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So Can’t Wait…

August 19, 2008

No seriously, I’m already counting down the days until next summer.  Sad right?  But I swear, quote me now, mark your calendar, remind me, PLEASE GOD REMIND ME of this day…I REFUSE to work next summer.  Absolutely REFUSE.  Last week on my vacation, I was extremely busy, but you know what?? I enjoyed every single day.  I didn’t have to rush around in the mornings.  Didn’t have to fight off the morning fatigue, didn’t have to dread going to work every single day!!  It was great!  I didn’t go anywhere, no traveling, which is very odd, but with the airline tickets, I couldn’t afford to go anywhere, but it was still nice and relaxing.  I’ve always thought if I had the entire summer off, I would be bored to death, but really? I don’t think I would be.  This past weekend, I went up to my friends camp with her and her baby…my god it was so relaxing.  Although, I’m still experiencing insomnia, I kept her and her baby up almost all night from my tossing and turning.  It totally sucked.  But besides that it was great, Saturday night, I took my sleeping pill and slept like a those things. 

My car is FINALLY getting fixed.  I brought it in yesterday morning…said goodbye to my baby and then got picked up in a smelly rental car.  I’m now driving a mitsubishi galant.  That car has some serious power…I like that aspect of it, but really? I feeling like I’m riding in a matchbox, I just want my car back..ASAP!

When I got to work, I found out I’m losing yet ANOTHER teacher.  But the kicker is?? This person has yet to tell me.  Can you believe that??  Not even 2 weeks left until school starts and this person is stiffing me and hasn’t even told me yet.  MORON.  As far as say..GOOD RIDDENS.  Yes it will be once again stressful, being down a teacher, but we are better off without this person.  This said person, seems to be causing way more issues than they are worth.