A Montage of things..

Nope my car is still not fixed!  Can you believe that.  It will be 2 weeks tomorrow and I’m still driving around with a friggin garbage bag on my car. Since I’ve last written, I’ve called the guy and threatened to sue him if he didn’t take responsibility and report it to his insurance or fork over the cash to get my car fixed.  I think it worked somewhat..although he’s moving at a snails pace.  I’ve been calling him every.single.night just to drive him NUTS and give him a KICK in the ARSE! 

His insurance company FINALLY contacted me yesterday! Thats right..JUST YESTERDAY!  The guy still had yet to give them a copy of the police report or any other information. So I faxed everything she needed to her.  I just want my damn car fixed!! I don’t think that is so much to ask!  I’ve had 3 appraisals done on my car, the first one I was taken at my dealership, the second was my insurance company and the third was yesterday by their insurance company.  Each time I got the appraisal done more damange was found.  Now, I need almost my entire left side of the car replaced.  I need all the windows (3 to be exact) replaced as I have chips out of each one.  I need my hub caps replaced as they are completely scratched up and grooved.  I need the entire side…buffed and totally redone.  It’s crazy! That is more than $3,000 worth of damage!

Plus to top off all this crap, I had my car dealership install my car started two weeks ago…well since then I have had this ANNOYING rattling noise coming from my dashboard. UGH! CAn anything (ANYTHING!) go my way for once? (not too much to ask for is it??) So today I have to bring my car back in to have them fix it.  It better not take them all damn day!

Work has been annoying and back to being completely stressful.  The kids are going nuts, and I have 1 employee who refuses to change and refuses to even try! I don’t know but in my mind, if you see something isn’t working..wouldn’t you try to fix it to make YOUR day go better and less stressful?  This guy doesn’t see it.  He doesn’t see that how he talks to the kids is extremely demeaning and totally disrespectful.  He doesn’t see that that is why the kids hate him and give him a difficult time during all his classes.  He doesn’t get it and really? I don’t know how to make him get it!  I have talked to him until I’m blue in the face, he just smiles at me as says I’ll try.  Next thing I know, a kid is getting removed from his classroom.  Seriously, dude, WTF?  GET A DAMN CLUE!  Yes the kids know the rules, yes the kids know that behavior isn’t tolerable..but really? I don’t blame them for acting that way..they are kids and if they see your weak they will play you until you go insane and that is exactly what is happening! 

But, I’m on vacation again! So that makes me happy.  I have a week off, then go back to work for 4 days and have another week off.  THANK GOD! I so need the break!  I’m trying to get my nieces for the night next week..but I doubt that will happen.  I know they would have SO MUCH FUN! But for some reason, I know it won’t happen.  For some reason, I’m still not trusted or whatever by my brother and sister-in-law.  My brother was supposed to call me 3 damn nights ago..and have I heard anything from him? NOT A FRIGGIN WORD!!  It’s sad to say that I spend more time with my friends kids than I do my own nieces.  This breaks my heart.  Breaks my heart to know, they don’t want to spend time with them…I don’t know if it is a matter or trust or truly what it is…but all I know…is it TRULY BREAKS MY HEART!! I would give my life to those girls in a heartbeat!  I love them more than words can say and I would NEVER EVER do anything to put them in harms way!  All I want is to spend some quality time with them…some one-on-one time with them to spoil them, take them places and just love them and I’m not allowed.  And that my friends..KILLS ME it is EATING ME UP INSIDE! And I HATE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!


5 Responses to “A Montage of things..”

  1. Lucky Gem Says:

    I was laying in bed last night trying to go to sleep and I started wondering if your car had been fixed yet. I am so sorry you are still having to deal with this. Good for you for pushing so hard!

  2. Ashley Says:

    Keep on him! Now that his insurance company is involved hopefully it will go faster. I don’t get to see my nephews very much and it is very hard.

  3. fris924 Says:

    Sorry about the car. I hate those situations. I hate being pushy. Have you tried talking to your brother to figure out the problem? My brother doesn’t talk much and probably wouldn’t remember to call me if we set up a time. He is good about letting me have Alison when I’m in town. I wish I got to see my nieces more often. Luckily, Jana posts pics of Lovey and even takes a few of Alison for me. I can’t wait to be close to them again. I’m thinking I have about 10 months and then I’ll be headed to M-town. : )

  4. Katie Says:

    Sorry to hear that last couple of weeks have still been crappy, but at least you have more time off! Yay!

  5. Kellie Says:

    Dude. Seriously? Take a deep breath. In. Ouuuuut. Innnnn. Ouuuut.


    A) It SUCKS about your car. It should’ve been done and behind you by now. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this.

    B) Horray for car starters. Big friggety boo for a rattling dash. But, that happened to me with one of my old cars and it was a simple matter of the dash clips weren’t put back in all the way. You can try pushing on the dash (toward the bottom) and see if you can snap it in or bring it to the dealer–just drive up, tell them what it’s doing and they can try to figure out real quick.

    C) The girls. Oh,Kel, I know had badly you want the situation with your SIL and brother to be different. They have to see how much you love them and they you all the times you’ve been around them. Call him. Keep on it. Make it like you want to give THEM a big favor by giving THEM a break. If they have 1/2 a brain, they’ll jump at the chance to have two of their three children cared for by someone who loves them for a night or two.

    D) I’ll see you Sunday. Dress in hand 🙂

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