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Lots of Randomness…….

April 30, 2008

I don’t really have any type of thought out post to write.  What I have is my brain splitting and making me think of 5 million different things. So you get this:

  • I just heard on the news that gas pricing may go down today due to the senate reducing the taxes.  They say that democratic party doesn’t think this is a good idea.  WHAT?? How is it NOT a good idea?? People are going broke filling their gas tanks.  Come on people give us a break! Here’s to hoping they rethink the not a good idea and pass it.  I’d rather pay $3.30 rather than $3.70 for gas.
  • It’s snowing here this morning, and my window on my car has frost on it.  Dear god, when will the nice weather be here for good?
  • I’ve been a LOSER and have not walked at all this week.  I should have yesterday when I got home.  It was cold but the sun was at least out.  Instead, I worked until 4:30 and came home and plunked my arse on the couch and took a nap.  I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I feel like this week, as soon as I leave work, I’m exhausted, both physically and mentally.  I’m tired of thinking, tired of running around like a freakin mad woman at work.  The stress is getting to me, so I know a walk would do wonders. I just haven’t been able to force myself to get out there and do it.  Maybe tonight? I need to find the energy!!
  • Yesterday, my visitors at work, never showed up until 1:30pm.  They were supposed to be there at 11am.  I planned my entire days’ activities around them being there at 11.  So to say I was upset is an understatement.  When they got there, I basically told them, you have my undivided attention until 2pm, then you need to leave.  So that left 1/2 hour.  I believe they were really taken aback by my response.  But really?  When you say you are going to be there at 11 and don’t show up until 2 1/2 hours later, what do you expect?  Normally, I would have been “oh it’s ok..” and cleared the rest of my schedule, but really, I have no time to do this or put up with such disrespect and rudeness.  I was told I was a “priority” however, it was made clear by their actions I was not.  Then in the 1/2 hour they were there, they were asking questions about if this or that was being done.  My honest answer was “I have no idea?”  In which they said well how do you not know? you are the boss?  My response, “I didn’t know it had to be done!  When I started out this job in September, NOT 1 single person came to train me, NOT 1 single person made any type of effort to explain to me what exactly my new job entails and what exactly I needed to be doing.  I have been flying by the seat of my pants..and guessing at what needed to be done and guessing at what needed to be handled and guessing on how to get the shit done!”  They were shocked.  Said they had no clue, I was not trained.  Umm yeah sure!!  Like I believe that one!!  The response I got, “well it’s a good thing you are smart!”  Are you freaking kidding me?  A little help would have been nice!
  • Yesterday afternoon, I spent some time cleaning out the guys classroom.  I’m having difficulty getting the kids to even walk in the room.  Yes they despised the guy that much.  So I figured in order to be able to use the room again, I needed to change it.  Right now, it is a complete DISASTER!  This is my priority first thing this morning.  I’m going to recruit some kids help and we will get it done ASAP!!
  • I have been calling my mother every night for the past 3 nights and I’ve been put on the back burning every single time.  I’m kinda irritated.  I call and she’s busy, and I get, “I will call you back”.  Then I never hear back from her.  Sometimes, I just need to talk to her, but when I feel like I’m getting blown off, it sucks!  I’m done trying!
  • I’ve also tried to call my brother last night, and no answer.  I want to see my girls (my nieces).  I miss them terribly!  In case you didn’t know…I need to make an “appointment” in order to see them…it’s a LONG story!! Plus he’s in charge of getting our MOther’s Day gift for my mom.  Not sure if it is being done..we are going in halves on it.  I need to know so I can get my butt in gear if he hasn’t done anything!
  • I’ve been feeling really lonely lately.  I keep looking at old pictures of the ex BF and I and it makes me sad.  I so want that feeling back!  The feeling of being able to come home and tell someone how my day went.  I miss the companionship.  I still think of him quite often!   I pretend I’m over him, but not really sure if I am!  I’m not sure that if he were to knock on my door, if I wouldn’t take it back.  I know that won’t happen, but I feel I should be moving on by now.  I just want this single crap to end and the rest of my life to move on…and thinking about this gets me depressed.  Honestly, I have no idea how to move past it or how to make it happen!
  • I have the “feeling” (you know like a gut feeling) that something bad is about to happen.  The problem is, I have no idea what it is.  I just have that “feeling.”  Kinda worries me, god knows I can’t take much more…..I hate when I’m in a constant worry state…..
  • I am excited, because I’ve contact Kellie’s blog header maker, and I’m having her make a header for me!! I’m excited to see what she comes up with!!  But I feel like and idiot, last night? I sent her 3 emails! YES THREE!! All three emails had ideas of what I’m looking for…poor girl..I need to just let her do her thing and leave her alone. But I’m freakin excited to see what she comes up with. I figured screw it, I waste more money on crap I don’t need, so I am spending money on something I do use every day!!   So stay tuned, I will be having a new “look” to my site hopefully in the near future!!
  • I have SOO much more to write but a) I’m sure you are all SICK of me complaining and b) I need to go shower and get ready for work!!

Go about your business, I’m done!! Thanks for listening!


Protected: Scrambling……

April 29, 2008

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Airport Security

April 28, 2008

I made it home safe and sound!  Once again, my plane made it early! I tell you of all the times I’ve flown this is the first time ever I’ve arrived early flying both was awesome!  My visit was great and was also really short.  But still I’m bothered with the security of the airports.  Like really bothered.  Here’s why:

1)  Flying out to Seattle, I learned all your liquids needed to be placed in baggies and had to be taken out of your luggage/carry on bags.  Ok fine..I can handle that.  I do as I’m told.  However, WHen I first arrived, I go through Stage 1 of the security.  The part where you show you ID and airline ticket.  I had a soda in hand and was told I was NOT able to bring it with me.  I had to through it out.  Are you kidding me?  What am I going to do with it…shake it up and spray someone on board? Pleeeze… My problem is..I was unable to bring a soda on board..BUT, BUT I WAS able to BRING A LIGHTER as well as a RAZOR!!  Not one single word was said about those items.  I had them in clear site…I did not take them out of my bag, but you could clearly tell what it was..and NO ONE said a word..but yet my SODA was a weapon of some sort…REALLY?? I think someone needs to rethink this joke of a screening process!!

2)  On my way home, In Seattle, go through the same process.  Show my ID and ticket.  Although this time I knew better than to bring a drink with me.  I take off my shoes, take out all of my “liquid” crap, my laptop well and pretty much unload everything in my carry-on and luggage. (at least it felt like I did) I mean really why bother packing?  So I go through the xray machine, I didn’t buzz, so I was waved on.  I’m waiting on the other side of the xray, waiting for my stuff to go through.  Once again, my lighter went through the xray with no isses…BUT they took my facial moisturizer.  OMG..seriously? I can’t spray anyone in the face with that crap?  I guess it was over the 3oz. minimum limit.  Ok Fine..but my question? Why did no one take it or disgaurd it on the way over?  It past that xray with no issues.  WHy is there not any consistancy?  Why does it vary between airport to airport.  I was honestly a little ticked they took it..because it was a brand new bottle, and well the lack of consistancy that existed.  I just laughed at the security guy, and was like do what you gotta do, throw it out, god knows it could pose a REAL FRIGGIN THREAT!  But um, my lighter that I had in clear site..NOT ONE FRIGGIN WORD about it.  Now to me I would honestly be a little more concerned about the lighter than facial moisturizer and soda.

Now I KNOW and can READ with no problems, on the “sign” they have while your waiting CLEARLY STATES “no LIGHTERS” I brought it on board kinda as a test.  Yes I know it’s risky, but really I can play the cute “oh I’m sorry I forgot to take it out” line..and it would be no problem.  It was a test, that BOTH airports clearly failed.  If I can bring a razor and a lighter on in clear site..what else can people get away with?  WHy are they concerning themselves with liquids? I mean really? A Soda? Facial Moisturizer? Really? What possible threat do they pose? I don’t get it? 

Also I heard on the news out in WA, that cargo being sent on the plane is not scanned. WTF? Seriously? We (my aunt and I) heard that they were going to start scanning the cargo in 2010?  Does this not raise red flags for anyone??  TO me…airport security is no where near where it needs to be.  Especially with all the crap that has happened since 2001.  Security they claim has been stepped up? TO me..they’ve lowered their standards.  And THEY SUCK PLAIN and SIMPLE!  SUCk I tell you, I feel no safer today flying than I did 8 years ago.  You would think in modern world there would be some better screening process…instead of worrying about making more room on airplanes, companies need to think about the security.  It’s crazy I tell you!!

Pictures & Stuff

April 23, 2008

I can not post pictures?? WHY?? Everyone else can!! I emailed the support people at wordpress and the response I got was the same info that was in the FAQ’s.  So really didn’t help me at all!!  I wrote back and am still waiting for a response from them.  Will I hear back? Hmm not so sure!  I have tried everything…so what the heck is going on?

I am now addicted to guitar hero!! I played it last night and now? Can’t wait to play it again! Yes I do suck..but hey it’s fun!  WHen I get home? I will most likely be the proud owner of the game guitar hero myself!! haha  As for bowling? HAHAh yeah I SUCK for sure.  Every Aunt and Uncle and I play for like 2 1/2 hours.  and I? SUCK!  I mean really SUCK! I’m trying..but dammit…it isn’t working!  One of these days I will get it! haha!  I’m also excited for Wii Fit to come out.  I went onto and reserved it.  I will be sent to me on May 21st! Yeah I’m so excited, I can’t wait to HUla-Hoop!!  It is exciting!  I’ve totally slacked on the walking this week.  I went once, I walked 1.5 miles.  NOthing major. But I figured a) I’m on vacation b) I am bowling every night so at least I’m getting some exercise c) SCREW IT!  I will get back into it when I return home.  Whatever..shit happens right.

Tomorrow IKEA!! YEAH! I’m so friggin excited! I can’t wait.  I so love that store!  I just look and never really purchase much!  haha Especially this time.because I only have a carry on and not much room in there…so if I do buy something I will most likely have to ship it home.  SO it probably won’t happen!

I actually see SUN this morning!  WOW!  haha it is still chilly out, but at least I see SUN!  RIght now in NY it is..70 something degrees..and here it is 46 degrees! I’m still praying for nice weather!   Plus I want to see Mt. Rainier when I’m here.  And I’m not talking seeing it from the plane.  Which I know Saturday I will see it. at least from the plane…WHY?..because it is supposed to be 65 FREAKIN DEGREES! Figures the day I leave..the rain/snow/flurries/cold will disappear and the SUN will come out! And in NY, the nice weather will be GONE and the rain/cold will return! I can’t win!

Live from “SNOWY” WA!

April 21, 2008

Yup thats right, it’s SNOWING and has been since Friday!  Ok so I am saying “snow” really by NY standards, we would call it flurries.  Ok whatever, it is not really a big deal, however, I just came from a place that just had 5 months of SNOW..I WANT SUN!! hahaha  The funny (or not so funny) part is Saturday when I leave it is supposed to be like 60 degrees..hmm go figure!

ANyway, I obviously arrived safe and sound.  My flight actually got in early.  Imagine with all the airline issues going on and I arrived early.  That like NEVER happens.  Well I was going to put some “pictures from the sky” on here BUT I CAN”T!!  It is not allowing me too…I will play around tomorrow and see if I can figure it out.  

Ok I’m off to watch Dancing with the Stars… 



April 18, 2008

It is 1am in the morning and my arse is dragging!! I’m desperately trying to stay awake all damn night.  WHy you ask?? My flight leaves at 6am!  Which means…I gotta leave my house at 3:30am to get to the airport.  So really WHY sleep? I will just be more tired? I figure if I stay up all night I will sleep on the plane. HOPEFULLY..then my trip will go by SUPER FAST..oh wait..this reminds me I need to get my plane pillow..

hold, please…

Ok back. 

I had many challenges of the evening….

1) packing.  I didn’t start until 11pm.  haha I so hate packing.  I never know what to bring..and really the hardest part? Ready? Decided which shoes to bring.!!  Yes I really said that!  Just ask my aunt!  I usually bring 52 million pairs of shoes and only wear one or two of them.  So this trip, I’m only bringing 3.  I’m wearing my sneakers, bringing my sketcher sandal shoes (not really sure what to call them) and a pair of flip flops!  Thats it. 

2) Now my next challenge of the evening, everyone LAUGHED at me and said it couldn’t be done! BUT I DID IT!! I am only using a carry on for luggage.  I packed all my crap into a duffel bag.  It is an awesome medium sized duffel bag from LL BEAN! I love it and it expands so much! But I’m thinking I’m going to switch to my reebok duffel bag.  It’s a little bigger..which means if I buy something I will have room to put stuff in it.  Hmm I may have to test it out.  Another reason for the the next decision I have yet to make…..which is….

3) Which Laptop bag do I use?  You see I’ve been on the hunt for quite some time for a new laptop bag.  Yesterday on my way home from work, I stopped at staples.  I found a cute red/black bag.  But it was $69.  I cringed.  Then I asked them if they could hold it for me for 24 hours as it was the last one.  They did.  I then headed to TARGET, in which I found a cute little black bag.  It was only $29.  So I bought it.  Got home and thought about the red/black bag at staples…and decided I wanted that one.  Even though I TRULY DID NOT want to spend that kind of money on a bag….it is so cute and it seems like it is of better quality. DOH- I mean the price should have told me that huh?  So I stopped by Staples tonight after work..I carried the bag around the store for quite some time “testing” it out..and then, are you ready? I bought the friggin bag!  haha Crazy I know!  But now I need to decide which bag to use.  Then when I decide that..that will make the duffel bag decision MUCH easier.  Why you ask?? Because the LL Bean duffel..has like blue hawian flowers on it…I certainly CAN NOT walk around an airport lugging that with a red/black laptop bag..they DO NOT MATCH!! The Reebok Duffel I have is that would look MUCH BETTER!!  And the LL Bean duffel will go with my black laptop bag from Target.  Following me?? Yeah I didn’t think so.  So As soon as I finish writing this..I gotta test out which laptop bag I want to use…I know I need a life…BUT I”M trying to stay awake PEOPLE!!  I need something to do!!

Next on the list of things to do in the next 2 hours….do my dishes, and make my bed.  Seeing how I’m not sleeping in it, yes I know it should have already been made! But I only half make it in the mornings..I keep one side turned down..I know crazy..just a thing I have.

So I’m now off to do the dishes at 1:20 in the AM!  I really should just do another load of laundry..I mean really what the heck else do I have to do.  Then I will be walking around with 2 dfferent laptop bags fully loaded to see which one is more comfortable!! haha WOW COME ON 6AM!!  I so need sleep…

Just an update from today..I made it through the day with no issues.  YEAH!!  I was too busy to even think about  I guess that is good.  It was absolutely CRAZY/busy day.  I never left work until 5pm..normally I leave at 4.  I really could have stayed MUCH LONGER…but I didn’t..I was ready to get the HELL out of there and start my VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K I’m off…my next post will be live from WA!! YEAH!! HAPPY FRIDAY!! TGIFF!! You know what that stands for?? NO? Well…pffftt…it means, Thank GOD It’s FUCKING FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!! Get it..TGIFF?? ok I’m a cornball..I’m off……

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April 17, 2008

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Protected: I’m ok…for now..

April 15, 2008

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Protected: What a nightmare!!!

April 14, 2008

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Calling all you southerners…..

April 14, 2008

Ok so this summer, one of my friends and I decided we need a “girls” getaway.  Our destination?  The beach………Virginia Beach to be exact!! I’m way excited!! However, I’m sending out an SOS for help!  I have never been there nor do I know anything about it.  So I’m asking for some suggestions.  Where to stay? What to do? When is the best time to go?  Anything?  Have any of you ever been there?  I won’t be booking anything too soon.  I’m waiting for George W. Bush to send me my check..then will be booking quick!! haha Yup you guessed it..he’s paying for my I guess maybe I should thank him??  No, I won’t..I mean he’s taken enough money from me in the he owe’s me! 

So any suggestions out there??


This is a two part post..well kinda…just more of me babbling on some randomness………

1)  I LEAVE Friday Morning for WA..YEAH!! To say I’m excited is an understatement!

2) I’ve decided…I’m putting my profile back up on the said dating site I used before.  I am however changing my username.  I do not need the ex finding me..although I’m sure he will anyway.  And really if he does…no skin off my back..he will then realized what he left behind…SUCKER!! He will be the one who will be sorry, NOT ME!!! Plus, I reread his god,,,what a friggin liar…I swear…he has not updated his profile in 2 years…sad, no?  No, I’m not sure I’m ready, but how will I know if I don’t put myself out there again.  What the hell, I gotta move on!!  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I’m sure I will have many, many stories to share.

3) Oh yeah..I’m taking suggestions.  HAHA Suggestions for a nickname as well as a saying??  HAHA I had my Aunt and one of my friends last night thinking of some ideas.  Here are a couple they came up with..some are a joint effort..although they have no idea who eachother is…haha but it was fun!

                            nickname:  Jewel   saying:  “come find a diamond in my rough…” (way too funny)

                            nickname: FISHY  saying:  “gone fishing?….I am the catch of the day”

    GOd my mind went blank..there were SO MANY more..but right now I can’t think of them! Dammit they were funny! If I do I will be sure to post them! 

4)  I only have 4 days of work this week..and you know what?? I DON”T want to go.  Dear’s going to be a busy week! BLAH!!!!!

5)  I’m still doing well on my walking….I’ve walked a total of 20 miles since last Saturday!  I made a deal with my doctor, If she took me off some of my meds, I would step up the walking.  I’d say I’m holding up so far to my end of the bargin…lets hope it will continue.  I even walked yesterday and it was 30+ degrees outside…hmm yeah it was COLD!! 

I guess I should get going..I need to get my agenda done for this mornings mtg at work..FUN!  Enjoy yoru day! HAPPY MONDAY!