Gotta Love Vacations…

This morning…10am..yup thats when I woke up!! Love it.  I actually had a little help..thanks to Tylenol PM…I woke up several times during the night thanks to a very scarey thunder and lightning storm.  Seriously, it was so bad, I thought at one point my house was struck.  Thankfully it wasn’t. 

I finally got my bridesmaids dress for the wedding I’m in in Sept.  Thank you Angie and Kellie.  You see the wedding is taking place at my hometown.  And the dresses were ordered about 45 min. away from the hometown.  It would take me 4 hours to drive up and pick up my dress.  With some teamwork from Angie and Kellie, Kellie delivered the dress to me on Saturday.  Now, here’s the problem?  The dress is almost 6 sizes TOO BIG!! Yes I said 6!  Now we ordered them back in March, and since then I’ve lost some weight and several inches but DEAR GOD, I never thought it would be THAT BIG.  I put the dress on (this is the first time i’ve seen it) and I don’t even need to unzip it to get it on or off.  In fact when it is on and I let go…it falls directly to the floor…yup, thats how big it is.  Now lets hope it can be altered without major changes to the dress being done!

I think I’m going to be getting my car fixed this week.  The biatch from the opposing insurance company called me this morning and is faxing the estimate to my car place where I’m getting it fixed.  She was a complete biatch on the phone.  I said to her, now is it ok if I proceed to get it fixed?  She was like well  Ican’t tell you what to do but use your common sense?  What SERIOUSLY??  If I used my common sense I would be suing the hell out of you!  Ok all along I’ve been told don’t do anything until you have the approval of the insurance company…so now what I ask if I have their approval, I’m told to use my common sense..BITCH!  Plus I need to call her back anyone because I don’t think she realizes I need a rental..oh this should be fun!!

Anyway, thats all for me….Happy Monday!


4 Responses to “Gotta Love Vacations…”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Yea for big dresses and getting cars fixed! 🙂

  2. radsad Says:

    Just for her being a biatch tell her you are renting a CADILLAC hahaha that should get her going!!!! Just mess with her head and make it good.
    Good for you the big dress YAHOO!! I am sure the alterations can be made with no problem. Or how about exchanging it for a smaller size or were they custom made??

  3. Dani Says:

    Wow 6 sizes? That’s some serious dropping! Yea for you!

    At least the car is closer to being fixed. Pretty soon it’ll just be a note in the story of your car. 🙂

  4. fris924 Says:

    Good luck with the dress! That’s awesome! (well, that it is too big, sucks that you have to pay to have it practically remade.) I’m having my own share of car issues. It’s just frustrating!

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