Like a whole new person, KINDA

So I’m saying this in hopes I do not jinks myself.  I think my sleeping issues have somewhat been solved.  When I went to the pulmonologist (sp??) last week, of course like every other doctor, I had to go through the list of medications I was taking.  He asked me when I was taking my “happy pills”.  He then told me, he thinks that may be the issue.  I was told when I was first prescribed them to take them at night, because it should make me drowsy.  I honestly can say being drowsy from these meds were NEVER an issue.  The Doc, told me to stop immediately and start taking them in the morning.  That was 1 week ago from tomorrow.  By golly, I think he solved my issue.  The past couple of nights, I still am having issues falling asleep, but once I’m asleep, I seem to be getting more restful sleep.  YEAH!  I’m waking up, somewhat refreshed, not extremely tired like a week ago, and the past two days, not only have I been more awake during the day, HOLY CRAP – I feel like a whole new person.  I have ENERGY, and I’ve been so friggin HAPPY!  Like almost in a giddy/annoying way.  Weird.  I’m not complaining because let me tell you, it sure as hell beats, the run down…exhausted…person I have been.  Now really, I don’t know if it is the switching of the time I take the pills or just a mind thing, but really whatever it is…I’LL TAKE IT!! 

Last week was EXTREMELY busy.  I was on the road pretty much all week for work.  BUT I had fun.  But the down part, I think I totally jinked myself or just wore myself too thin by stressing myself out and Friday-SUnday, I literally spent in bed, well ok on the couch.  I felt like complete crap!!  I had the head congestion, the nasally/sratchy throat, ears plugged to the point I thought I was underwater…I couldn’t hear.  I am finally feeling much better.  I’ve been taking every kind of cold/chest congestion medication I can find.  Personally, I’m an absolute WIMP when it comes to being sick.  I hardly am ever sick or not feeling well (although this past year has been a horrible/out of the ordinary year with all my medical, sickness issues) but when I am, I don’t want to do anything.  I don’t believe I “milk” it, but I literally want to do nothing when I’m not feeling well.

This week has been nuts as well.  I can’t believe it is Thursday already.  I’ve been teaching a living environment class.  Honestly, in high school, I absolutely LOVED living environment.  But teaching it 15 years later…dear god help me.  I’m finally getting the curriculm down and progress is being made.  The problem has been that I’ve been here/there and everywhere but at school it’s hard to keep the kids on track.  I’m hoping I’m staying put for a while. 

I honestly can’t believe it is almost November..where the hell did the time GO???


4 Responses to “Like a whole new person, KINDA”

  1. Katie Says:

    Glad to hear you’re finally sleeping better! yay!

    What’s “living environment?” Is that like life science??

  2. Kellie Says:

    So glad you’re sleeping better–it’s amazing how a decent night’s sleep can make us feel so different. I wish *I* could sleep better. Dear Lord, the past week, I want to shoot myself.

    Sorry you ended up being sick–I don’t think you got it from us. I haven’t been contagious in over two weeks and Morgan was never sick–her’s is all allergies. Hope you’re feeling better!!

  3. Dani Says:

    Glad to hear you’re getting rest. Amazing how lack of sleep can make you insane! Good thing to have a doc that’s paying attention

  4. Ashley Says:

    So glad you are sleeping better! Whenever the weather changes I get all stuffy and yucky feeling too. We have a living curriculum in science too and it sucks. How do I explain why the goldfish and guppies die? Fun with kindergartners!

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