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The weekend….

November 10, 2008

About a month ago, I sent my brother a text message asking if I could take the girls to the movies this weekend.  The new Madagascar II movie came out this weekend and I knew they would absolutely love it.  Plus I have never taken them to the movies.  He told me (mind you a MONTH ago) he would “ask” his wife to make sure it was ok.  Weekly I kept sending him reminders, in which he kept replying oh yeah I keep forgetting to ask.  I even called last Tuesday and he said he would ask and get back to me.  Not having heard a word from him…I assumed I was not “allowed” to take them.  I was planning on driving down to their house early Saturday morning…and taking the girls to the matinee (sp??) , then spending some time there and driving back later that night.  They live 1 hour 1/2 from me.  But I was willing to drive, because this is something I really wanted to share with my girls.  Saturday around 12pm, I get this text message from my brother, “Hey, I know you wanted to take the kids to the movie, but I guess we are going with the triplets, A and so on…it’s my fault for not having asked sooner”  I was pissed to say the least and really I guess my hurt than anything.  This isn’t like something I asked him about last minute….I’ve been planning on this for a month.  I just wrote back to him, “whatever”.   So yes I was extremely let down.

BUT, I did make a new purchase this weekend!  Click Here to find out what it is!  OMG, I absolutely LOVE IT!! It’s so much quicker than my old one!  I’ve been trying to transfer all my stuff from my old computer to my new one all weekend!  It’s amazing how much quicker this laptop is!!  Plus, it is bigger, and has so many more programs on it!!  I’ve been missing out in life!! LOL, jk!  Anyway, hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!


DOn’t Do IT!!

November 4, 2008

That would be a sleep study!  If you can avoid it…DON”T DO IT!! They SUCK! 

I had to report to the sleep lab last night at 8pm.  I get there and then they proceed to hook me up to all kinds of wires.  They put tons of shit (paste) in my hair..which by the way was nice and clean when  I got there….  I had wires on my legs, in my hair, on my chest..behind my ears..and all over my friggin face, chin, you name it I had wires.  I looked like a friggin robot!  This whole process took almost an hour!  After all this is done, the lady tells me, I need to go hook up the other patient I’ll be right back.  Now mind you, I’m in shorts and a tee-shirt (because that what I was told I needed to wear!)  and it was like 50 degrees in the room.  I was FREEZING! I’m talking goose bumps and all.   Then, THEN the lady says oh the back of your neck is warm..we can’t have that..and put the fan on HIGH and faces it towards me.  OMG! Are you kidding me.  The reason my neck was warm was because of my it was apparent I was not the least bit hot with the goose bumps on my arms, legs and the fact I was SHAKING! Apparently she didn’t care.  So I sat in the most uncomfortable chair of my life, can’t move due to the wires, watching tv, praying this lady would return in a hurry.  It was nearly 10:30pm before she returned!  I was an ice cube!  She then puts me in bed, and hooks me up to all machines.  Then tells me, DOn’t move!  If you need to turn, you need to call me, if you need to get up, you need to call me, if you have an itch…ok so you get the point.  OMG..are you friggin kidding me! She then pulls the covers up but only to my waste.  Tells me I can’t have any covers up past my waste.  Now remember it was FREEZING in the room, well now she moves the fan closer and puts it on HIGH and shoots it directly on me!! She shuts the lights off and leaves. 

Now it’s dark in the room, and Im praying myself to sleep..hmm yeah it’s not happening..I”M FREEZING plus I can’t move, doesn’t make for a good combination!  Well apparently, at some point, I doze off, and when I do, I pulled the covers up over my face…next thing I know, this lady is barging in my room, flips the lights on, and says oh honey you can’t do that.  She fixes me up, and tells try not to move!  I laugh and say yeah right, I’ll try!  She turns everything off and leaves.  A little while later, I call to her and tell her I would like to move to my side, she once again, barges in, flips the light on and helps me.  Turns the lights off, shuts the door and leaves.  Some time passes, and once again she barges back in.  Now at this point, I’m truly annoyed, and the sight of her face isn’t making me happy.  She says I told you you can’t sleep like that..your not at home and you can’t sleep the same way you do at home.  This time I managed to pull the harness thingy off my head …DEAR GOD! Just leave me alone..I JUST WANT TO SLEEP!!! She proceeds to GLUE the damn thing back into place..I swear she used half the bottle of paste… I’m sure you get the picture and yeah this went on all friggin night!  It was by no means restful.  Damnit they better find something wrong with me …cuz I REFUSE to do this again!! 6am she flips the lights on and over the speaker in my room, says GOOD MORNING, I’ll be in a minute…

So needless to say, I DID NOT go to work today.  I’m home, praying to catch up on some sleep.  I will NEVER, I repeat, NEVER do this EVER AGAIN!!  and my ASSVICE (Kellie word) to you is DON”T DO IT!!  IT absolutely SUCKS!