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I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 28, 2008

What is that you ask????  BOUGHT A FRIGGIN CAR ALL BY MYSELF!!  Yup you read that right…I went and wheeled and dealed all by my lonesome!  My parents were supposed to come down but they decided not too.  Seeing how I was absolutely dying to go test drive and attempt to find a new vehicle and had my heart set on Today (Saturday) I went.  I couldn’t find anyone to go with me so I just said screw it.  I got up and was at my first dealership at 11am.  I test drove the Toyota RAV4.  Which I liked, but wasn’t “in love with it”.  Plus they weren’t willing to give me the deal I wanted…so I was like whatever and left.  Next stop…Honda.  I test drove the CRV’s… be 100% honest..I LOVED THEM!  But once again, they weren’t even CLOSE to giving me or for that matter even working with me to attempt to make a deal.  So as disappointed as I was, I was ready to give up.  I was extremely tired of listening to salesman bullshitting me.  Even though I was COMPLETELY CLUELESS on what the hell I was doing, I was knew what I wanted and was NOT willing to budge..not 1 friggin bit.  SO off I went to a GMC dealership..I figured what the hell do I have to lose.  I test drove a Pontiac Torrent.  Hmm, yeah I LOVED IT.  It drove so NICE and it has a V6 and WOW, does it have a “get up and go” to it!!!  I love the looks of the SUV, and I liked how spacious it was in the interior.  Plus I liked some of the features on it.  So I again, sat down with yet another salesman.  Lets just say, this guy…and no I’m not joking, “went to his boss” at least 5 different times.  I told you I wasn’t willing to BUDGE!!!!!  For some reason this guy didn’t believe me.  But I think after the 4th trip he was started to face reality…that if he wanted to sell me a car…he would have to work his ass off to get me what I wanted.  So the fifth time he came back, he was all like, well this is the best offer we can give you.  Granted I WAS very VERY tempted…I got up, thanked him for his time and said sorry you couldn’t give me what I wanted.  He gave me his card, I shook his hand and left the building.  Hopped in my 2001 “ready to fall apart at any minute” Honda CRV, and took off.  I then went and filled my car up with gas, and called my dad, told him the guys final offer.  He basically told me, if I liked the car, to go get it..that the final offer they gave me WAS a good one even though it wasn’t the exact offer I was looking for.  So honest to god, I was on my way back to the dealership, when my cell phone rings.  Its the salesguy at the Pontiac dealership.  He said, we REALLY want you to have this car, then said his FINAL offer and said that it was the absolute best he could do.  My response??????  Now mind you, I WAS on my way back to the dealsership…****snicker**** HE DID NOT KNOW THAT, though.  My Response was…….are you ready????  I said, “well this is MY FINAL offer…you give me the car for “this many dollars”, throw in a car starter, floor mats and mud flaps and you my friend will have a sale. ”  His response…I’ll call you right back..please don’t go buying a car until you hear from me!!  HEHEHEH so now I pull into the mall parking lot and wait for his call.  I didn’t want to drive all the way home to just have to drive back down.  So about 15 minutes later he calls…then says, OK..This is the absolute LAST OFFER I can give you,  “This many dollars”, a car starter and I’ll throw in the floor mats, but the mud flaps will put us to much over…”  I thought about it for a minute then responded…..DEAL!!!!!!!  Granted it wasn’t the EXACT price I was looking for..but it was CLOSE ENOUGH.  Here’s the deal I got:


30 miles on the car

0% interest for 72 months

5 year warranty for 100,000 miles

0 (yes that says ZERO ) money down

and this is the absolute best……………… my car payments only are going up $13.00 a month from what I’m paying now for a 2001 Honda CRV with 134,000 miles.

Here’s my new car:

it’s white with a black interior.

Well technically it isn’t “MINE” yet.  I have to go first thing monday morning and sign all the paperwork.  So by Monday night I should be sporting a brand spanking NEW Pontiac Torrent…that I BOUGHT and negotiated ALL BY MY FRIGGIN SELF!!!!!!  Yes if you can’t tell I am kinda proud, I stood my ground..and didn’t cave…I think I got a pretty good deal!!  What do you think??

But I do have to say…I am a little nervous…I know nothing about pontiacs.  I have done my research, and like every other cars it has it’s pros and cons….but I personally do not know anyone who currently drives one.  My aunt has had some pontiacs in the past and says she loves them and would buy another one in a heartbeat…so yes that does make me feel a bit better.

My first roadtrip??? I have it scheduled….it is going to be Tuesday providing I have my new “wheels”..gotta test it out on the open road right?  Oh where am I going you ask??? To visit this awesome person and her BEAUTIFUL little girl!!!  I so CAN”T WAIT….now lets just hope all GOES well ON MONDAY!!!!!!!

So whatta think?? Do you like??



June 27, 2008





June 26, 2008

I really have nothing different to write about.  This week has been absolutely crazy.  I’ve been running myself nuts at work trying to get everything done before tomorrow.  I have a million reports I’m working on, on top of giving regents and rct exams.  Thank god those exams are done..really…I think they were more painful for all of us teachers than for the kids.  But whatever, they are done and over and they are all in the mail. 

I have had ABSOLUTELY no energy at night.  I have managed to go for walks..but seriously had to force myself to go.  I come home and totally crash on the couch.  I’m still not sleeping well at night, so by the time I’m done work I’m beat.  I literally have all I can do some days driving myself home without falling asleep (yes, while I’m driving).  I know bad.  I come home and plunk my ass on the couch and fall asleep for at least 1 hour some days even 2.  One thing I will say is I do believe those naps are the best sleep I’ve been getting.  I haven’t been on the computer much.  I’ve been slacking reading blogs and writing them and especially leaving comments.  I simply have no energy!  It totally sucks.  Whatever energy I do have, work has been sucking it all dry!  I so can’t wait until tomorrow..come hell or high water, I’m leaving work at noon, if not before.  I don’t care! I’m outta there.  I have PLENTY of “time” coming to me, so I plan on using it.  The past couple nights, I have spent doing some work at home to try to catch up.  I’m praying today I can finalize all my reports get report cards done and basically be done with everything.  I know thats a complete JOKE but I’m praying.  I honestly can’t wait until my weeks vacation.  I so need it and am SO beyond ready! 

All I want out of life right energy…energy to do day to day things without feeling so completely exhausted…really? is that so much to ask???

4 Days left until……

June 24, 2008


2) I can sleep in

3) I can do whatever the hell I want when I want

4) I don’t have to put up with any kids horrible behavior

5) hopefully I can relax

As you can tell I’m so counting the days until I’m done work.  Technically it’s only 3 1/2 days.  Friday, I’m outta there (HOPEFULLY) at noon, providing all my freakin reports are done.  Right now..they are NOT even close!!!! Granted I only get 1 week of vacation before I go back to work, but still I’m looking forward to the break.  I’m looking forward to doing absolutely NOTHING.  Kellie I’m thinking of coming to visit you and Morgan.  What are your plans??  We need to hang’s been WAY too long!   

During this vacation, I’m praying (PRAYING) that I may be the proud new owner of a vehicle.  I’m thinking of getting a Honda CR-V, Hyundai Tucson, or a Toyota Rav4.  Anyone own any of these?? Or heard anything about any of them?  Right now I drive a 2001 CR-V.  I LOVE it! However, it has over 130,000 miles on it.  It’s time to trade it in, it’s starting to nickel and dime me to death.  I’m praying I can afford a brand new car…but really..I don’t know if that is possible.  I really like the Hyundai Tucsons…actually I LOVE THEM.  I love the look of them.  This week, I think I’m going to go around and test drive the cars.  I’m going to have my Dad come down some time next week and go on the hunt with me and negotiate.  The SUV I’m driving now, I did everything on my own.  I wheeled and dealed and negotiated everything all on my own.  But this time around?? It makes me nervous as shit. For some reason I don’t have the courage to do it again.  Hell I don’t even want to go test drive by myself.  Really, who is like this? It’s just test driving a damn big deal..but really…I can’t bring myself to do it on my own.  I’m a wimp!  I truly want a new vehicle and am totally itching to drive a brand new one!  I’m praying it all works out!  I’m I just need to get my father down here ASAP!

Just call me a COMPUTER GENIUS!!

June 23, 2008

No really…I ROCK!! I’m so freakin’ EXCITED PEOPLE!!  As you know I have been having MANY MANY MANY MANY (you get the point) issues with pictures.  Whether it’s posting them, uploading them, watching videos, whatever, my computer was NOT allowing me to do so.  I ended up uploading pictures from the weekend (which I will write about later) to snapfish, because I was so fed up with shutterfly.  I emailed them, informed them I was a very loyal customer, and in response from them, I heard NADDA!  Did you get that?? Not a freakin word from them!  BUT, last night I was chatting with my mother on the phone, after I got home. I informed her I was still having issues with shutterfly.  I gave her my username and password and had her go in and see if she was able to get into my account and view my pics.  The result?? She had absolutely NO PROBLEMS!!  Everything worked just fine for her. In the words of this awesome blogger, THE HELL???  So that tells me, it is something with my computer, not my accounts.  So I was left investigating.  I finally got to the bottom of my problem.  The problem that wordpress techies, shutterfly techies, and dropshot techies, could NOT help me with..and said they had no idea what was wrong.  The problem???  My antivirus!  I was informed by the above techies to clear out my cookies and cache, which I did with no problems and it still did not help.  BUT what they did not inform me was I needed to clean out the cache in my antivirus.  I came across this on complete accident.  I cleared them out and VOILA…I have FREAKIN PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m SO EXCITED!! It has been MONTHS since I have been able to post pictures on here, and on shutterfly, I was highly disappointed thinking I lost my 3 years worth of pictures.  So people expect pictures…expect LOTS of PICTURES…I’m so excited..Maybe I should go to work as a computer techie?? NO? haha ok maybe just maybe I’m a little, ok a lot cocky,,,,but really  the fact I figured it out myself…damn I’m good!!  🙂  But really?? It did make my night!

Picture TEST…..

June 22, 2008


June 19, 2008

I’m having a lot of issues lately with my pictures.  It doesn’t matter what site I’m on…I can’t seem to view any of my pictures.  On here for instance.  I can’t post any.  I emailed the wordpress support people and was basically told, there’s a “bug” in the system and I am one of the lucky ones with it.  Oh yeah they basically said…suck it up because we don’t know how to fix it.  NICE right?  Now I’m having problems with shutterfly.  Since they’ve switched over to their new “format” I can upload my pictures, but can’t open anything.  I can’t view any of my pictures on there.  Which really does not make me happy.  I have YEARS worth of pictures on Shutterfly.  I will not be happy if I can’t never see them again.  When I email them, really I’m getting no help.  It’s the same response, clean out you cache and your cookies.  Hmm yeah been there done that.  I JUST WANT MY PICTURES BACK!

WHY does it have to end?

June 16, 2008


Seriously?  Why does it have to be Monday already??  Today, I’m totally hating Mondays!!  I had such a good weekend, I don’t want it to end!  Friday, I went over to a friends house.  We had a cookout, then went out for a couple drinks, just the 2 of us.  It has been such a LONG time since a)  I’ve gone out and had a couple drinks b) since it was just the 2 of us hanging out.  We had fun.  Although we both realized WHY we never go to bars anymore (CUZ WE ARE TOO DAMN OLD), we had fun laughing at everyone’s expense.  Really I can’t believe the girls wear the shit they wear! And the guys?? Holy Crap!  I’ve never seen a bunch of guys trying so hard…it was hysterical!! 

Saturday, I headed to my brothers for my nieces Dance Recital!! I so love my nieces!! They mean the world to me.  And to see their face and their reaction when they see me, I LOVE IT!!!  It truly makes my HEART SMILE!  They get so damn excited!  My parents also went down, we had a nice day hanging out with the family and playing with the girls.  The spent 3 (YES 3 FRIGGIN HOURS!!) watching a dance recital.  My niece was only in 2 acts.  One in the very beginning and one at the very end…everything in between, hmm yeah was completely the same.  Seriously all the dances LOOK exactly it made for a semi boring show.  We then went to Friendly’s for ice cream!  I never got home until 1am.  The 1 1/2 hour drive home was tough.  I was SO tired and fought like hell to stay awake while driving!

Yesterday, my friend and her mother invited me over for a cookout.  This is the friend with the baby!  It is also this friends bday on Wednesday, so we celebrated that yesterday as well.  I had a good time, it was nice weather and great company.  It was very nice of them to invite me over to their family cookout!  I didn’t get home until late. 

I was supposed to do some work for my summer school program this weekend, but said screw it.  I need to get a schedule together.  It was due last week. However, we had no computers a work for almost a week due to that storm that rolled through on Tuesday.  SO today is going to be hectic.  I have a TON to accomplish..I seriously am going to lock myself in my office this morning…I HAVE to GET IT DONE! 

I hope everyone has a good day..and enjoyed their weekend!


June 13, 2008

Have you ever had a week, where you are so completely drained, that dragging your butt out of bed takes a whole lot of energy??  The past couple of days, this is totally me.  I’ve been waking up sooooooooo tired.  I’m still not sleeping great.  I can’t fall asleep for hours on end, I just toss and turn, and once I do fall asleep, I am still waking up all throughout the night.  Every morning, my covers looks like I was at war with them.  Some mornings, I don’t even have the blanket and comforter on the bed, I’ve kicked them off.  I always have the sheet on because well I’m weird and have to have something covering me while sleeping.  But really, this is getting OLD!!!!  And it’s starting to effect me.

At work, the minute I walk in the door, I get an instant headache.  I have ZERO energy!  My brain isn’t working well, I’m forgetting many many things, and really I don’t care much about that.  The kids, drain every ounce of energy I do have remaining.  Yesterday, I was thinking it would be an “easy” day.  We had training in the morning so there was no school.  After lunch school resumed and I swear I had all the kids, at one point or another, in my office in the afternoon, talking to them about behavior issues.  Being Friday, I am COMPLETELY whipped out..I seriously have NOTHING let to give today, NADDA, ZILCH! 

In case you are wondering, I am the proud new owner of a Mr. Coffee.  I hope this one lasts me longer than a year, but really right now, it’s all good because I have my morning COFFEE!!

Have a good weekend!


June 12, 2008

My Coffee pot suddenly decided it wanted to stop working this morning.  I?? am NOT IMPRESSED!!  I woke up craving my morning cup and NADDA.  Oh it was on but nothing was in the pot! Dammit….I want COFFEE!!!  I need CAFFENINE! 

I foresee a wallyworld stop before heading to work…I CANNOT GO WITHOUT MY COFFEE!! GGRRRR…..