lived closer it probably wouldn’t be an issue.  If I stayed here, I wouldn’t be alone.  I’ve had a couple of friends invite me over for dinner.  The past couple of weekends have been busy ones, and really I just want my couple days off  from work to be uneventful, and not having to jump in my car and go places that require a ton of traveling.  I know 3 hours isn’t that big of a deal…but it is a BORING ride and making the trip, drive there and drive back in 2 days, seems pointless.  I would want to be home by Monday night, only because I have some stuff to do for work and I would want Tuesday to get that done. 

My mom called me yesterday and said so your coming right?  I told her I really didn’t know what I was going to do.  She seemed disappointed.  But really, if she had that chance to leave for FL like now, she wouldn’t flinch..she’d be on her way and wouldn’t think twice about what I was doing for Easter.  I know that makes her sound bad, she isn’t.  It is just their normal vacation and I don’t blame her for wanted to get the heck out of this snowy/cold weather.  SO my reasoning is…just because they happen to be here this 1 year, I am not sure if I am going to drop everything and go running home to spend this day with them.  Even if she is disappointed, she will get over it and time will go on.  God that sounds so bad!! haha  I dont mean it to sound so heartless.  It is just my thinking process…I guess blunt and too the point.  SO even after writing this and (as it looks) trying to convince myself to go home, I still am unsure what I’m goign to do? 


Days like today…ROCK!

March 20, 2008

I seriously could not have asked for a better day at work!! The kids absolutely AMAZING! They were SO well behaved! It was AWESOME! 

Usually 2 times a year we have what we call an activity day.  They usually take place right before our christmas break and before easter.  The purpose of these days is to expose our kids to holiday activities that most have never done before in their life and also give them something to smile about and forget for 1 day that they are away from their families during the holidays!  Today was one of the BEST days ever!  Even the staff enjoyed themselves!

Normally the line staff are not allowed to participate in activities with the kids.  THeir job is to supervise not play with them.  However, today I got that “rule” waived.  This mornings activites consisted of: egg coloring, cookie decorating, weight room, pool, and ping pong.  I had different stages set up with 45 minutes being spent at each stage.  The kids moved from stage to stage with no issues and they were so appropriate with one another.  I’m telling you it was so awesome! However, sad at the same time.  Not a single kid had ever colored eggs before.  So sad! To me this is one of my fondest memories as a kid.  I could not imagine going through life without ever experiencing this.  (of course it all depends on your religion as well)  THen for lunch, one of our cooks prepared a delicious lasagna meal for us and we all ate together..the kids and staff.  Again normally, we do not eat with them.  Of course the line staff have ot eat with them.  But to have the administration, secretaries, teachers and maintenance staff all eating intermingling with the was awesome! 

After lunch, we had an egg race competition.  THis basically turned out to be fun for all.  Even some of the staff joined in and raced.  The eggs would drop and splatter all over the place.  Of course we did this outside as it was MESSY! It was also snowy and cold..but you know what?  Not ONE single COMPLAINT!! NOT ONE!  That my friends is a miracle! If you knew the type of kids I work with…normally they are never happy or at least they say they aren’t.  I personally think they are but they have an image to uphold!  After the egg race, we had an egg tossing competition.  OMG, way too funny.  Raw eggs FLYING everywhere!!  I played “catch” with another staff member..hmm yeah he failed ot tell me that when he caught the egg it cracked.  So he threw it back to me…which I did catch it..however it SPLATTERED all over my face, my coat, jeans…you name it!  It was hilarious!  (I’m washing my clothes..including my coat.. as I am writing this..they so needed it!)  The kids..had NEVER EVER done this!! NOR had they even heard of it!!  I can’t say that I ever remember doing this as a kid..but let me tell was fun! Fun to watch people get splattered with raw egg…fun to watch with anticipation to see if the egg would crack.  ALL AROUND FUN!

After that we then hiked up to a lean-to that was built many many years ago in back of our facility.   I have never been there in the 5 or so years I have worked there.  I never knew where it was.  It was about a 10 minute hike, trudging through snow.  But again, not one complaint.  In fact, most of the kids asked why they can’t do this more often!  Amazing!  Once we were back there, one of our awesome maintenance guys had gone out about 1/2 hour before us to get a roaring camp fire going.  That he was great.  THe kids were amazed!  Most had never seen such a fire before.  Then..are you ready for this?? We showed them how to make smores!! Again, another experience they have never had.  They had never even heard of a smore.  But by golly, they loved them!  They cooked their own marshmallows then created their smores and ate them right up!! We allowed them to each have 2 and then some we even gave 3 too! We stayed out in the woods for about an hour.  The kids were good and were really well behaved, which is why were could stay out there that long!  Then we hiked back in. 

After all the rough days we’ve had, including last night (which was absolutely HORRIBLE!) today helped them deal with it.  It will give them hopefully, some perspective on their life and hopefully make them want more for themselves.  Help them get out of our place in a timely mannor and remind them that we want them to succeed in life and that we truly do care. 

Even though my job is an extremely stressful one…days like today MAKE IT TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! To see 15/16/17 and some 18 year olds that have had such a horrible life, laugh and smile and truly mean it because they are actually having FUN…god what a feeling!

And with that being said..I am now off from work until next Wednesday!! YIPPEE!! TOmorrow I’m getting a massage!! WAAHOOO!!!


March 19, 2008

OK, I thought I posted a password protected post tonight…but for some reason on my dashboard it is showing up that I wrote it..but it is not showing up on my BLOG!! WTF?? I’m sure I screwed up something…so all you Smart Blogging People out there…what did I do wrong?  How do I post privately??

 And if by some miracle it shows up and I did not email (it’s because I don’t have your email address not because I don’t want you to read it! ) the password and would like to read it..let me know …I will give you the password..

Protected: Where do you draw the line? (sorry extremly long!)

March 19, 2008

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So what’s new?

March 18, 2008

So not too much to write about.  This weekend was kinda busy for me.  Friday night my friend and her baby (the one we played dress up with) came over and hung out all night.  We had fun, ordered dinner to go came back and ate it.  Watched the movie “game plan” with the was a cute movie.  She left around 1ish. 

Saturday was my nieces went to their house and partyied it up!  My god she is 3! I so can’t believe it.  TIme has gone by so fast.  My oldest niece it going to be 5 in September…damn she is starting school.  Seems like just yesterday they were born!  I think everytime I see them, I love them more and more…is that possible? I absolutely LOVE the feeling I get, when they see me and start screaming then run over to me screaming my name and give me a HUGE hug!  This totally melts my heart!  I can only imagine having my own kids and having them do this..damn I would be a puddle every day!  They are so precious and I so miss them!

Sunday I literally spent the ENTIRE f’ing day trying to fix my computer.  I refuse to pay a craption of money to have the computer geeks fix it.  See last week (maybe Tuesday or Wednesday) I got an email from Norton…free upgrade! I was like SCORE!  So I of course upgraded my anitvirus! BAD MOVE!! Ever since, my computer has been acting weird.  I attempt to shut it down, nothing, I hve to hold the power button until it clicks off, plus on top of that I was getting every single error message possibly known to man.  PLus my computer was running MUCH MUCH slower.  This did not make me very happy as you can assume!  Also, Saturday I attempted to download pictures from my camera..well the program for my camera wouldn’t open, I kept getting error message..SO we all know..I gotta have my pictures!  So something needed to be done ASAP!  I ended up spend nearly 5 hours attempting to fix it.  I downloaded (after paying $40) for a program that sweared to fix the program…well it LIED..what a waste of money.  Seriously though I was desperate! I then attempted to uninstall norton..well problem #1, it was asking me for the disk for the program…umm ya I downloaded it from the computer, so I didn’t have a disk.  After SEVERAL SEVERAL FINALLY worked.  Of course after each try it would tell me ot reboot my computer. Oh yeah, before all of this, I attempted to restore my computer back ot an original date…damn thing wouldn’t let me. GRRRR…. So once it was uninstalled, I figured the camera program would work..WRONG again.  I had to uninstall that program as well.  Well I was freaking out because I could not find my camera cd, or the book that came with the camera.  So I literally tore my entire house apart trying to find it.  NOTHING turned up.  Dammit I have no idea what I did with it.  So I attempted to locate the program on the camera website..thankfully i found it and it was free.  So I reinstalled it.  Yup, restart again!  FINALLY FINALLY every seems to be working properly…oh there were some other things I did as well..but really it was like 5 hours worth of work…so really I don’t remember every single thing I did.  But hey if it is running properly now..what the heck..I guess it was worth the time. 

On that note…HAPPY BELATED St. Patty’s Day!! I hope everyone had a great and fun day!! I did nothing special…I worked and that pretty much was it!  I decided on my way was really nice out.  Ok by that I mean it was like 30 something degrees and the sun was out.  So it was still kinda chilly..but warm compared to what today other days are going to be.  I decided to go for a 3 mile walk.  By the time I ran my errands, and got home it was nearly 5:30.  I quickly changed then headed out.  HOLY CRAP….by the time my walk was over (around 6:30) it was freezing! I mean as I was walking tears were strolling down my face.  The wind was so cold.. Icouldn’t stop my eyes from tearing.  Plus I only had on a fleece yeah freezing is an understatement!  But it felt great.  I would like to do this eveyr night..but today/tonight we are supposed to be getting an ice storm.  Nothing major..but I’m not walking in that crap.  SO I guess my treadmill will be getting use tonight.  It’s so much more fun to walk outside.  On the treadmill, I have nothing really to look at.  I study my bed, look at how I desperately need to repaint my walls in my spare room, and well thats about it.  Sure I crank my music..but really I can only sing for so long to entertain myself!  If my treadmill weren’t so bulky, I would haul it out into my living room..but really by the time I did that.. Iwouldn’t want to walk!  haha  Anywho..that is about all for me…like I said nothing too exciting!

OH WAIT I totally LIED! I’ve booked a flight out to see my aunt, WAAAAAY out in WA.  Im so excited….I can’t wait to see them!  Should be tons of fun!!  Now? I’m counting the days!!  COME ON APRIL!!  Oh yeha..I’m also ordering WAAAARM weather, as I’m convinced this dang snow/ice/rain will NEVER GO AWAY!!  I”M SICK OF IT! I WANT SUMMER!