September 16, 2008

I just want to apologize for ignoring you all.  Life here has been way crazy and way busy! I don’t have much energy at night or in the morning for that matter to read or write blogs.  It is nothing against any of you all.I swear! I actually miss reading what you are all up too! ..I am hoping life calms down shortly.  I hope then when I start blogging regularly, you all come back to read me!  I will definitely be catching up with you all SOON!  So beware, your inboxes will be loaded with tons of comments from me….

Until then, I hope are all doing well….talk to you soon!


Where the hell have I been???

September 8, 2008

Now that is a LOADED question.

Life in my world has been absolutely crazy.  Basically, I’ve been busy helping one of my friends.  This is the friend with the baby, the one who HAD the bipolar boyfriend.  The one who’s boyfriend was abusive.  It’s been an absolute nightmare but it’s getting better.  At the end of August, my friend showed up with her baby at my door at 6am.  Why? you ask?  Well because her BF hit her, not once but twice!  The asshole!  She had no where else to go.  Thankfully, I was on vacation and she was able to come her.  So then it all began.

That day, we waited until her BF was out of the apartment, and went and did a “quick” packing up of necessities.  This was the final straw.  My friend decided enough was enough and is done with him.  The following day after all this took place, I went down to family court with her.  She just asked questions as to what to do. 

You know it’s easy for me to sit here and wonder, why didn’t she leave earlier? Actually, it’s easy for everyone.  But one thing I’ve realized, I’ve never been in an abusive situation, where the threats, were a reality, both verbally and physically.  I’ve never lived in fear.  I have no clue, I am no one to judge.  I’m just SO GLAD she has finally decided she was done and wants nothing to do with him.

I have tried to be available to her whenever she needs someone.  I’ve been going over to her mother’s house (which is where she is moving too) at least every other day. 

This past Saturday, we moved all her crap out of her apartment.  HOLY CRAP!  Talk about work!  It has been a long time since I’ve been that sweaty! Damn…if I didn’t lose a million pounds running up and down the stairs that day…I’d be surprised.  But we did it!! All in one day..she is offically moved out.  I’ll spare you all the drama, because in the end it means nothing.  Right now, she is completely free of this asshole.  She shut his phone off so he has no way to contact her unless it’s by payphone, which really, he’s way too lazy! 

The funny part is, On saturday (the day we moved her) one of my other friends, had invited me up for dinner.  I had told her I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go because of us moving. I told her I’d send her a text to let her know.  Well around 3ish, I sent her a text stating there was no way I’d be able to make it.  We had way to much to do and we weren’t nearly finished.  She then called me and stated, “YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!”  I was like why?  She then proceeded to tell me, she had planned a surprise bday party/cookout for me.  I was totally surprised.  I had no idea.  SO after moving 8 hours, I then had to leave and run home and shower and get ready.  To say I was beat is actually an understatement.  But I was excited too!  I get to their house on time, and was really surprised, because my parents were there as well.  They drove over 6 hours (to and from)  just to be there for my party.  They didn’t spend the night because they already had plans for Sunday and couldn’t cancel them, so they drove all the way down here for a couple of hours.  I thought that was so nice of them!  We had a great night!

There is plenty more to tell you about the past couple of weeks…but I’ll spare you all the details.  Let’s just say…it’s been crazy!  Ok?  We’ll leave it at that!

So Can’t Wait…

August 19, 2008

No seriously, I’m already counting down the days until next summer.  Sad right?  But I swear, quote me now, mark your calendar, remind me, PLEASE GOD REMIND ME of this day…I REFUSE to work next summer.  Absolutely REFUSE.  Last week on my vacation, I was extremely busy, but you know what?? I enjoyed every single day.  I didn’t have to rush around in the mornings.  Didn’t have to fight off the morning fatigue, didn’t have to dread going to work every single day!!  It was great!  I didn’t go anywhere, no traveling, which is very odd, but with the airline tickets, I couldn’t afford to go anywhere, but it was still nice and relaxing.  I’ve always thought if I had the entire summer off, I would be bored to death, but really? I don’t think I would be.  This past weekend, I went up to my friends camp with her and her baby…my god it was so relaxing.  Although, I’m still experiencing insomnia, I kept her and her baby up almost all night from my tossing and turning.  It totally sucked.  But besides that it was great, Saturday night, I took my sleeping pill and slept like a those things. 

My car is FINALLY getting fixed.  I brought it in yesterday morning…said goodbye to my baby and then got picked up in a smelly rental car.  I’m now driving a mitsubishi galant.  That car has some serious power…I like that aspect of it, but really? I feeling like I’m riding in a matchbox, I just want my car back..ASAP!

When I got to work, I found out I’m losing yet ANOTHER teacher.  But the kicker is?? This person has yet to tell me.  Can you believe that??  Not even 2 weeks left until school starts and this person is stiffing me and hasn’t even told me yet.  MORON.  As far as say..GOOD RIDDENS.  Yes it will be once again stressful, being down a teacher, but we are better off without this person.  This said person, seems to be causing way more issues than they are worth.

I Shouldn’t have..but I did

August 11, 2008

Ok so I was leaving walmart…fun fun! Guess who drives by me?? Hmm any takers?? No?? Fine…my ex.  My heart jumped then I turned the car around and went back into WALMART.  Yes I’m a freak, yes I guess you could say I’m a stalker..But I just wanted to see his reaction when he saw me.  I don’t know why…I wanted to tell him off in the worst way.  I just wanted to do something.  In the end..I just played it cool, talked to him for like .2 seconds, and then left.  Now? I wish I never did that.  Because really, now I am still left with everything I WISH I had the GUTS to say.  Now I WISH I had BALLS enough to truly tell him off and let him know what a complete piece of shit he really is…but in the end..I guess I know I’m better than that, in fact better than him.  If I hadn’t said it before, I will say it now…He’s a LOSER!  But really, even knowing that..doesn’t make it much easier!

Gotta Love Vacations…

August 11, 2008

This morning…10am..yup thats when I woke up!! Love it.  I actually had a little help..thanks to Tylenol PM…I woke up several times during the night thanks to a very scarey thunder and lightning storm.  Seriously, it was so bad, I thought at one point my house was struck.  Thankfully it wasn’t. 

I finally got my bridesmaids dress for the wedding I’m in in Sept.  Thank you Angie and Kellie.  You see the wedding is taking place at my hometown.  And the dresses were ordered about 45 min. away from the hometown.  It would take me 4 hours to drive up and pick up my dress.  With some teamwork from Angie and Kellie, Kellie delivered the dress to me on Saturday.  Now, here’s the problem?  The dress is almost 6 sizes TOO BIG!! Yes I said 6!  Now we ordered them back in March, and since then I’ve lost some weight and several inches but DEAR GOD, I never thought it would be THAT BIG.  I put the dress on (this is the first time i’ve seen it) and I don’t even need to unzip it to get it on or off.  In fact when it is on and I let go…it falls directly to the floor…yup, thats how big it is.  Now lets hope it can be altered without major changes to the dress being done!

I think I’m going to be getting my car fixed this week.  The biatch from the opposing insurance company called me this morning and is faxing the estimate to my car place where I’m getting it fixed.  She was a complete biatch on the phone.  I said to her, now is it ok if I proceed to get it fixed?  She was like well  Ican’t tell you what to do but use your common sense?  What SERIOUSLY??  If I used my common sense I would be suing the hell out of you!  Ok all along I’ve been told don’t do anything until you have the approval of the insurance company…so now what I ask if I have their approval, I’m told to use my common sense..BITCH!  Plus I need to call her back anyone because I don’t think she realizes I need a rental..oh this should be fun!!

Anyway, thats all for me….Happy Monday!

A Montage of things..

August 8, 2008

Nope my car is still not fixed!  Can you believe that.  It will be 2 weeks tomorrow and I’m still driving around with a friggin garbage bag on my car. Since I’ve last written, I’ve called the guy and threatened to sue him if he didn’t take responsibility and report it to his insurance or fork over the cash to get my car fixed.  I think it worked somewhat..although he’s moving at a snails pace.  I’ve been calling him every.single.night just to drive him NUTS and give him a KICK in the ARSE! 

His insurance company FINALLY contacted me yesterday! Thats right..JUST YESTERDAY!  The guy still had yet to give them a copy of the police report or any other information. So I faxed everything she needed to her.  I just want my damn car fixed!! I don’t think that is so much to ask!  I’ve had 3 appraisals done on my car, the first one I was taken at my dealership, the second was my insurance company and the third was yesterday by their insurance company.  Each time I got the appraisal done more damange was found.  Now, I need almost my entire left side of the car replaced.  I need all the windows (3 to be exact) replaced as I have chips out of each one.  I need my hub caps replaced as they are completely scratched up and grooved.  I need the entire side…buffed and totally redone.  It’s crazy! That is more than $3,000 worth of damage!

Plus to top off all this crap, I had my car dealership install my car started two weeks ago…well since then I have had this ANNOYING rattling noise coming from my dashboard. UGH! CAn anything (ANYTHING!) go my way for once? (not too much to ask for is it??) So today I have to bring my car back in to have them fix it.  It better not take them all damn day!

Work has been annoying and back to being completely stressful.  The kids are going nuts, and I have 1 employee who refuses to change and refuses to even try! I don’t know but in my mind, if you see something isn’t working..wouldn’t you try to fix it to make YOUR day go better and less stressful?  This guy doesn’t see it.  He doesn’t see that how he talks to the kids is extremely demeaning and totally disrespectful.  He doesn’t see that that is why the kids hate him and give him a difficult time during all his classes.  He doesn’t get it and really? I don’t know how to make him get it!  I have talked to him until I’m blue in the face, he just smiles at me as says I’ll try.  Next thing I know, a kid is getting removed from his classroom.  Seriously, dude, WTF?  GET A DAMN CLUE!  Yes the kids know the rules, yes the kids know that behavior isn’t tolerable..but really? I don’t blame them for acting that way..they are kids and if they see your weak they will play you until you go insane and that is exactly what is happening! 

But, I’m on vacation again! So that makes me happy.  I have a week off, then go back to work for 4 days and have another week off.  THANK GOD! I so need the break!  I’m trying to get my nieces for the night next week..but I doubt that will happen.  I know they would have SO MUCH FUN! But for some reason, I know it won’t happen.  For some reason, I’m still not trusted or whatever by my brother and sister-in-law.  My brother was supposed to call me 3 damn nights ago..and have I heard anything from him? NOT A FRIGGIN WORD!!  It’s sad to say that I spend more time with my friends kids than I do my own nieces.  This breaks my heart.  Breaks my heart to know, they don’t want to spend time with them…I don’t know if it is a matter or trust or truly what it is…but all I know…is it TRULY BREAKS MY HEART!! I would give my life to those girls in a heartbeat!  I love them more than words can say and I would NEVER EVER do anything to put them in harms way!  All I want is to spend some quality time with them…some one-on-one time with them to spoil them, take them places and just love them and I’m not allowed.  And that my friends..KILLS ME it is EATING ME UP INSIDE! And I HATE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

What is he thinking?

July 29, 2008

I took yesterday off to deal with all this shit.  I was on the phone pretty much from 9am-12pm, talking with my insurance company and my father.  I then took my car into my dealership for an estimate, which the damage is worth $2,000.  Today I have an appraiser coming from my insurance company to look at my car.  I do not want to file the claim through my insurance company though.  I called them just in case this a-hole decides to not take responsibility.  Which it’s looking like the case.  I FINALLY heard back from him around 8pm last night.  He was obviously worried about the damage that was done to my car right? NOT!  This is what he told me…and I’m quoting here, “I spoke to our treasurer  and he said the best way to deal with this is for you to put it through YOUR (MEANING Me) Insurance company and then we will pay whatever deductible you have.” WTF??  ARE.YOU.KIDDING.ME?????  I told him that I did not think that was such a hot idea, seeing how it was NOT MY FAULT IN ANYWAY!  He then proceeds to tell me that it wasn’t done intentially. DUR! I know that idiot.  But the fact remains it was done and YOUR PEOPLE DID THE DAMANGE.  I PROCEED to tell him, that I have contacted my insurance company and told them that I had a witness to him saying that HE and his BUSINESS would take care of it, and also that I HAVE CONTACTED THE POLICE and had an incident report filed out.  He was quiet.  I said that I did not feel that I should have to be penalized for something I had no part in and why should I risk my insurance going up because his people were careless??  He said oh your rates won’t go up…oh wait..let me get this straight…so now your an insurance agent and you can assure me my rates go up?? F off!  He compared this accident to me driving down the road and something hitting my car…hmm yeah buddy this is NOT THE SAME THING.  I WAS NOT DRIVING. MY CAR WAS PARKED AND YOUR OLD MAN MOWING THE LAWN OBVIOUSLY SHOULD NOT BE MOWING THE LAWN IF HE CAN’T SEE A BIG WHITE SUV 3 INCHES FROM HIS LAWN MOWER!!!  So really I’m even more livid.  I don’t want to become a bitch about this, but really? I REFUSE to have my insurance company pay for this.  I mean if I absolutely have too…of course I will…but these people will pay one way or another!

On another note…I spent over 4 hours yesterday in urgent fun!!  I decided to go have my knee checked out.  it’s been almost 3 weeks since I fell and it still bothers me terribly.  They took xrays, which came back fine, however, the doctor was really concerned because she said I have a lot of swelling under my patella and that is not normal and due to my history with my knee..she’s afraid more may be wrong.  So she put me in a neoprine sleeve, and said she is calling first thing in the morning and making a doctors appointment for me with my surgeon! Great..just freakin..GREAT!

So what else can go wrong?  Last week alone…my phone (which I still haven’t gotten it fixed), my car, my knee…hmm what’s next?


July 28, 2008

I’ll cut to the chase.  The assholes next door thought it was a good idea to mow the damn lawn 3 inches from my car.  Needless to say there was no common sense involved!  While they were began flying.  Yes, they hit my car.  I’m now left with a BRAND NEW CAR, with LESS THAN 2500 MILES on it, it has a broken (ok SHATTERED) window and tons of gouges out of the paint.  I am more than a little pissed off… I called immediately, seeing how they were so nice to let me find this mess on my own and never bothered to come and tell me, or leave a note..NOTHING they DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it.  I called the business next door brought my car over and had them look at it.  I took TONS of pictures of the damage for proof.  There is glass all over my driveway, shards of glass IN MY BRAND NEW CAR…quite frankly glass all over the fucking place!  The guy did not deny it.  He said he’d take care of it. Hmm this was Saturday night.  He was drunk off his ass, and it was pouring rain out.  He told me to call him Sunday so he could take a better look at it in the daytime and when it was not raining (and when he was SOBER).  So I called, he said he would be here in a couple minutes and would call when he arrived.  I sat here for 2 1/2 hours..and never heard a word from him.  When I called again, I was told he had come and gone.  You see I live near a legion.  And this guy is the Commander in Chief.  So my only contact number for him is the legion phone number.  When I called the legion 2 1/2 hours later to see if they had heard from this guy, the lady was quite surprised he never called me.  She stated she gave him my phone number and name and he was there about 1/2 hour after I called the first time.  Fucker!  If this guy wants to play nasty BRING.IT.ON.!!  I absolutely REFUSE to pay for any of this.  I CALLED the cops.  Filed an incident report and if need be I will file charges.  Today I had to take the day off as the cop advised me not to drive the car unless it is to get an estimate..because if I do, I literally have glass pieces flying off of it.  So now, I’m not only driving a brand new CAR with broken glass, paint chip gouges, now I’m out today’s pay for work.  I also need to get a rental car..who the hell is paying for that?? Certainly NOT ME!! I plan on calling this asshole, and basically threaten him.  Tell him I will FILE CHARGES, if he doesn’t pay for it all, including my loss of wages from today!!  I’m so beyond pissed I can’t even tell you.  My car will need to be repainted.  REPAINTED..IT”S BRAND FUCKING NEW!!!!!!!!!  I literally could cry..ok so I have cried several times in the past 2 days over this.  It makes me SICK!  Sick of the fact I have one more thing to worry about.  Who has time to deal with this shit? and NOW? This asshole is going to turn this into a fight.  I’m ready.  BRING.IT.ON.FUCKER!  I will bring them to small claims court if need be! I will be reimbursed for any amount of money I spend to get this fixed!  I could go on and on..but really the words won’t be nice one’s so I;ll end here and leave you with these LOVELY PICTURES:

I have only included 1 picture of the gouges in my paint…trust me my entire side of the car is FULL of them!! SUCKS…I’m totally SICK to my stomach over this!


July 23, 2008

Tuesday Randomness…..

July 22, 2008

Let me start by saying…


As you all know..I welcomed my niece into the world on Friday.   I’m so glad I was able to be there when she was born!  She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  This makes 3 beautiful little nieces that I have now!!!  I’m hoping to spend one of my days off visiting them. 

The bridal shower went really well.  It was great to see this awesome person!!  We haven’t hung out in forever.  Next time we do it needs to be without an agenda…still it was fun!

My cell phone has decided to F* with me.  It was working fine up until Sunday night.  Then all of a sudden it wouldn’t hold the charge.  I turned it off and put it on the charger.  It was completely charged, then not even 2 hours later…”low battery” warning message came on and it shut off.  I charged it again, and the same damn thing happened.  I took it to verizon yesterday, left my phone for them to look at…when I went back, I was told it was a network problem within my phone and they fixed it.  Sure whatever that means.  So happy to have my phone back, I head home.  By 2 hours later..”LOW BATTERY”! UUGGHH, I’m wondering if they even looked at it.  So I’m heading back there today.  What a pain in the A**!  I want it replaced.  I have the insurance on it for a reason!  Obviously there is something wrong!  I NEED my PHONE! Oh by the way Angie, you never gave me your cell phone number over the weekend.  Email it to me PLEASE!!  Geez, I’ve pimped you out twice in once post..don’t you feel honored!!  I will even buy a new this point I don’t care..I just want one that works!

Last night, I babysat my adopted daughter!! haha not really but thats what I call her! It’s my friends baby.  We had a blast!  We played and played…damn makes me want one!  Yes Aunt Sherry , I did take pictures, and I even took a video!  She’s so damn cute!

Today, I don’t have much on the agenda…going to verizon and I’m supposed to have lunch with a friend, but not sure if that is going to happen as I still have yet to hear from her.  It’s been so long since we’ve gotten together.  We’ve lost touch over the past couple of years.  I miss hanging out with her.  She had a baby last year and now I’m lucky if I talk to her once every couple of months.  I wasn’t even invited to her son’s christening, and his bday is this friday and shes having a party for him, and I am not invited to that!  It makes me sad, although, I do realize her priorities have changed.  But still upsets me..I mean I was in her wedding just 3 years ago, I thought I was a close friend…guess I thought wrong.

Well I need to get my butt to Verizon…I hope you all have a great day!